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Kilmac Running Festival - Sugarloaf - Djouce

Michael MorrisroeSep 1 2022, 10:55amThanks Lillian for getting back to me on "To Hell with the Fairies" being pulled, but this event looks like a perfect replacement, I'll keep an eye out for entry details. Thanks again for the heads up.
Tim ManganSep 8 2022, 9:35amIs the Paddock Lake race cancelled?
Jeff SwordsSep 8 2022, 10:41amJust noticing that myself.
it was my Goldilocks choice, shorter one too short, longer too long, Paddock Lake was just right.
Tim ManganSep 8 2022, 11:30amExactly Jeff! Been looking forward to it all year tbh, loved it last year.
Graham K. BusheSep 22 2022, 11:10pmHi Everyone, the shop is now open for this race.
If you want to run please purchase your entry in good time.
If you're not running, please consider volunteering.
It is going to be a busy day.
There's only a few events left this year.
Graham K. BusheSep 22 2022, 11:37pmHi Tim and Jeff, with the other 2 races at 30km and 26km, the third is supposed to be the short one .
Following requests from other members to shorten the route, and discussions with the committee, it was decided to bring the distance more in line with a Leinster League race.
I've kept it to the longer end of that scale at around 12km.
Sorry Goldilocks, I don't have enough bears. :) ;p

Jeff SwordsSep 23 2022, 10:21amCheers Graham, I was looking at the course description of the Paddock Lake race and was trying to figure out where the 5 or 6k in comparison to last year's route went to.
Andrew HanneySep 23 2022, 11:35amHi Jeff, on the event map it shows the long hill course doesn't go across the road to the paddocks as it did last year for the 19k.
Jeff SwordsSep 24 2022, 3:35pmCheers Andrew, I see the difference, shoulda looked at the map better!
Mark McInerneySep 25 2022, 7:52pmIs the trip up The Sugarloaf new? For some reason I can remember doing it on one race... Just maybe not this one last year.
Graham K. BusheSep 25 2022, 8:27pmHo Mark you did this race last year.
You would have ran to the summit of Sugarloaf after around 1.5km on the Sugarloaf Way trail, approaching from the north.
This year runners will stay on the trail for 3km, then run to the summit from the south.
Tim MackeyOct 3 2022, 11:00pmSuper excited about this race! Has anyone got a gpx of the route for the watch? Last year I managed to take a few detours despite it being well marked :-D
Graham K. BusheOct 4 2022, 12:11amHi Tim
I've made a couple of small changes to the route this year.
So unfortunately last year's gpx won't be correct.
1. Stay on the Sugarloaf Way trail for the first 3km, then turn left for the summit.
2. Across the Ballyremon commons, keeping to the right along the grassy lane instead of the left diagonal short cut across the commons. (And back the same way)
The rest will be the same as last year.
Mick HanneyOct 4 2022, 6:47amDown from the Sugarloaf summit the way you went up or Pol's way like last year? :-)
Graham K. BusheOct 4 2022, 7:15amUp and down the same way :)

Thanks Mick.
Orsolya CsikeszOct 4 2022, 8:08amHi Graham, do you still need volunteers? I'm happy to show up - I'm almost local so if you have the required number of people for now, I can also be a backup in case someone is off in last minute.
Graham K. BusheOct 4 2022, 8:38amHi Orsolya, yes please, that would be great thanks
David JonesOct 4 2022, 8:41amHi Graham, I entered the 26km but I am on anti-b's for a chest infection. I hope to be good for the 12km if running at all , is it possible to drop down? Thank you.
Avril ChallonerOct 4 2022, 8:47amIf you need more volunteers Graham i'm happy to come early and help with the other races before I run.
Eamonn HodgeOct 4 2022, 10:53amHi Angela,

I know there's a Junior race but just wondering if there's a kiddies race i.e. 6 year olds. No problem if not!

Pól Ó MurchúOct 4 2022, 1:05pm@Eamonn…you’re too old! Some lads would do anything for a prize…
Miriam MaherOct 4 2022, 7:39pmHi Eamonn

If you’d like to run the juniors race route with your 6 year old - head over to that event page and sign up!