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Damien McDonnellAug 1 2022, 4:22pmHi all fellow IMRA runners, as you all know the World Masters in Clonmel are just a month away in September 1st to 3rd. At present there is a great interest from Irsh athletes which is brilliant to see. But unfortunately we are short atletes in some age categories W 65, M 70, W 70, M 75, W 75, if anyone is thinking about running or knows of anyone in these age categories, i would ask you to sign up or advise someone you may know to sign up. This is a great opportunity to wear an Irish vest in front of a home crowd, what more could you ask for. This is the biggest event IMRA has taking on and would be a great shame and dissapointed if we could not get full teams for this event especially when it is on home ground this year. If we get names filled in these categories there is a very good possibility that athletes from the north will represent Ireland instead of Great Britton once they see a team being entered. Can i ask anyone at all that is in 2 minds of weather to enter to do so before August 22nd, it will be the best running experiance you will ever get on home ground so i urge to sign up for this alone.
Turlough ConwayAug 1 2022, 7:46pmFolks, this is something we can can bring back to the masters categories in our clubs. Lets fill this up!
Turlough ConwayAug 1 2022, 7:47pmJust to phrase it better: can club members pass this information back to their clubs so masters athletes there can take advantage of an Irish vest and possible World Champs medal?
Mick HanneyAug 2 2022, 6:26pmHi, can IMRA raise this with AAI and get a message sent to all club secretaries?
Robert MalseedAug 2 2022, 6:36pmHow are we looking for the M50 team? I can ask around Mayo and Galway for gaps in other age group teams
Damien McDonnellAug 2 2022, 9:58pmHi Robert, the would be great if you can. At presant there are 40 M50 entered, no harm if anyone still wants to sign up for other age categoeies, people could pull out at last minute due to other commitments or injuries. The more we have entered the stronger the teams will be.
Paula Donnellan WalshAug 3 2022, 1:19pmHi just wondering how people enter? I know an over 65 and one/two more that might consider. Would they need to have done mountain training etc? Is it very difficult. Sorry for all the q/s but would like to have some info before approaching people

Mick HanneyAug 3 2022, 1:29pmEntry is on the World Masters Clonmel website: The world masters event is the first day. The open race (open to all ages) is the 2nd day.
First hill is tough, but walkable if not runnable. After that very runnable.
Laura FlynnAug 3 2022, 1:51pmIt’s great to hear there’s a group of over-65 ladies interested. Mick has given you some good info there. Can I suggest to you also Paula that you look at the results from the Great Irish Trail Run that we had in June. You’ll find it on this site on the events page and you’ll see that the results are divided into the different age groups.
If you click in the F65 tab you’ll see the time, just under an hour, which Magella Diskin did. This is an excellent time (Magella is a former Irish champion in mountain running) , you’ll see 2 ladies competed in the 60-65 category with times of 1 hr 1 min and 1 hr 17.
If you live in the area I’d strongly recommend you go out on the route and see what you think.
It’s technically not difficult but it’s certainly challenging. The hill for the first mile on narrow road is possibly the hardest bit but lot of people will walk/run this.
If you want to give me call I’m happy to discuss with you. If I had some more info on your 5k , 10k, half marathon times and what type of training you’re currently doing I’d be better able to advise you.
I suspect as you’re asking here about the event
that you’d be well able.
If you email me on I’ll send you my number
David BosonnetAug 3 2022, 7:43pmFolks there's a breakdown of the various age categories and nationalities currently entered for the Masters at:-
Noel BarronAug 3 2022, 8:11pmDo you receive an Irish singlet to run in as part of your registration?
Damien McDonnellAug 3 2022, 8:55pmNote to Irish Entrants
As there are no qualifying regulations, the A.A.I. will not be in a position to provide Irish gear to all the competitors for this event.

You can purchase Irish gear at
Damien McDonnellAug 15 2022, 8:58pmHi all as part of the World Masters committee i would like to thank everyone who has sighned up to date. With only a week left till entries close on August 22nd,. there is still time for those who are still thinking about sighning up. I would ask you to do so before this date to gaurantee entry in to this event. We are still short on athletes in these categories to make up teams, if any runners are in these categories or know of anyone can you please sign up or get on to people you may know that are eligible. The categories and numbers that are short are.
W 65 - 1, W 75 - 2, M 70 - 2, M 75 - 1. As you all know this is on in Clonmel and Ireland for the first time in the 40 year history of IMRA. The World Championships are an amazing experience to be a part of and honour to host. I ask that we do our best to have full teams on the day, please if you know of anyone please ask them to sign up specifically in the categories mentioned.
Turlough ConwayYesterday, 1:28pmFrom the other Masters thread:
Organizing a a zoom chat for Masters to discuss course/tactics early next week. Let me know if interested by reply here or em ail turloughconway at gm ail