Irish Mountain
Running Association

Registration Process and Chip Timing

Conor O'FarrellJun 20 2022, 10:28amHi All

I just want to reiterate to the members the importance of co-operating with the registration process for IMRA races.

It is imperative that you follow this process for every race, for your safety and the safety an consideration of the volunteers.

1. Regardless of whether you have already signed up on line or not, you must sign-in at registration for every race. This is to ensure we know you are at the race and we have contact details for you in the event we do not have a record of you returning.

2. Regardless of whether you have already signed up on line or not, and if chip-timing is in place, you must also register with the laptop to ensure you are electronical recorded and your chip/tag is correctly assigned and functional. Again, this is to double-check that everyone has returned safely.

3. You should retain your race chip and race no. to re-use at the next race. If you do not have your chip or bib with you, you will need to purchase a new one available in the online shop(or take a punch from your precious voucher). We have had a fairly soft approach on this until now, but we will be expecting people to prove payment from here on out.

We had a situation at Brockagh last week where 5 runners did not register with the laptop. One of these runners was in the last few crossing the line. There was the potential for us closing the finish line and going home, not realising that there was someone still on the mountain and potentially lost or injured.

Please be considerate of the registration process, the volunteers and yourself when racing. We are on open mountain and woodland, where it is possible to make a wrong turn and get lost.

Many thanks