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Lillian DeeganMay 12 2022, 7:27amRD seeking

Morning everyone,
Our Southeast crew have hit a last minute race director bother here. I'm on to see might we be able to source an RD for Sunday May 29th?

This event doubles as our 2nd Leinster Champs race. It is a pretty well established route. And I'm sure we'll get to bend the ear of Liam & Co. for priors on any particular race day info's where needed.

If, by this coming Sunday, we don't have anyone to RD, we'll look to revise the event date.

Anyone able to help us out?

Thanks, Lillian
Lillian DeeganMay 18 2022, 10:29amDate Change Update:

This event will move to Saturday, May 28th. Gun time will stay at 12 noon.

Niamh KellyMay 18 2022, 2:13pmHi all,

Putting a call out for volunteers for Mt Leinster specifically a first aider, please
Is anyone else free to give a helping hand, we will need a few on hand for marshalling and car park along with reg and finish line
Thank you
Niamh KellyMay 19 2022, 11:43pmEvent details updated
Conor NolanMay 20 2022, 1:20pmJust querying the close of reg. time - 10:45?

Also, says fully marked, does that mean there is no scope for alternative, possibly, 'more efficient' routing? ;)

Many thanks for taking on this event at short notice.
Mick HanneyMay 20 2022, 2:58pm@Conor - looking at last year's event that I did - it said "Race Marking: Only major junctions marked - Only major junctions". Historically, this has tended to be the case with this event. This did allow those to take variations, if they so choose.
Niamh KellyMay 21 2022, 3:47pm@cornor fixed that thanks for the heads up, corrected to be 11:45 am for 12-noon start
McAdden MarkMay 24 2022, 9:17pmHi
When will entries become active for this race.
Niamh KellyMay 24 2022, 11:03pmHi Mark
Entries will open tomorrow morning
McAdden MarkMay 24 2022, 11:20pmThat's great, thanks Niamh
Pat FoleyMay 26 2022, 7:36pmHello. Do you know if the chips are required for the timing of this event or will the timing be recorded manually. Thanks
Niamh KellyMay 27 2022, 11:37amHi Pat no chips are needed it will be manually recorded
Niamh KellyMay 27 2022, 11:43amHi everyone

I could really use a few one or two more people for the finish line so we can record results, so if any one can help out that would be great please let me know

Thank you
Rory CampbellMay 27 2022, 1:56pmHi Niamh, just added my name, so at your disposal from 11:30.
Thomas QuigleyMay 27 2022, 6:22pmHi, is there anyway of joining this race still? I just heard about it and look like I am 20mins late...
Thomas QuigleyMay 27 2022, 6:30pmAlso I will volunteer if required.
Katie O BrienMay 27 2022, 8:50pmHi Niamh,
What time would you like volunteers to arrive for?
Thanks, Katie
Niamh KellyMay 27 2022, 9:07pmThanks, Rory that is great I have sent an email to all the volunteers now

Katie sent an email to everyone with race day information let me know if there are any issues

Thomas, yes you can still run as long as you have a number for this year you can then use a race voucher if you do not have one we can let you use one of ours and you just pay the race fee to whoever let you use thiers
Thomas QuigleyMay 27 2022, 10:06pmHi Niamh, thanks for that, I will use someone’s voucher and pay if that’s ok. Do you need me for any jobs tomorrow?
Mike LongMay 28 2022, 5:25pmThanks to Niamh and the team for a great race today Beautiful part of Ireland and the post race hospitality was first class
Sean ForsythMay 28 2022, 6:54pmThanks to Niamh and crew today. A great race and well organised..all that was missing was a bbq at the end.

Thanks for the refreshments, they were very much needed and appreciated
Richard FoxMay 28 2022, 8:21pmThank you soooooo much to Niamh and her brilliant vollies today. An amazing day with so much enjoyment. If you weren't there you missed a classic. Wonderful route and craic before, during and after. Thanks so much.
Brendan LawlorMay 28 2022, 9:10pmThanks Niamh and volunteers for a great race today.. there are very few up and down classics left and todays run did not disappoint! And not a mention of Rule 7 for all the shortcuts !
John BellMay 28 2022, 9:39pmHaha, yeah rule 7 better not be in the small print, or I'm deleting my strava.
Thank you Niamh and your team today for putting on a great event. The finish with stream to cool off in and then refreshments under shade was perfect.
Kevin MorrisMay 31 2022, 2:18pmHi I did my first imra race n sat last mt. Leinster some experience , n thanks to all volunteers, my time was 1.08,37 could it b possible to b uploaded to results please .