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Running Association

National Limerick Day -Thursday 12th May 2022

Brendan LawlorMay 11 2022, 9:51amTomorrow is aul Limerick Day,
After Covid times, months often grey,
So get thinking caps on,
And give members some fun,
Its the fifth line that counts, so they say.
Warren SwordsMay 11 2022, 10:41amThis Saturday is the Wicklow Way Relay,
Where hundreds will start without delay.
I once gave a runner the slip,
Saw them go wrong, but hid at a dip,
So reccee the route or expect delays and dismays.
Justin ReaMay 11 2022, 12:29pmYour limericks have jumped the gun,
It's okay as a bit of fun,
But remember an early starter.
Doesn't qualify as smarter,
The main field will pass at a run.
Barry O'NeillMay 11 2022, 1:37pmOne day we were up on a hill,
The wife said she forgot the pill,
Despite all the fun,
Should have went for a run,
The twins were named Jack and Jill.
Raghnall O'DonoghueMay 11 2022, 2:32pmThere was a runner from Glendalough Vale
Who could run road or track but not trail
Starting the Wicklow Way race
He sprinted out of the place
And ended up with a dnf fail
Brendan LawlorMay 12 2022, 8:08amAngela's days of being single are done,
For her wedding day, it has now come,
Lucky Paul, her true love,
Who was sent from above,
Wish them well as they head to the sun !

Congratulations to IMRA's Angela Flynn and Paul McRedmond who are tying the knot today !
Mick HanneyMay 12 2022, 9:43amA cross-post with Carrick?

To Carrick went 2 bells
To race amongst the blue bells
Peter was first
John fit to burst
The younger boyo excels
Dave DochertyMay 12 2022, 9:45amCarrick last night was some run
I came down to hills on my bum
And with leg 1 still to trot
But legs are now shot
Don’t expect trophies to come
Brendan LawlorMay 12 2022, 9:59amCarrick race it was gnarly and hard,
We set off from a fine horses yard,
Sean managed it well,
And we all ran like hell,
Peter won, and John's ego was scarred.
Graham K. BusheMay 12 2022, 10:10amOur Brendan just loves an auld rhyme,
Sure he’s tellin’ us all of the time.
Here comes his big day,
With the words he will play.
Some ridiculous, and others sublime.
Mikey FryMay 12 2022, 10:55amOnce dunce he fell in a hole
Another one gave him some coal
The next went home and made a cup of tea
They all enjoyed it with a big pee
French fancies to get up the hill
Only after mummies favourite pill
Chilly peppers in a field they burn
Like the old man’s unlucky turn
Good day and see you with the lads
Where’s those flipping flags…
Mikey FryMay 12 2022, 12:18pmPete Matt pat fell flat
One two three I hit 5 tree’s
Then had to lash
Ham went funny
Viv not funny
Leg 2
gone down the loo
Barry McEvoyMay 12 2022, 12:58pmIf Portlaoise City had trails
You'd have a few more boys on the rails
But we've the sauce and the chippy
And a slope that's too slippy
We're hammering wood into nails
Brendan LawlorMay 12 2022, 1:33pmI like an odd Limerick, tis true,
But then Graham, I suspect so do you,
Your efforts are grand,
At the rhymes, a dab hand,
And none of your Limericks are blue
Brendan LawlorMay 12 2022, 1:44pmMikey Fry , well that man is no fool,
Won't be bound by conventional rule,
'Five line Limerick ,my hat,
I can do this or that,
And finish my Limerick in anyway I like Boom!'
Liam CotterMay 12 2022, 3:46pmHickory dickory hill,
The runners were out for a thrill,
While downwards they scan, light footed they ran,
And the bog it was dry, so time to let fly,
Racing back down to the IMRA van.
Diana Whelan PorterMay 12 2022, 5:09pmThe Wicklow Way relay is coming
It should be a good lot of fun(ning)
The teams are all set,
So we hope it’s not wet
As we lace up our shoes and get running
Graham K. BusheMay 12 2022, 5:27pmSo Peter has won Carrick race,
It’s posted all over the place.
I hope he’s not done,
For Saturday’s run,
The relay team needs all his pace.
Liam CotterMay 12 2022, 5:47pmThere once was an old shepherd named Sam,
Who kept all his sheep in a pram,
It was hard going uphill,
After his little blue pill,
The pram it did tumble and the sheep they did scram.
Brendan LawlorMay 13 2022, 8:11amA vintage year for National Limerick Day with 19 entries (20 if you count Mikey's double effort).. thank you all !

Until next year !