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Vouchers in Shop

Paul SmythMay 9 2022, 3:18pmAre vouchers going to be available for sale in the shop again?


Laura FlynnMay 9 2022, 5:34pmWe are keeping this under review Paul. Currently there doesn’t appear to be any difficulty with members using their own vouchers or securing one from another member at a race. There are also a number of vouchers previously purchased by people which are yet to be collected. The plan is to bring the system online and this is being looked at in conjunction with the website upgrade.
Stuart ScottMay 9 2022, 6:29pmThanks Laura. I know a lot of work is going on behind the scenes and thanks to all those involved. An online voucher system makes complete sense as the paper vouchers are very hard to account for. It also makes sense to run down the existing stock of vouchers first instead of trying to maintain two systems in parallel.

One big request though please - can the new system maintain the 'entry on the day' ethos that's so integral to IMRA? Scanning your chip pre-race to populate the results system works very well; there are several ways in which this could be integrated with the online voucher credit which would avoid any extra work for the hard-pressed volunteers and might even make registration faster.

In the meantime, would anyone have a voucher they aren't planning on using that they'd like to sell me? Thanks in advance!
Warren SwordsMay 9 2022, 7:28pmI'd echo Stuart's comments. Entering on the day of race was one of the best things about imra races. Particularly for the Wednesday night races where leaving work etc on time is never guaranteed.

Also goes out without saying that imra has done a phenomenal job of getting races back so quickly along with a packed 2022 calendar. No other organisation has come close in that regard.
Laura FlynnMay 9 2022, 8:38pmThanks Stuart and Warren for highlighting this. I’d be hopeful that the online system would allow us continue the entry-on-the day option which certainly makes life easier for a lot of us.
I’ll bring it to the attention of our sub-committee if they haven’t already read your comments.
Richard NunanMay 9 2022, 9:05pmAs Laura said - yes work in progress. We would like to ,maintain a level of flexibility in this regard.
Alan AylingMay 10 2022, 1:51pmBear in mind for limited numbers races (permits!) there's a possibility of being disappointed if you rock up on the day with a voucher and the number has already been reached!
Stuart ScottMay 10 2022, 3:29pmThanks Laura and Richard. It's great to hear that you're planning to retain entry-on-the-day. And thanks again for all your efforts, along with the rest of the committee. I can only imagine how many hours of work you put in, the majority of which goes unnoticed by the rest of us.

Re. the cap on numbers, we've always had this issue for a few races (e.g. Glasnamullen) and the hybrid pre-entry\EOD system has worked fine. If I miss out on a spot (as has happened!), I know it's my own fault for arriving late and I just drive onto a different location, have a quick run and come back to the pub for the festivities. Relying on pre-entry only means people will enter on spec, especially when it's only e7, not bother turning up and then the website overheats with indignation from those who missed out!
Paul SmythMay 12 2022, 11:31amNo problem with this but I want to make one observation.

The number of vouchers in circulation is limited, and if runners are using them for their own entries, and selling them to others to use, then the supply will get run down quite quickly, or people will stop selling them to others.

What worries me is that some of the posts on the forums seem to be creating the expectation that if you haven't entered online, then you should come along anyway, and someone will sell you a voucher stamp.

In the short term that may be true, but it can't continue for very long. Based on what I saw last night, around 10% of people yesterday were buying voucher stamps from others.
Peter O'FarrellMay 12 2022, 3:45pmPaul,

I was thinking the same myself although possibly less altruistically I was wondering how much I could charge for my increasingly limited resource in a few weeks time ;)
Brendan LawlorMay 12 2022, 3:53pmVoucher punches are trading at €8 in the Voucher Futures Market.. analysts predict they could hit €10 as supplies dwindle
Graham K. BusheMay 12 2022, 3:58pm"Anyone buyin' or sellin' a Voucher?"

"Get your LAST of the Vouchers!"