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Sean ForsythApr 21 2022, 11:23amHi All,

A shout out to get some volunteers in for this event, please?

In particular 1st aid officer, race marker and laptop operators.

Thank you

Niamh O'CeallaighApr 21 2022, 4:51pmHi Sean, I have signed up for marking.
Did you get parking sorted? If not, I can put you in touch with someone.
you will get my email off the event page.
Sean ForsythApr 26 2022, 9:10amHi All,

With just over 2 weeks to this run, I'm putting another shout for volunteers, especially a Laptop operator.

Thank you

Sean ForsythApr 29 2022, 12:36pmHI All,

Another shout out for volunteers for this race. Helpers are needed for race marshalling on route, registration, car parking and still need a laptop operator.

This race cannot go ahead without at least 10 more helpers.

I will be doing the final recce today to confirm the route, it should be more or less be as the map
, and marshal positions

This route is building on previous years from the start, it will be a 1.5km uphill over forest, single track and mountain bike trails, very steep in places and with plenty of loose rock underfoot.

Once at the top the route takes a downhill to the left along forest track and crosses the fire road onto a long, fast downhill mountain bike single track, for about 1.5km.

There is then a small section of fire road before heading back uphill on some more single track before hitting a stretch of fire road, about 700m, still going uphill to meet a single track up to the summit.

At the summit there will be a small (actual) climb up the rocks and then off the summit through a gap and onto another single track. At the end of this there is a slight uphill along a forest track to the start of the descent.

Descent is back down the initial climb. So 1.5km downhill, it can be very fast with some sections on a -28% grade, over loose rock, roots, jumps and maybe some bumps. Down onto a forest path for a sprint finish.

I am hoping that this will be an enjoyable event for everyone but as stated above, unless there are sufficient volunteers, it cannot happen.

Sean ForsythMay 3 2022, 11:58amHi All,

Thank you so far for all those that have volunteered and to Brian for taking up Laptop duties.

Still looking for more volunteers for the night please!

I have changed the route slightly at the end due to some safety concerns on the route. The new map has been added and the profile can be found here -

Again...still looking for volunteers
Sean ForsythMay 4 2022, 8:35amHI All,

With a week to go, I'm still short about 9 volunteers for this race. There is a real concern that this race will not go ahead.

If you know of people who do not use the forum regularly, would you be able to spread the word please?

Thank you

Aubrey O'NeillMay 4 2022, 9:06amThere's one more for you!
liam kennyMay 4 2022, 9:07amSean

can you put me down for helper or similar,
Sean ForsythMay 4 2022, 9:14amHi Liam

I appreciate the offer, to volunteer, can you login and on the event page, go to the volunteer option at the end.

Sean ForsythMay 4 2022, 9:15am@ Aubrey, thanks for the signing up, it's much appreciated
Sean ForsythMay 5 2022, 11:01amThank you to all those who have volunteered so far, it's very much appreciated.

Could still do with 2 or 3 more please
Hugh McDowellMay 5 2022, 11:19amJust added myself there Sean.
Diana Whelan PorterMay 5 2022, 1:11pmHi,
I could volunteer for this one if you're still looking for people?
Sean ForsythMay 5 2022, 1:45pm@Hugh, thank you very much and @Diana, that would be great if you could volunteer
Sean ForsythMay 6 2022, 9:00amHi Everyone,

I now have enough volunteers for this race.

A big thank you to those that have signed up. I will be in contact early next week regarding roles, times etc.

For anyone else that is interested in helping out, there are plenty of other races who's RD's would be delighted to have you volunteer.
Sean ForsythMay 8 2022, 1:53pmHi All,

Online entries are are now open for this race. If you have a voucher
don't enter online just bring it with you on Wednesday.

Entries close Tuesday at 6pm.
Sean ForsythMay 10 2022, 10:46amHi folks,

just a reminder that entries for this race close at 6pm this evening. If you are intending to run, please don't forget to sign up.

Sean ForsythMay 10 2022, 12:12pmQuick update - in lieu of an early start, there will be a short course of approx 5km

The route details can be found here:

The route will not include the 2nd downhill section but instead will turn at the fire road circle, up to the single track for the summit and follow the route back to the descent.
Sean ForsythMay 10 2022, 2:31pmPLease see update below regarding changes to car park location and registration:

***Parking at Carrick Race***
Cooley Farm are kindly providing car parking for this race on Wednesday 11th May.
Please carpool from Ashford House.

There is a 3 euro car parking fee that will be donated to Team Hope, a registered charity. (please have this ready to pay in change please?)

Eircode: A67 VE42. Google will bring you to the first entrance, but please proceed along the Glenealy road to the main entrance located 200m further on. There will be a marshal and signpost at the correct entrance.
This is a private equestrian premises, so please drive slowly and carefully once on the premises. You will see that this is an immaculate yard, so please don't go banging the muck off your runners on it.

***Registration at Carrick Race***
Registration will take place at the car park in Cooley Farm from 6.30pm -, 7.20pm. Please ensure you have your race chip and race number with you at registration. There will be a box available to leave any keys / race vouchers in while you run.
Ronan MotyerMay 11 2022, 4:50amHello,

Unfortunately I missed the sign-up deadline and wasn’t hoping to use a voucher. However I see that race vouchers aren’t currently available to purchase. Is there any option to still enter race? Apologies for inconvenience.

Ronan MotyerMay 11 2022, 4:52am*and I was hoping to use a voucher!
Dave DochertyMay 11 2022, 9:26amRonan. Just turn up at race reg and shout out to the crowd, somebody will always sell you a voucher punch.
Sean ForsythMay 11 2022, 10:37amSome final instructions for tonight:

PARKING FEE - €3, please have it in change, for parking in Cooley Farm.

CAR POOLING - Please try car pool as much as possible - preferably from Ashford as this is near to the prizegiving location

SHORT COURSE - If you are doing the short course, please make yourself known to the line marshal to be directed to the correct sign in. Short Course runners will start 5 mins after the main race.

MANDATORY CUT OFF - Due to the course profile, there will be a mandatory cut off point of 8.20pm to get to the fire road circle (marshal 3), if you reach this point after the cut off, you will be directed onto the short course. This will be strictly enforced.

PRIZEGIVING - This will be back in the N11 Ashford House in Ashford Village. I have booked the lovely covered area outside, a few refreshments by the Vartry River will cure all aches and pains after the run.

MANDATORY KIT - Please remember your Rain Jacket, Chip timer and Race Number

And remember to watch your footing, there is a lot of loose rock on the ascent/descent and with the rain down here the last few days I'm pretty sure there will be some very muddy patches too but sure, that's all part of the craic
Sean ForsythMay 11 2022, 4:15pmFinal final reminder....There is no early start tonight, just in case you get down early and are expecting one
Peter BellMay 12 2022, 8:55amMassive thanks to Sean and his crew. Brilliant setting last night for the race. You did a super job for your first Rd role and the marking was spot on again. Appreciate all the work u put into it. Prizes where great too, think Warren is in the gym with his Gnome right now.
Warren SwordsMay 12 2022, 8:58amWhere did you come Peter? You never mentioned it last night?
Dave DochertyMay 12 2022, 9:22amGreat job last night Sean and gang. Very nice variation on the Carrick madness. Thanks for a great night. Congrats again to Joe on his 400th last week.
Brendan LawlorMay 12 2022, 9:26amWell done and thank you to Sean and all volunteers last night.. I loved the new car park.. that giant shower could be handy on a very warm night!
Richard FoxMay 12 2022, 9:59amGreat event Sean and the many many volunteers involved. First time RD wow fantastic job. Great course expertly marked and marshalled so even I couldn’t get lost.
Thanks again
Sean ForsythMay 12 2022, 10:12amA huge thanks to the volunteers last night. An event is only as good as its team and I had a great team last night, they all played a blinder and I was delighted they could make the race an enjoyable run for everybody.

To all the runners, thanks for coming down and putting in the effort out there, seemed like a good evening to be hitting the trails.

It was great to see so many back at the pub afterwards too,

Well done everyone and thanks again.

Results are up too
Mick HanneyMay 12 2022, 10:32am"Where did you come Peter? You never mentioned it last night?"

Yes results up Warren! :-)
Peter BellMay 12 2022, 2:39pmReport up. Thanks again Sean & crew.
Mick HanneyMay 12 2022, 3:46pmGreat reports.
Congrats X 3 so Peter.
Sean ForsythMay 12 2022, 4:01pmThanks for the kinds words and great race reports folks..good reading in there.

Congrats as well Peter.

I want to note that €175 was raised from the car parking and will be donated by Cooley Farm to the charity - Team Hope.
Conor NolanMay 12 2022, 6:38pmGreat race last night. Well done Sean and team. Great support from the Marshals - though I was incapable of responding. That final descent kept me awake all night as I relived it. Its that good. Cooley Farm makes it a really great venue
Brendan LawlorMay 13 2022, 12:52pmSuper photographs taken by the marshals at Carrick.. many thanks to you all !