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Dargle Four Peaks

Lillian DeeganMar 23 2022, 10:19amMorning all,

With thanks to Brian Kitson, we have a new addition for the Leinster Championships this year. I'm on to confirm we'll have a gun time of 9am for this one owing to the location of the start/finish.

All the best with your race day prep Brian :)
David DunneMar 23 2022, 1:09pmWow Awesome route, Will look forward to this one. Thanks Brian
Karl BourneApr 25 2022, 11:20amHi Brian, liking the sound of this route. Was out on a very similar route with a few pals a few weeks back and we made a right bags of it. Few more recces needed methinks - but just spotted it has been added to the calendar as a LC race. Just a couple of questions
- Is this an unmarked route? (assume yes but just wanted to check as never done a LC race before)
- Is there free route choice or will there be a defined route?
- Will the route go clockwise from Paddock Lake (e.g. Djouce>War Hill>Tonduff>Maulin) or the other way round?

Karl BourneApr 25 2022, 11:23amSorry just read the description of a Leinster Championship race - so no need to answer on if the route as marked and if there is a published route - my bad. Guess I just need to know which way around it will go then :)
Lillian DeeganApr 25 2022, 11:58amNah, you ain't bad Karl :) In fact, I'd gift my gold star of today your way for your self service site referral efforts - GoYou!

With Avonbeg kicking off the LC season yesterday, we won't feel July 10th and LC3 coming round. Good luck with your recces.
Karl BourneApr 25 2022, 12:32pmA ha! Thanks Lillian I'll gladly take that Gold Star :)

Yes I did see the circuit of Avonbeg route courtesy of a few Strava posts over the weekend. Looks a cracking route but not sure I'd have been ready to have a bash this year - next year for sure. (Again, recces and Nav needed!)

Think I'll look at the Dargle 4 Peaks as my first LC race for now. Would be handy to know which way around the route goes.

Is the circuit of Glenmacnass off the calendar for this year as well?

Cheers, Karl
Lillian DeeganApr 25 2022, 1:06pmWell, now I think I should be double thanking you Karl. You're a wise man not getting caught up in the pre race buzz to head out on a Nav. event not sufficiently prep'd for this kind of gig. .

On route direction etc. RD Brian will be working on his event prep ATM. As soon as he has info. to add to his page, he will get it posted. With this one being a branti new one, a little more work is needed behind the scenes. Will you keep an eagle eye on the page for updates.

On Glenmacnass - Permit issues were plentiful with this year's calendar. For us to keep the Glacier Lakes, Stone Cross and few others, we had to barter a bit more than usual. So we don't have Glenmacnass this year I'm afraid. All starts fresh with the NPWS end of year for next years events listing, so we'll see how we go from there.
James HeggieMay 8 2022, 8:22pmSuccessfully completed a recce of this today ,the bog is firmer due to the good weather but is still there . It’s a great course that gets little traffic .
Brian KitsonMay 8 2022, 9:17pmGlad you enjoyed it James. There will be news about the race coming soon.
Brian KitsonMay 10 2022, 8:38amSome updates to the Dargle Four Peaks Race

1. To maximise the proportion of good open mountain terrain for this race the start/finish location has been moved to Boleyhorrigan which is located to the southwest of Djouce on the R759. This start/finish dramatically enhances the quality of the route and the challenge it offers.
2. In the spirit of Championship races - which rewards the fleet of foot who are also good route planners, navigators and hardy adventurers - the Four Peaks in this race can be tackled in any order or sequence. Clockwise, anti-clockwise, first hill to aim for…etc, etc, your call. Each competitor can plan the route that plays to their strengths. Start, hit the correct point on each of the four peaks in any order you choose and make it back to the finish and all will be well in the world. See Map section and grid refs in the Event section.
3. Ample parking has been arranged at the car park opposite Pier Gates, 2.3km from the start/finish location… a good 20min warm-up/cool down jog. Not ideal having a such a distance to and from the line but there are precedents and I hope you’ll agree it’ll worth it for the quality of the route. There are a few laybys and small car parks closer to the start, any spaces in these will be prioritised for those car-pooling and for dismayed 49 year old RDs who have just discovered that they have been added to the O50 age category.
4. Start time is now 12 noon to keep it in line with other Leinster Championship races and to hopefully attract those travelling from further afield.

More details will be added over time but that’s the bones of it. I hope you are as excited as I am by the changes and that you’ll add this event to your race diary.

Anne-Marie FlahertyMay 10 2022, 11:42amOoh, that'll make a very interesting race.

Looking forward to seeing the route choices afterwards!
Stuart ScottMay 10 2022, 3:21pmSounds great Brian. I'm salivating over the map already!
Pól Ó MurchúMay 10 2022, 3:27pm@Stuart Scott I hope it’s a waterproof map… ;-)