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Stone Cross to Lug RELAY

Charlie LegoeMar 14 2022, 1:45amHi, I’m travelling to Ireland from Australia this summer and am keen for this event. Is there a time when entries will open for it?
Mick HanneyMar 14 2022, 11:58amHi, Typically races only open for entries a couple of weeks beforehand. There is a relay and a solo race. Navigation is required for this, and I see from last year that would-be entrants had to email the race director in advance to have their entry / experience validated. Something similar might be the case this year. Jarlath might advise.
Jarlath HynesMar 14 2022, 7:39pmHi Charlie,

entry for Solo & Relay will open late July / early August.
For the Solo we will look for indicators demonstrating knowledge of route & experience of open mountain navigation etc.
For the Relay, you'll need to find a couple of team mates :)

We do expect an increase in numbers for both races this year, however there'll be plenty of spaces in both events.

If you've any questions my email is listed on Event page volunteer list.

Hope to see you in August.
Jarlath HynesJul 22 2022, 11:04amEntries will open for this race in early August.

Race booklet has been updated & will be uploaded to Event page soon (most of the important details haven't changed anyway).

This year EACH relay runner will get a tracker.

Also if you don't have a team, there is an option to sign up & we'll try to put a few teams together. Email me asap if this is something that interests you (email address on event page).

And please read the booklet - any other questions you have we'll try to answer here....

Entry fee will also be confirmed asap.
Andy owensJul 23 2022, 8:55pmIf any team is looking for a runner for the relay I'm available.Would prefer the third or fourth section.Cheers.
Jarlath HynesJul 25 2022, 11:53amAndy, we'll have a update on relay entry tomorrow.

There's plenty of interest in Leg 4...the Fenton's 'drinking pints' leg, so maybe Leg 3 might be better :)
Andy owensJul 25 2022, 3:37pmI'm good with that Jarlath.
Jarlath HynesJul 28 2022, 11:47amEntry for this race opens on Tuesday 2nd August.

There is a new Relay entry system being trialled this year (thanks committee), to allow those who aren't already part of a team to sign up & we'll try to put a few teams together - we'll see how it goes, (it might not be possible to suit everyone with leg preference etc ).

Please read the Race Booklet :)
Link to entry form is on Event page & below.

I'd encourage anyone who is even a SMALL bit interested in this to sign up, it's a very enjoyable event (there's still a few weeks left to get recces done)

Link to Entry Form
Sean ForsythJul 28 2022, 2:23pmFor anyone sitting on the fence for this one, get off it and sign up.

Easily one the best races on the calendar and the relay is good craic, especially the falling/sinking/crawling through bog parts.

Get up and get a recce done of a leg or 2 and you should be in good stead (obviously with some nav skills)

My one big tip - Don't make the rookie mistake I did, I brought a paper map on the day which disintegrated in the rain/mist/hells breath on Mullaghcleevaun and I spent a good 30 mins wending (and maniacally laughing) my way through barnaculla bog to hit the ridge again. As I said a load of fun to be had
Alice ClancyJul 29 2022, 10:02amHi All, I'd just like to heartily recommend this relay! It's a LOT of fun!
If you're on the fence, but interested in a bit of bog slogging fun, go on, sign up, there's time to do the recce's of your chosen leg and the RD will very kindly set you up with a team if you don't have one too!
Here's the link to the entry form for the Relay:
Jarlath HynesAug 8 2022, 8:11pmNot long to go... and entry is open.

We're still looking for a runners to complete relay teams, so if you're tempted fill out the form in earlier post & we'll see where we can slot you in... :)
Jarlath HynesAug 11 2022, 9:49pmWe need one runner to make up a relay team (just had a last minute drop-out). We can work around any Leg that suits you.

Fill out form in earlier post if you're interested & available on the 20th.
Fia MooreAug 19 2022, 12:59pmHi,
Are you still looking for a runner to fill a team?
Jarlath HynesAug 19 2022, 2:29pm@Fiaa, all sorted at this stage, thank you.
Jarlath HynesAug 19 2022, 2:29pmFia...
Jarlath HynesAug 20 2022, 10:16pmThanks Rosy, Brendan, Graham, Linda, Alice & Richard for running & being great company today
Provisional results in 'reports'
(see Solo post for all the other 'thank you's' etc :)
Richard LeahyAug 21 2022, 6:37pmBig thanks to Jarleth and crew for a super day in the hills. By the way Jarleth my time in the report is incorrect it should be 2:50.
Jarlath HynesAug 21 2022, 7:07pm@Richard, thank you & time edited.
Alice ClancyAug 22 2022, 10:10amA huge thank you to Jarlath, Lillian and crew for such a lovely day in the hills! The whole event ran so smoothly and was so enjoyable! Huge kudos to ye all! Hopefully we can entice more teams out on the bogs next year!!
Andreas KuschAug 22 2022, 2:18pmThanks again to everyone who volunteered and helped. Brilliant day out.
If you like this kind of event you should have a look at the Mourne Mountain marathon.