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Thomas DomicanFeb 28 2022, 2:02pmJust wondering what direction wwsolo is this year and if it starts at9pm thanks
Lillian DeeganMar 1 2022, 11:25pmHiya Tom, good to see your interest once again.

Marlay Park will be the start point this year. And yes, gun time is 21h. I’ll get more details up in the coming weeks.
Thomas DomicanMar 2 2022, 10:54amThanks Lillian
Samuel FoxMar 24 2022, 12:09pmHi Lillian. Are you able to give a steer on the entry requirement for this yet please, trying to see if this is my year for an attempt and if I need to line up another long race beforehand? Thanks!
Lillian DeeganApr 14 2022, 1:02pmReposting the of WW Race info. from late March following the recent website downtime. Event details have also been added again.

Hello Samuel,
I've added info. to the race page for this one. And yes, I'll be seeking a link showing a finish of at least 50k from everyone who is hoping to enter this years race.

And for anyone else hoping to race this year - I won't be organising bus transfers from the finish line.

Gun time has been moved back this year - the race will start in Marlay Park at 21h. I'll get the CP cutoffs added in the next short while.

Entry will open on Monday, May 9th @9am and close on Monday, May 30th @6pm. (Detail for this will be added to the race page as soon as one of our IT lads have a free minute).

Anybody thinking of entering, please read the race page detail and send the required email in advance of entries opening. No email with a link to your history will result in no race entry.

Any other queries, fire ahead and ask.

Eric OrtizApr 20 2022, 9:30amHi there,

Since there are no bus transfer from the finish line to the start line, is there any other transport that can be used or does each runner need someone with a car at the finish line to get back?

Clare KeeleyApr 20 2022, 2:56pmHi Eric,
Best options are to either have a friend or someone at the finish line to get you home after the race or earlier in the day get your car down to Clonegal and drive home yourself after (have done it a few times and it’s not pretty or safe for that matter!!)
Closer to the time you could put a call out on the forum to others who might be interested in leaving their cars in Clonegal pre race and booking a minibus to get you all to Marley for the start of the race.
Other option is taxi to near by town and bus it back to Dublin…
Eric OrtizApr 20 2022, 3:13pmHi Clare,
Many thanks for your answer and the possible options.
Even tho i'd love to run the wicklow way i need to think about it now.
Cheers! :)
Lillian DeeganApr 21 2022, 9:41pmRace route cut offs have been updated for this one.

Reminder msg ahead of the May 9th shop opening: If you are intending to enter, please read the event page details carefully first. Send on your qualifying race criteria for entry approval and wait for the green light to secure a place by reply email.

Thanks everyone, Lillian
Phil behanApr 21 2022, 10:49pmHi all, one date also for your diaries. On the evening of Tuesday May 10th myself and Lillian will hold an online Zoom call mainly for new entrants to this race answering any questions that as a first timer you might have about the race. Can I ask all those interested in attending to please email and we will send you out the Zoom details over the next few days.

Lillian DeeganApr 23 2022, 10:29amDrop Bag detail has been updated on the event page for this race. Drop bags should be sealed really well, kept small in size and clearly labelled with - Your bib No. and the Checkpoint No. for drop bag delivery.

"Drop bags will be transported to aid stations. See below for drop bag particulars:

-CP - KMs approx ----- Name ----- Cut Off Time

CP1 - 21 --- Crone Woods --- 00:00 --- FOOD drop bag only.

CP2 - 49 --- Glendalough - visitor center --- 05:00 --- FOOD drop bag only.

CP3 - 73--- Mucklagh --- 09:00 --- Food & shoe/clothes drop bag option.

CP4 - 102 --- Dying Cow --- 13:00 --- Food & shoe/clothes drop bag option.

CP5 - 111 --- Raheenakit --- 15:30 --- Food & shoe/clothes drop bag option.

CP6 - 127 --- Clonegal --- 18:00 - Food & dry bag."
Phil behanApr 24 2022, 5:33pmThanks to all who signed up for the zoom call so far. Just reminding folks that’s it’s open to all planning on racing so get in touch on the details above if you’re interested in attending. Thanks again. Phil
Gerry FarrellMay 1 2022, 8:17pmHi Folks, good evening. Is this a self supported bag drop race only or can you have a crew at the CPs? If I missed something in the details please forgive me :-)
Thank you - gerry farrell
Lillian DeeganMay 2 2022, 5:49pmHey Gerry,
This one gives the option to run solo by having a drop bag at aid stations or to have a support crew at CPs.

Barry GriffinMay 4 2022, 4:17pmIv sent the races iv competed in for prior approval to , is this the correct address to send it to ?
Lillian DeeganMay 4 2022, 6:04pmHi Barry, you have managed to source the correct email address. Your comms of last night have been received.

From your email - there was no supplied link showing an event finish to meet the entry approval criteria. Do you want to resend something to the gmail for review? I am making replies to others ATM. Happy to consider other info. from you if you wish.

Thanks - Lillian
Lillian DeeganMay 4 2022, 6:08pmRe: Zoom session:

For those who have been in touch asking to join the zoom evening on May 10th - My DRD Phil is preparing info. for circulation ATM. A link will be shared on Friday afternoon with those who have asked to join us for the session.
Barry GriffinMay 4 2022, 8:55pmIv sent the links and attached pics of the link .
Gerard KeoghMay 9 2022, 8:11pmHi Lillian
Is there a link for the zoom
John Murphy74May 9 2022, 9:34pmHi, I just wanted to chat which maps I would need for the wicklow way?
Lillian DeeganMay 9 2022, 11:34pmHi John, OS Sheets 50,56 & 62 cover the route.

Gerard, hi
Details have been going out from the gmail address to those who were in touch on there asking to be included.
Phil behanMay 10 2022, 9:26pmHi all

Thanks for attending the zoom call earlier. Was great to see so many new faces and brilliant to see such interest in the race. Can I encourage you all to start, if you have not already started, to start arranging a few night recces amongst yourselves here. Daytime recces also in particular on the second and later stages. Only 1 month out so still a bit of time to go. Best of luck all. Phil
Ted BurkeMay 11 2022, 12:08amUnfortunately, I was unable to attend this evening's Zoom session. Was it recorded by any chance?
Lillian DeeganMay 11 2022, 6:54amMorning Ted, nope. Consciously, the session was not recorded.
Eoin Mac EochaidhMay 11 2022, 5:19pmThanks Lillian and Phil for an informative zoom. A bounty of advice. Much appreciated.
James HeggieMay 13 2022, 10:55amHi I am starting to do my Recces of the course and to ensure I meeting check points times if anyone Is interested in meeting up we can do whole legs in one go with car drops . Email address is thanks James or here .
Stephen ConnonMay 13 2022, 12:31pmJust a quick question: would large high-vis reflective armbands (one on each arm) suffice as the 'high vis garment'? Apologies if this has been covered, I wasnt able to make the zoom call

Ben ReynoldsMay 13 2022, 5:56pmHey all, Also in relation to the hi viz tops, would it be possible to share a link to something similar to what we're expected to have. I'm still a little unsure if it should be a hi viz vest or a running top that is hi viz.

Dara O'BrienMay 13 2022, 9:05pmHi Ben,

I don't have a link but I'm going to be wearing a hi vis vest - one with reflective detail. My understanding is that it's not the bright colour that's needed but rather the reflective detail so cars can see you on the road at night. Mine is from the RSA but they're easily got elsewhere. As they are light, they're easier to fold away and store when the sun comes up. I'll bring some spare ones with me on the day in case anyone is stuck but do bear in mind that they'll have to fit on over your running pack so if you buy one, make sure to size up!
Ben ReynoldsMay 16 2022, 10:25amMakes sense, Thanks for that Dara!
Phil behanMay 16 2022, 11:16amHi all

To clarify

Full high vis is needed, be it a vest, jacket, or any full reflective garment that covers the top half of the body. There are a number of road crossings along the route at night and we do not have Gardai or Marshalls stopping traffic at the roads. It is imperative that all runners are fully visible at night and throughout the race. As Dara kindly pointed out an RSA vest is light weight, easy to fold away and wont causes you much un-comfort racing. I wore one myself for last years race and had no issues with it at all. Just using reflective arm bands is not sufficient for this race and wont be accepted as high vis cover on race day. Thanks all.
John Garry MooreMay 16 2022, 11:21amGood morning and happy Monday, just a quick question, do you allow use of GPX file to be downloaded and used for this race (WWR)?

Thanks in advance
Samuel FoxMay 16 2022, 12:34pmHi John - from the event details section it shows GPS is allowed yes. But as others will say, care is needed as the route will be defined by the diversions that may be in place on the day of running, depending if there is any ongoing work by Coillte. So you may not be able to get a completely accurate GPS uploaded.
Ted BurkeMay 16 2022, 1:33pmOk, thanks Lillian.
Damian ConwayMay 16 2022, 4:04pmHi, is map and compass required if I plan on using GPS for the race?
Phil behanMay 16 2022, 5:01pmHi Damien, yes both are required as they're part of the Mandatory Kit list for the race. All details about mandatory kit are in the roadbook and on the event page also. Thanks. Phil
Ger OTooleMay 17 2022, 9:05amHi, anybody interested in carpooling for recce of the Southern end of the route at the weekend (morning). Thinking of something like Moyne to Clonegal. You can email me on Thanks
John Garry MooreMay 18 2022, 5:24pmHi,

Is it required to have the IMRA race chip attached to your running shoes for this race?

Thanks in advance
Stephen ConnonMay 18 2022, 6:49pmThanks for all the help so far! Ive one comment and one last question

Question: are race numbers provided on the night or are we supposed to have them already? Someone mentioned using their race number on another forum and I don't have a physical number

Comment: might be worth runners looking at the WW relay thread re the really unfortunate disqualification of a team on leg 6. I've recced that part and it's really tempting to run on the road as its hard to see a trail and my old GPS file told me to run on the road, but it seems the WW is on the bumpy grass bit paralell to the road for 400-500m and not the road itself. In case it saves controversy in our race.

Lillian DeeganMay 18 2022, 7:55pmStephen, I am directing you to the road book shared on May 6th. That doc. is not a souvenir for reading post race. It has really useful race day info. The questions you have raised on here are answered on there. Can you pull it up and read it before gun time please.

John Garry, hi
I'll not be using the IMRA chip timing kit for this race. You can drop that extra weight from your shoe if you like. Don't lose the tag tho. Replacement cost 5 yo yos.
Catlow ShipekToday, 4:28pmHi all - I look forward to getting to know Ireland for my first time and am excited about the race and hopefully getting to know many of you. I am coming from the USA and arrive in Dublin June 5th. My wife and I will be staying in central Dublin for a few weeks and then traveling to near Limerick where she is in a Masters Ultimate Frisbee worlds tournament the last week of June.
- If anyone is doing recces that week before the race I would love the opportunity to join you.
- And, if anyone is crewing/spectating the last segments of the race and coming from Dublin, my wife may be interested in riding along.

My email is Cheers!

PS - thanks for the clarification of the Hi-vis as I was also wondering what would be suitable.
Phil behanToday, 7:34pmCatlow, welcome to the Wicklow Way Race and also Ireland of course ! Hopefully someone picks up your request here. There will usually be some activity on lifts / carpooling closer to the date. If I hear anything I’ll let you know. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing you out on the course.