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Mick HanneyFeb 26 2022, 1:37pmHi,
Saw this on posted on social media, so putting it here as FYI.

Registration is now open for this year's World Masters Mountain Running Championships being held on the 3-4th September in the Comeragh Mountains, Ireland

Details and registration at
Dave DochertyFeb 26 2022, 5:59pmI'm in. Can't wait. Should be a great buzz in Clonmel that weekend.
Wayne LeeMay 26 2022, 11:07amAnyone a gpx for this and I do a reccy
David BosonnetMay 26 2022, 7:14pmThere's an IMRA race over the course on the 19th June -
which includes details of the route.

GPX also available at
Wayne LeeMay 26 2022, 8:38pmThanks David unfortunately I'm working the 19th otherwise I would have done the race, I'll check out plotaroute
Laura FlynnJul 26 2022, 3:10pmWe’re putting a shout out to all IMRA members to add your name as a volunteer for the World Masters taking place in Clonmel on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of September.
We will need people for the Friday Saturday and Sunday so we’re asking for a few of hours of your time any of these days. It’s a great opportunity to get involved whether you are running or not. If you’re running in the main event on the Saturday why not help out at the open race on the Sunday or vice versa.
All volunteers will get refreshments and dinner on the Saturday night at the medal ceremony.
Mrs U W GavinJul 26 2022, 10:44pmI would volunteer for the Sunday but I have to check bus timetables back to Derry.I will let u know if I can do Sunday tomorrow or Thursday okay.I’m running Saturday but not Sunday ,una
Laura FlynnAug 3 2022, 1:16pmWillie Brown is looking for another male over 70 for an Irish team. We have 1 registered and Willie is about to register. Email me if interested at or post here.
Great chance of a world team medal if we can get a team together.
Laura FlynnAug 9 2022, 9:37amThanks to everyone who has volunteered so far. We’re still in need of volunteers, especially for the main event on Saturday. If you or a family member, friend , supporter, club member can help please add your name by THIS FRIDAY August 12th to enable finalise our event plan and coordinate teams.
You can add your name here if you’re an IMRA member. If not, please email me or Brian at or
All volunteers will get refreshments and dinner on the Saturday night at the medal ceremony.
Henny BrandsmaAug 9 2022, 1:19pmHi Laura, re over 70ties team, when are you eligible to run for a country, is it the country you live in, or as in my case is it the passport you hold, with in my case is a Dutch passport If I can run for the Irish team, might consider signing up, otherwise might put my name down on the volunteers list. Henny.
Laura FlynnAug 9 2022, 4:02pmHi Henny and thanks for your reply. At registration we will be looking for evidence of citizenship such as a passport to allow runners compete on a team for country.
Desie ShortenAug 14 2022, 11:52amHi Laura, are there any markers on the course at the moment? I found it very difficult to find my way with the site map.
Turlough ConwayAug 14 2022, 5:28pmWould the M50s be interested in a zoom chat to discuss course/tactics etc. in the next few days. Happy to organize (broaden out to other categories also?)?
Tom BlackburnAug 14 2022, 5:45pmHi Lads, to anyone interested in doing a recipe of the world masters route in Clonmel.
We are taking a group from Raheen school at 11am on next Sunday 21st, all are welcome. If you haven't been around the route this is probably the last chance, unless you are local. Clonmel AC are out on Thursday night each week as well.
Feel free to put this information out to all IMRA runners and if you need to contact Clonmel runners for midweek runs of the route just contact me. Thanks my number is 0876994976.
Emer O'ConnellAug 15 2022, 11:23amHi Turlough, am in W50 category - wd be interested in joining a zoom call re course. thanks emer
Turlough ConwayAug 15 2022, 3:11pmHi Emer

No probs. I am probably doing the Sunday recce with Tom's group and after that may be best. An evening early next week might suit. I'll try and get word out more so a few very experienced with route can attend.
Louise KeoghAug 18 2022, 5:40pmIs there mandatory kit for the worlds? Thanks
liam lynchAug 19 2022, 11:52amDear Turlough,
I would be interested in Zoom for masters . I'm M60.
Kind Regards
Turlough ConwayAug 19 2022, 12:18pmOk Liam.
Send an email to turloughconway at gmail and ill add you.
likely Tuesday at 8pm
Turlough ConwayAug 19 2022, 12:27pmI see you have already done that, thanks Liam
Turlough ConwayAug 22 2022, 12:48pmUpping this again folks:

(unofficial) Masters zoom talk tomorrow 8pm for Irish athletes ahead of World Champs including route discussion, pacing tips, warmup etc. Greeat to get as many attending and chipping in as possible.

(Send an email to turloughconway at gmail and ill add you to the zoom).

Good few attending so far.
Turlough ConwayAug 23 2022, 2:52pmLast call for the above .....
Mags GreenanAug 24 2022, 9:58pmAm I too late to be added to the list
Laura FlynnAug 24 2022, 10:03pmIf anyone is planning on camping in Clonmel on tne Friday or Saturday nights, we’ve managed to get the use of a field very close to the race start and to the facilities at the Hillview Sports Club.
If you’re interested please email me at and I’ll give you some more details.
Turlough ConwayAug 26 2022, 9:50amMasters who can still walk after their race should note that it's only a 400m walk from the finish to the second to last big climb at Scouthra Hill which is a perfect spot for cheering on the younger toddler and wobbler age categories.

Seriously, it would be amazing for runners to arrive out on the open mountain and hear a gang of green cheering them up the hill. A quick walk back towards the finish the cheer them up that last climb. Could be worth a medal or three. Consider it when packing the bag for the race end.
Gerard DownAug 29 2022, 1:40pmHi, if nynbody is travelling by car from or through Cork City to Clonmel and could offer a left I would be delighted - happy to pay petrol money to share costs !
Mick HanneySep 5 2022, 3:05pmA nice summary of the Championship races can be found here:-

A great event in Clonmel. By my count Ireland got 13 individual medals. And a bunch of team medals too.

Fantastic performances and a great turn-out by Irish runners.

Well done to all. The organisers did a superb job in putting this together.
Henny BrandsmaSep 5 2022, 4:55pmGreat to see Ireland winning so many
Medals over the weekend, everyone should be very proud and specially the local comittee and all the Imra people helpers and comittee to put Ireland internationally on the world map.
Paul MahonSep 6 2022, 12:39pmFantastic organisation, atmosphere and athletic performances all round in Clonmel at the weekend.
Just goes to show what can be done with enough enthusiasm and great army of local and nationally sourced volunteers

Míle buíochas gach duine ;-)
David PowerSep 7 2022, 6:41amRead my race report on competing in the M35 category on Saturday in Clonmel.
Mrs U W GavinSep 10 2022, 9:23pmA fantastic well organised event in Clonmel, one I was privileged to be part of. We'll done to everyone who made the event possible and showcasing such a beautiful place. What a great country we live in. Course was so well marked and people around every part of the course applauding and guiding us. Thank you again to everyone involved.
niall flynnSep 13 2022, 3:12pmArticle on World Masters in Trail Runner: