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Annagh Hill

Mick HanneyFeb 26 2022, 11:31amHi,

A word in advance about Annagh hill. Same route as last year. Given recent weather and also the fact that some forest clearing is happening on the hill, some of the tracks are very muddy and slippery, moreso that usual.

Trails shoes are a must. You will need some grip.

We look forward to welcoming people down to Annagh and it will be nice to have the social aspect of the race back afterwards in the Gap pub, which is always great..


Paul JoyceMar 2 2022, 5:55pmFolks we are a bit light on volunteers for Annagh Hill... looking for anyone who can do laptop, first aid, marshal, registration etc etc please put your name down, an-bhuíoch!
Laura FlynnMar 3 2022, 9:11amWe are bringing back the race voucher cards for this race. We had suspended this during covid.
This means you have the option of either pre-entering for this race or turning up at registration on race day and entering using a voucher.
If you don’t already have a race voucher you can usually buy one from someone else at the race for €5. It’s probably best to check this in advance though with a question on the forum as we won’t be accepting cash so that option will not be available.
We are currently looking at upgrading the website and we as part of this process, we hope to bring the vouchers online. For this reason we won’t be selling any more physical cards. If you have already purchased one but haven’t yet collected, you can do so at your next race. Any queries on this please email me at
Stuart ScottMar 3 2022, 10:00amBrilliant! Thanks Laura and Committee for bringing these back. I know pre-entry saved a lot of hassle behind the scenes but entry on the day really embodies the spirit of IMRA, and is particularly helpful in the summer league when you're not sure if you'll get out of work in time.
Laura FlynnMar 3 2022, 3:05pmI’ve just been reminded to remind people that you will still need to have pre-registered for your annual membership if you intend running this or any other race.
Sean ForsythMar 3 2022, 3:29pmHI Paul,

I can help out as a running volunteer if needed.

Andrew HanneyMar 3 2022, 3:38pmSean you can add yourself to the volunteer list on the event page once you're signed in.
Sean ForsythMar 3 2022, 3:45pmThanks Andrew, all done
Brian FarrenMar 4 2022, 12:57amThat’s great Laura that vouchers are back. Just wondering how they will work in future when you have made the website changes. I thought it was a hybrid model, I.e. you register online stating using voucher, and then if you can go, you use your physical voucher on the day. This means race directors have their list and if you don’t turn up to race it’s same as a person who paid online not turning up only you haven’t used your voucher. But you mention not selling any more physical vouchers so just wondering how it will work in future. Thanks
Laura FlynnMar 4 2022, 8:27amHi Brian, we have a separate team working on this and other website issues we’ve been having. There’re looking at a few options on the vouchers to improve the system for RDs and for members. As it’s a work in progress I think it’s better not to go into the detail of it at this stage.
The main thing is that the vouchers that are out there can be used now and while new vouchers can’t be purchased, no-one should lose out as they can exchanged amongst members.
Brian FarrenMar 4 2022, 9:17amThanks Laura
Jarlath HynesMar 4 2022, 2:48pm@Brian, don't mind the vouchers,
'some of the tracks are very muddy and slippery' < this is what you need to be thinking about :)

But I suspect Mick meant to write 'tracks are NOT muddy & LESS slippery'.
And also that the 'small climb' early in the race is 'LESS steep' this year.

Or maybe that's just wishful thinking!
Paul JoyceMar 6 2022, 11:51amJust back from a recce, course is in decent nick but worth stressing Micks point above- trail/mountain shoes are a must if you don’t want to be slipping all over the place (especially so of course is wet on the day).
The final downhill has some very muddy sections along machinery tracks, make sure your laces are tightly knotted or footwear will be lost here!
Louis McallisterMar 7 2022, 2:26pmHi Paul.
Is there places still available for this race?
I live in Scotland, but i am working in Ireland at the moment.
Louis McAllister
Andrew HanneyMar 7 2022, 2:31pmHi Louis, if you check the event detail page it says the entry opens tomorrow morning. So just check back then and you can get signed up.
Louis McallisterMar 7 2022, 5:56pmHi Andrew.
Thanks for that.
Andy McGeadyMar 8 2022, 10:11am@Paul what are the other downhill sections like? Mud/rock? Technical/brakes off?
Paul JoyceMar 8 2022, 10:24amThe run along the ridge is on stoney trail, a few downhills here but nothing too bad.
Grassy downhill (which will be slippy if wet) at Connahill after 4km, cuts into mucky trails in the forest.
Very steep downhill at the 5km point (slide rather than run), its carpeted with leaves so any spills should be cushioned- and there will be spills! Smile for the camera at the bottom.
Final downhill is about 1.5k along stony and mucky trail, with some shoe-sucking mud pools towards the bottom.

So when considering shoe grip, you will have to contend with loose rock, mud, leaves, grass, and possibly streams (if its raining)
Andy McGeadyMar 8 2022, 10:27amThanks Paul. Looking forward to it.

The downhills make the uphills worth it :-p
Mick HanneyMar 8 2022, 7:49pmGood to have the race vouchers back - how many of them have been through the washing machine since the last time they were used.

@webmaster - can the event details be updated to remove the "VOUCHERS ALLOWED:No."
Stefan HamiltonMar 8 2022, 9:34pmHi Paul. Will there be a junior route and if so what are you talking roughly?
Pól Ó MurchúMar 8 2022, 10:05pmThat’s changed now Mick.
Paul JoyceMar 9 2022, 8:30amHi Stefan- there will be a Junior route of circa 7km starting ten minutes after the main race, suitable only to those born in 2006 or earlier. Any Junior younger than that who wishes to run will need to be accompanied by an adult, and can run to the large pool on the ridge, turn around and head to finish- circa 4km in total.
Paul JoyceMar 9 2022, 8:35amShort Course- we are low on Marshals so there will not be any early start, instead there will be a Short Course option of circa 7km in total. Turn around at the 3.5km point, which will be marshalled. Anyone not at that point by 12:50 will be directed to take the Short Course option- this is to reasonably limit the amount of time volunteers need to spend on the hills.
Warren SwordsMar 9 2022, 11:01amThis is a great race if anyone is on the fence about heading down.

Alan Ayling's report is a brilliant account of last year's race.

There is so much packed into the 10km. The downhills are arguably harder than the uphill.

It has one of the best starts of any race on the calendar, no messing around as you go straight up the wall of death, onto the ridge with screaming legs. The ridge is fast but surprisingly technical in parts. Quick, quick, slow!

The downhill is ridiculously steep, so steep that even when you slip, you maintain the same speed. Back around for the steep climb back out, and then the ridge back where it's a case of catch or be caught. Then the last steep downhill to the finish.

It's a great test of mountain running ability. Not to mention the hospitality of the Gap pub for post race stories.
Mick HanneyMar 9 2022, 1:48pmGood preview Warren.

Thanks to the committee we should have post race food in the Gap pub for runners.

At the moment we are thin on the ground re: marshals, so if thats the case on Sunday, more concentration will be needed on the marking than ever. Runners from last year will have the advantage of route knowledge though.
Mikey FryMar 9 2022, 2:25pmJust don’t follow Peter bell and you’ll be fine:))
Nora LalorMar 9 2022, 3:18pmJust added as volunteer, happy to Marshall but not too far out.
Mick HanneyMar 9 2022, 8:34pm10 years ago. Some things have changed but that first hill hasn't. Possibly the foggiest race we had there.
Paul JoyceMar 10 2022, 4:05pmWith a couple of days to go, we have enough volunteers to host the race- thanks to everyone for stepping forward, I will be in contact with volunteers tomorrow.
We don't have a laptop operator, so manual results will suffice at the finish line. Numbers will probably be low enough, so no need to bring any timing chip; old school all the way.
Paul JoyceMar 11 2022, 2:17pmVolunteers please check your email for duty details.

Everyone else- there has been a lot of rain down here so expect to get mucky. We might alter the downhill finish to miss the worst of the slop, but everything will be well-marked in either case. Registration opens at 11:00 and closes 11:30 sharp. Race starts about 1km from registration at 12:00. Any juniors or short course runners, please make yourself known at registration, junior/short course will begin at 12:05.

Course instructions-
Run 1km along trail/track to the stone wall at start of initial climb. Cross the wall here, and begin the slog uphill. Just before the gate at the summit you will re-cross the stone wall again, and start the 2.5km traverse of the ridge.

This is all along the stone wall, there are plenty of false turn opportunities so just follow the ridge wall. Any turn will be well marked, so if you are in doubt, stop and look for tape.

There will be a marshal at the end of the ridge who will direct you down Connahill to begin the far loop. As you exit the mucky forest trail (4.7k point) you run straight across a fireroad back into forest- do not turn down the fireroad, again, everything will be marked so trust in the tape. Shortly after you will begin a very steep descent until a Marshall directs you turn right along a wet forest path.

When you emerge, look for tape and follow the fireroad to the start of another very steep climb through forest- we should have a marshal here but it will be well marked. Up to the top, and turn left to start your return along the ridge.

From there you will follow trails back to the finish line. We might slightly alter the advertised route here depending on the slop situation, but in any case it will be marked. At the finish call out your number and Age Category (M50, F40, whatever) where results will be manually recorded.

Jog back to the carpark and change clothes- please don't drag mud into the pub! There should be a bit of grub back there, have a drink and a chat, prize giving will be around 14:00 or so.
Andy McGeadyMar 11 2022, 2:48pmGreat stuff Paul. Have heard good things about it and look forward to Sunday.
Derek O'BrienMar 11 2022, 3:25pmHi, what distance will the junior course be and what type of terrain?
Mick HanneyMar 11 2022, 3:39pmDerek - Terrain here is rough tracks, stony and muddy in places.
Shortest route for young juniors (accompanied) is c. 4.5k.
Short course for older juniors is c. 7k
Anyone running needs decent grip as the ground conditions will be wet and muddy in places.
Paul JoyceMar 13 2022, 3:59pmProvisional Results:

Position Number Time of day (race start 12:00)

1 Enda Cloake 1049 12:53:55
2 Peter Bell 719 12:57
3 John Bell 1080 12:58
4 Bernard Fortune 1948 12:59
5 Ben Mooney 1356 13:01
6 Lisa Hegarty 862
7 Michael Blighe 110 13:02
8 Brendan Keane 1689 13:04
9 Deirdre NicCanna 997
10 Derek O'Brien 871 13:06
11 Louis McCallister 1939
12 Becky Quinn 701
13 Andy Tafford 1923
14 Christopher Willoughby 505 13:07
15 Pol O'Mhuricu 2
16 Mike Jordan 120
17 Richard Robinson 1161
18 Caroline Harney 1365 13:08
19 Ronan King 1954
20 Cian Coughlan 1937 13:10
21 Padraig Somers 1947
22 Liam Vines 651
23 Justin Higgins 148 13:11
24 Karl Richards 952 13:15
25 Jarlath Hynes 156
26 Michael O'Sullivan 725
27 Liam Kenny 1949 13:17
28 Neil Dowling 1369
29 Tommy Galvin 710
30 Kevin O'Riordan 829
31 Andy McGeady 772
32 Clare Keeley 1755
33 Domhall McArdle 637 13:18
34 Cormac O'Ceillaigh 1334
35 Vanessa McShane 1599
36 Richard Kieran 674 13:19
37 Paddy McDonagh 1941
38 Con Farrell 666
39 Sean Collier 775
40 Roisin McDonnell 474
41 Dina in 't Zandt 969 13:20
42 Maura Mathews 927
43 Sean Forsyth 611 13:21
44 James Keane 1337
45 Keith Carr 887 13:22
46 James Cahill 702
47 Anna Cronin 707
48 Paddy Doyle 1009
49 Hannagh Kerr 452
50 Mark Berney 162 13:25
51 Phillip Kerr 947
52 Joe Boyle 55
53 Filipe Sousa 1881
54 Joe Lalor 1133
55 Alison Underwood 885 13:27
56 Joanne McCauley 739
57 Ken Jones 1048 13:30
58 Jim White 1686 13:31
59 Paul Duggan 404
60 Stuart Scott 4 13:32
61 Frank Crowley 1417 13:33
62 Luke Steel 706 13:35
63 Fergal Downes 1097 13:36
64 Richard Beades 1636 13:37
65 James Heggie 176 13:54
66 Vivian O'Gorman 260 13:54
67 Henny Bradsma 898 14:01

DNF Ger Moloney 1760
DNF Michael Byrne 598
DNF Davy Dunne 1088
DNF Peter O'Farrell 1736
DQ Jim Walsh 1934
DQ William Holton 1935

1 JuniorF14 Alana O'Brien 1952 13:26
1 JuniorF Chloe O'Brien 1951 13:26
James H CahillMar 13 2022, 5:20pmThank you Paul and all your volunteers for a great excursion onto Annagh Hill, which as usual had it all. Steep ups, steeper downs, fireroad, single track............and all coated in a layer of marvelous mud. Great day out thank you all.
Mick HanneyMar 13 2022, 5:38pmSome photos added from the split point on the hill.
Mick HanneyMar 13 2022, 5:51pmWe readers want reports :-)
Mick HanneyMar 13 2022, 6:28pmVideos from split point before the weather changed.
Karl RichardsMar 13 2022, 9:05pmThanks for a great race today. Really really enjoyable. So nice to be back to some level of normality. Thank you to all the volunteers
Peter BellMar 13 2022, 10:57pmReport up, thanks for a great day on Annagh hill.
Paul JoyceMar 14 2022, 7:57amGlad the day went so well, thanks to all our volunteer team. Thanks also to the Gap Pub who are a great resource to have, and a font of knowledge... did you know the first ever inter county hurling match was played between Wicklow and Carlow on the flanks of Annagh?

Everyone seemed to enjoy the route, some wonderful pictures around and the vivid reports give a great insight to the thrills and spills. Commiserations to the few who went astray- game face, speed, and the lure of downhill firewood can be a dangerous combination! Well done to the winners- some super fast times and fierce racing at the front of both genders.

A couple of lads are listed in provisional results as DQ'd... they dropped their jackets soon after the start. At the finish I explained the mandatory jacket rule- runners must carry a jacket with them at all times. They both accepted this with grace and didn't complain. Having reviewed today I can see they are new to the sport and this was a genuine mistake- therefore their DQ's are rescinded and they will be included in the official results. I never mentioned that jackets need to be carried throughout at race briefing (at this stage I assumed its been drilled into everyone often enough), and it could have been highlighted more clearly on the website (I don't think the Beginner FAQ or Safety Statement mentions that jackets must be carried throughout). In any case they are both welcome to their place in the results, and a lesson learned for future races.
Conor O'FarrellMar 14 2022, 11:28amHi All

The results are now up. I've done my best with the times, based on the minute-by-minute results and Strava times that I could find, without skewing the positions. Please send any queries to

Andy McGeadyMar 14 2022, 12:36pmBrilliant route. Thanks to the organisers. Threw up a report there.
Laura FlynnMar 14 2022, 12:53pmThanks to Paul and his team for putting on this race yesterday.
Following on from his post above however, as a waterproof jacket is mandatory kit as set out in the race details, we have no option but to leave the dnf results recorded as such for the two individuals who did not carry a jacket for the entire race.
If any one has any queries please email me directly on
Sean ForsythMar 14 2022, 3:05pmGreat race yesterday and feeling it today big time. Great preparation for the Maurice Mullins Ultra.

Thanks to Paul and the team out on the mountain/hill for the organisation.

Put a report up there as well
Stuart ScottMar 14 2022, 4:46pmThanks Paul and helpers for a great day out yesterday. It's a pity the swimming pool has gone but the mud didn't disappoint. Thanks also to the Gap pub for their hospitality!
Mick HanneyMar 14 2022, 6:14pmGreat pictures Andy. There should be bonus points for those that kept their balance. As for those that fell multiple times.(not naming anyone Stuart).. :-)
Andrew HanneyMar 14 2022, 10:00pmAlways a great buzz at Annagh hill. Well done everyone.
Andy McGeadyMar 14 2022, 11:21pmSome of those photos on the greasetrap are priceless. Fair play. Brilliant work.
Stuart ScottMar 15 2022, 12:06pmMick, are you sure it wasn't just a single fall but my slow speed made it look like slow motion? Anyway thanks Andy...for once I'm glad to have photographic evidence to prove how I got the brown mark on my shorts!