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Winter league suggestion

Peter BellFeb 23 2022, 4:55pmSo far the winter league has been class, i for one have loved all the races so far. Mucky, rocky battles and wrecked at the end. Cant beat it!
It would be great to see as many as possible finish it, would making it best 3 of 6 races improve the competition and make it a stronger league. I know alot of people find it hard to make weekend races. Anyway just a suggestion.
Peter B
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 23 2022, 5:59pmAre you not able to make the next 2 races Peter? ;-)

There’s currently 18 already completed 4 races, another 41 on 3 races and 85 more on 2 races so 144 who could all potentially finish the league. Even if half these finished it would likely be one of the largest number of finishers in this league over the last few years. Also the problem with 3 from 6 would be that you could potentially end up with people winning or placing in different races finishing on the same scores in the league having never raced head to head and this creates its own problems and is the very reason the leagues are generally planned so that that can’t happen.
Mick HanneyFeb 23 2022, 7:51pmAnd there may be runners who were in the College race result, but not in Trooperstown race (even though it was the same race?) - who aren't counted for winter league purposes.

And bonus toughness marks for Annagh hill in wintery conditions ;-)
Peter BellFeb 23 2022, 9:06pm:) im good, i wont be missin Annagh hill. Got my ass kicked last time out, so want revenge. Cool Pol, makes sense.
Warren SwordsFeb 23 2022, 9:20pmI completely agree with Mick that we should add 4 points to Peter's league score and include college runners in results
Peter BellFeb 23 2022, 9:59pmI completely agree with Mick that we should add 4 points to humpty dumpty's league score and include college runners in results lol
Mick HanneyFeb 24 2022, 11:01amFake news :-)
Andrew HanneyFeb 24 2022, 4:29pmThere only needs to be one race. Annagh hill, the winner is the first person to do the race and get back and finish a pizza at the pub.