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Wicklow Glacier Lakes (solo)

Lillian DeeganFeb 10 2022, 3:06pmHi all,

I’m on to note the date of Apr. 10th for the Glaciers Solo & Relay is moving to May 7th.

James HeggieFeb 14 2022, 3:13pmHi anyone planning on any recce’ s of the race
Route in particular leg 2 ?


John BellApr 19 2022, 10:47pmOnline entry for this event should open soon. Pre-entry approval is required as per the event page and below.

This is a Long Distance Open Mountain Unmarked Race. Every runner must have experience of navigation and must be able to use a map and compass. For pre-entry approval please send an email to the race director - - with the following details: - Outline your ability to navigate in an open mountain setting, this could include at least 2 mountain races involving similar navigation; - You're IMRA age category so we can calculate your bonus time(s).
Steven ByrneApr 22 2022, 7:29pmHi
Will this route be altered due to no racing allowed around Tonelagee?
Lillian DeeganApr 22 2022, 7:59pmHi Steven,
The NPWS did raise a query on this one prior to granting our permit this year. And thankfully, we were able to keep it as an event in its usual format.

Good luck if your looking to race it on May 7th. RD John will be in touch in short with an update for race hopefuls.
Steven ByrneApr 22 2022, 8:08pmGreat! Thanks Lillian
John BellApr 23 2022, 9:01amThe online shop for this event is now open. Please don't forget PRE-ENTRY per the event page. The price is €20 for solo's as we are using trackers (sames as Stones Cross to Lug last year). Trackers are for safety: The WGL event traverses remote, rough terrain where locating a runner in the event of a problem could be very tricky and time consuming. Poor weather and/or visibility could compound the situation further. It also adds a bit of fun being able to track your friends or relay team.
John BellApr 28 2022, 9:35pmJust over a week until this race. Pre-entries for solo's plus teams have been coming in. Reminder that there is No Entry on the day. Pre-entry and online payment is required by Thursday 5th so that we can allocate trackers, which will be handed out on the morning.
John BellApr 28 2022, 9:50pmWe still need a few more volunteers for this event. A marshal for Checkpoint 1 Wicklow Gap and checkpoint 3-Ballinafunshoge Car Park. 2 great spots to spend a morning or afternoon, especially if the weather is nice.
Mick HanneyApr 28 2022, 10:13pmJohn - I've signed up to help at Ballinafunshoge.
Andy KeelingMay 4 2022, 8:30amAre we able to bring drop bags for the checkpoints for this race?
John BellMay 4 2022, 10:46amHi Andy, yes we can organise to take drop bags around to the Checkpoints. Please keep the bags very small and have them clearly labelled where you want them. We will need the bags before 8:30 so they can be transferred to the checkpoints.
John BellMay 4 2022, 10:49amReminder that entries for this event close tomorrow at 6pm. I notice that a few who have emailed me have not yet signed up on-line. Don't miss out.
Dave DochertyMay 4 2022, 10:58amJohn can you can contact me regarding the race kit. ÓH eight 7 8 two 9 eight 3 two 9. Thanks Dave
John MurrayMay 4 2022, 12:39pmHi John...for the Solo's, what time is REG open at, and also START TIME?
John BellMay 4 2022, 1:53pmSenior/M40 men will start at 9:40, Senior / F40 women will start at 9:00. Further bonus times apply to M/F50 and above as per the event page. I will post the full start times after entries close tomorrow evening. Please arrive for registration at least 30 minutes before your start time.
Liam VinesMay 4 2022, 3:43pmJust remember seeing is not enough!!!
You have to touch….
Just saying!!!
Graham K. BusheMay 4 2022, 3:50pmDoes sinking to your waist count?? oops! lol :)
John MurrayMay 4 2022, 7:22pmThanks John!
Also, now that St. Kevins Way avoids the small section of the R756 on Leg 1 with a new trail off to the side of the road, does that mean we are only allowed cross the R756 and any given point and not run along that small section like in previous years? :)

Liam - hopefully we won't be able to see the lakes till we are already in them! :)
John BellMay 5 2022, 8:03amThat's correct, you cannot run along the Wicklow Gap road except to cross it. You can follow St Kevin's Way until it veers away from the road or you can cross before or after that. The only other out of bounds are the fenced fields either side of the River leading to Ballinafunshoge. These are indicated on the map.
Gerry McGuinnessMay 5 2022, 4:34pmIs there water stations at each leg or do you have to put some in the drop bags.
Graham K. BusheMay 5 2022, 4:47pmYou're visiting all the lakes... What more water do you need? ;)
John BellMay 5 2022, 10:28pmWe should have a small amount of water at each of the checkpoints for a refill, but in general you should be self-sufficient.
John BellMay 5 2022, 10:32pmNow to check out the competition. Please note your start time and ensure that you are at the start for registration and kit check at least 30 minutes before you are due to start.

Name start time
Team 3: Roisin & Ruth 08:00
Andy Owens 08:40
Colm Newport 08:40
Team 6: Hilary, Richard, Niamh & Hugh 08:45
Team 5: Brendan, James, Joe & Jody 08:50
Graham Bushe 09:20
Liam Vines 09:20
John Mollohan 09:20
Team 1: Maike, Mike, Eoin, Daniela 09:20
Patrick Albertson 09:20
Brian Hutchinson 09:20
Paul Mahon 09:20
Gerry McGuiness 09:20
David O'Halloran 09:20
Rory Campbell 09:20
Team 4: Maeve & Dan 09:20
Billy Reed 09:20
Team 2: Alice, Kevin, Stuart & Louis 09:30
Ronan Cosgrave 09:40
Steven Byrne 09:40
Andy Keeling 09:40
Andrew Tees 09:40
John Murray 09:40
Peter Bell 09:40
Raghnall O'Donoghue 09:40
Zoran Skrba 09:40
Fabio Baltieri 09:40
Alan Ayling 09:40
Gerry McGuinnessMay 7 2022, 7:14pmThanks to John, Liilan and all the support team for making today a great day on the hills.
I've been planning to run this race for the last few years and it turn out to be a great day, thanks again to all.
John BellMay 7 2022, 10:50pmHere are the results for the solo's today:

Position Name Finish time
1 Andrew Tees 14:19:30
2 Billy Reed 14:21:00
3 John Mollohan 14:34:30
4 Liam Vines 14:48:30
5 Paul Mahon 14:56:00
6 Fabio Baltieri 15:04:30
7 Graham Bushe 15:06:40
8 Rory Campbell 15:06:40
9 Brian Hutchinson 15:15:30
10 Zoran Skrba 15:29:45
11 Andy Keeling 15:36:40
12 Andy Owens 15:38:50
13 John Murray 15:43:30
14 Raghnall O'Donoghue 15:47:30
15 Steven Byrne 15:58:00
16 Alan Ayling 15:59:50
17 Gerry McGuiness 16:12:20
18 Colm Newport 16:16:10
19 Patrick Albertson 16:21:55
20 David O'Halloran 16:26:30
21 Ronan Cosgrave 17:04:40

Full results including leg times and overall time will be added to the results tab soon.
John BellMay 7 2022, 10:55pmWell done to all and the top 3 of Andy, Billy and John M today. Only 1/5 minutes between 1st and 2nd at the finish.

Thanks to Lillian, Michael, Clare + Ciara, Mick and Hannah for giving up their time today so that we could put this race on.
Fin GogginMay 8 2022, 4:53pmThanks to John, Lillian and crew for a great day out yesterday! Although I wasn't running, I always come away from IMRA events having had a great day and after meeting the loveliest of people. Such a great organisation!

I'm trying to upload some photos. The first few went but the subsequent ones just say 'uploading'. Any ideas or advice gratefully accepted!!
Billy ReedMay 8 2022, 10:16pmWhat a brilliant day out. Lots of different routes and minor deviations make it so much more interesting. Got to be one of the best races in the calendar. Brutal.

Much thanks to Lillian, John and all the marshals.
Graham K. BusheMay 8 2022, 11:25pmA huge thanks to John, Lillian and all the volunteers who once again gave up their time allowing us to enjoy another great day out in the hills. There's nothing quite like coming into a checkpoint to all the cheers of encouragement, and in an instant you're sorted and heading out all set for the next leg.
A beautiful beast of a race. Decisions, decisions...
John MurrayMay 9 2022, 1:23pmA massive thanks to John, Lillian, Claire, Mick, Michael and Hannah for giving up their whole Saturday in order for this race to happen. One of the best races on the calendar which provides plenty of entertainment, tactics and slagging before, during and after! Great a brutal kind of way.

Would love to see a few more of these kind of races on the calendar each year that could perhaps form a new league!
John BellMay 9 2022, 1:46pmHere are the full results including position, finish times, leg times and total running time.
Unfortunately the website is not currently set up to record all of this just yet but we hope it can be added later.
Graham K. BusheMay 9 2022, 1:57pm@John. It had been one of the "Long DIstance Championship" races in 2016 and 2017, then the "Irish Ultra Championship" in 2018...
John MurrayMay 10 2022, 2:16pm@Graham - Yes I know that, but what I meant was a league which is more in line with this type of racing...non-gps, free route choice, navigational challenge, middle distance 30-50k.

Races like Stones Cross, Circuit of Avonbeg, Dublin Peaks and maybe one or two Munster events like Galty Crossing and Reeks, although I think these are both GPS allowed. Rather than put these races in with the Ultra/Long Distance leagues which is more easier running terrain with single trail, forest roads and basically a fixed route that a separate league be made for this type of racing.

I'm sure there a few other older races which I don't know about that could be resurrected/adjusted to suit this format.

Just an idea! :)