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Michael MoranFeb 9 2022, 12:14amAre entries closed for this ? Or have they not opened yet ?
Laurence BriodyFeb 9 2022, 7:57pmHi Micheal.
Entries not open until the 21th of February a week before the race..
Laurence BriodyFeb 13 2022, 7:14pmHi All.
Mullaghmeen is only 2 weeks away. I giving a shout out for a laptop operator..
We also have a junior race on the day at just under 5k
Mike LongFeb 17 2022, 9:14pmLaurence I am RD for Trooperstowe this Saturday. Wondering how to get the gear to you for Mullaghmeen.
Laurence BriodyFeb 17 2022, 9:44pmHi Mike was hoping to get up to troopertown but have to work Sat now.
I don't think any of our crew is heading up.. I will only need the laptop and numbers for the race..the rest can be handed on for the next race..I will work out how to get them before race...
Caroline ReidFeb 17 2022, 11:38pmHi Laurence, I'll be at Trooperstown so can take everything and get it to you. All the best.
Laurence BriodyFeb 18 2022, 8:14amCaroline that would be fantastic Thanks a million.. chat then..
Mike LongFeb 18 2022, 10:35amExcellent thanks Caroline see you tomorrow
Hugh McDowellFeb 24 2022, 9:58pmDriving from Dublin 6 if anyone needs a lift
Lillian DeeganFeb 25 2022, 11:02amThanks for that offer there Hugh. I’m sure a few members will be glad of the option. You might like to look at the carpooling link to the bottom of the Mullaghmeen event page - people don’t always se forum posts. By adding your car and seat offering, members have a better chance of checking availability and areas you’ll be passing through to avail of a seat.

For everyone: With forest rec. areas more popular than ever these days, we are hoping to get the IMRA carpooling link running as smoothly as it once did.

Thanks all - Lillian
William Paul FenwickFeb 25 2022, 12:08pmHi Hugh, I'm looking for a lift this weekend, and I'm based in Clonskeagh, so can meet you wherever is convenient in Dublin 6. Can you let me know if that's possible please? You can contact me via if that's easier.

Cheers, Will.
Olive BrennanFeb 25 2022, 9:02pmHi.. I'm local to Mullaghmeen and new to IMRA and tried to sign up fir this 2 hours too late... any hope fir a late entry...i didn't realise there was a deadline.. my sister runs with ye and informed me of this local one... uts a lovely scenic forest
Lillian DeeganFeb 26 2022, 7:10amHello Olive,
Sorry to hear you missed the purchase window for this one. As we are not working back to our voucher punch option just yet, there is no option for a late entry. We close to race entries a day out for weekend events to give our race directors time to sort the last of their admin jazz. Better luck next time. Lillian
Cillin WhelanFeb 26 2022, 8:31amI too missed the window for entry because I'm foolish:)

I assume it's headachy for me to rock up and run, but wanted to offer my late services if I can volunteer to help out in any way.

Laurence BriodyFeb 26 2022, 9:50amHi Cillin sorry you missed registration but nothing i can do system set up as Lillian said in last message.. we are OK for help thanks for the offer. Maybe next time..
Mick HanneyFeb 26 2022, 11:27amHi,

Looking for a bit of help please. If anyone going to Mullaghmeen is in a position to take the IMRA gear afterwards towards Dublin/Wicklow, myself or Paul will arrange with you to collect.


Joseph BoyleFeb 26 2022, 12:55pmMick, I can collect the gear for you and I'm hoping to get to Annagh Hill as well.
Laurence BriodyFeb 26 2022, 1:26pmSuper stuff Joesph thanks for that.. Chat 2m...
IF all volunteers could be in mullaghmeen for about 9.30 that would be great. Thanks all for help..
Mick HanneyFeb 26 2022, 1:27pmThanks Jody.
Andy McGeadyFeb 27 2022, 11:37amFolks can someone give me a ring 0857281288 - I’ve tried to find the place but Google Maps has sent me two different sides of Mullaghmeen and no dice
Laurence BriodyFeb 27 2022, 3:35pmHi All. A Huge shout out to all who took part in the race 2d. Great to see all there in lovely dry conditions.. Was a fast race 2d as quick times tell the tails....
Thanks to all volunteers who helped on the day, would not happened without ye...
Annagh Hill in 2 weeks for the league decider...
Jarlath HynesFeb 27 2022, 4:15pmThanks Laurence & everyone involved, a very enjoyable day on the (relatively dry )trails.
Hopefully it's back to the usual wet, sloppy (or even snowy) conditions for next year's race :)
Conor O'FarrellFeb 27 2022, 4:43pmThanks Lar and crew for a great race today, and of course the great spread afterwards.

Results are now up. Please send any queries to

Andy McGeadyFeb 27 2022, 7:53pmMy congratulations to the baker of the flapjacks at the finish. A1.
Laura FlynnFeb 27 2022, 8:22pmThanks Laurence to you and your St. Brigid’s AC clubmates for the great race and hospitality today. What a beautiful part of the country undiscovered by me until today. I even got a visit to the Loughcrew cairns on the way home.
Caoimhin MacMaolainFeb 28 2022, 10:52amThanks very much Laurence and all of the volunteers for putting on a great race today. Really enjoyed it. Thanks as ever also to Conor and the laptop operators for getting the results posted so quickly.
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 28 2022, 11:46amSuper race - what a course... Well done to all involved in organising. And a fine spread after also with a raffle and prize giving too. Can't ask for much more than that. Winning the raffle was by far the highlight of the day! Not once but twice!
Margaret DesmondFeb 28 2022, 7:33pmThanks to allow involved, great event, well marked, some nice inclines..... plus the home-baking was a well deserved treat at the end. Thanks again, Mags :-)