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Mick HanneyJan 26 2022, 7:00pmJust spotted this addition to the calendar. Happy to help with this one. Any route in mind yet?
Seán HigginsFeb 1 2022, 12:53pmHi Mick I have recced the route a few times it will be pretty much the Kyle loop with a couple of deviations. Any help and suggestions greatly appreciated.
Mick HanneyFeb 1 2022, 6:52pmSounds good. Lots of potential around there. Talk to you nearer the time.
Mick HanneyMar 22 2022, 9:28pmHave you nailed down a route yet Sean?
I'm not running at the moment through injury so can't recce.
Seán HigginsMar 23 2022, 10:55amYes Mick, it’s essentially the Kyle loop. I was hoping for a bit of a diversion to connect a section of the Ballycumber loop but after a few enquiries I was told here would be an issue with a landowner. I have got permission for parking at Kyle Farmhouse B&B, so will start the race from the end of Ballycumber lane heading anti-clockwise turning in at Kyle B&B and up Coogans lane. The toughest climb at the start. Prize giving will follow in O’Keefes pub Knockananna.
Seán HigginsMar 24 2022, 4:36pm
Mick HanneyMar 27 2022, 11:49amThis is a lovely route. 2 wicked climbs but compensating descents, the one to the finish being particularly fab.

First time an IMRA race has been on this hill. Great views over the Wicklow countryside. A (tough) treat.
Niamh KellyMar 27 2022, 7:04pmWhat a great route Sean, great to have a race on in Tinahely see you all on Sunday
Mick HanneyMar 27 2022, 8:22pmSean, I can help mark route if you like. I have tape. It should only need marking in certain places as the Kyle loop signs and the Wicklow way signs can be followed most of the way. This morning a farm gate on the first climb was closed over, as they were sheep on the track beyond the gate.

I added a couple of photos which should be of interest. The one where the bike is, the grass track is to the left of the farm gate. This leads onto a nice single track between the forestry on the left and fields on the right..

When you descend to Ballycumber lane most people will be familiar with this as the 'ford' on the Wicklow way.. After the next piece of hard climbing to get back up towards Ballycumber, there are tracks on either side of the fence. Probably best staying on right of fence - no need to climb stile over then back at the end of this section.

Useful on the race details to add a location map or google pin for Kyle B&B for those not familiar with it.
Seán HigginsMar 28 2022, 9:46amMick, I'll mark the course Saturday afternoon/evening if you're around then and can help great, we can hook up. Thanks for the extra photos and info.
Mick HanneyMar 28 2022, 12:56pmSean - happy to help.
my no. is 086
853 9554
Michael BligheMar 28 2022, 1:13pmHi guys,

Can I check if my entry was processed ok? Looks like it did from the website, but the usual email didn't come through.

Looking forward to Sunday.


Alistair HodgettMar 28 2022, 4:55pmIf anyone is driving to Tinahely from Dublin a carpool would be very much appreciated. Happy to chip in for fuel etc.
Brendan LawlorMar 28 2022, 4:56pmHi, can vouchers be used for this race ?.. it says not on the event details but I understood that they could be used ?
Seán HigginsMar 28 2022, 5:26pmMichael, yes your entry has been processed, see you Sunday.
Seán HigginsMar 28 2022, 5:32pmBrendan, I believe vouchers can be used and that will be updated on the race page.
Alistair HodgettMar 28 2022, 5:42pmChange of plan: I've put a space for anyone needing a lift to Tinahely (and back).
Mick HanneyMar 28 2022, 9:36pmFirst climb on Sunday, straight off the bat, is about 1.5k long with 10% of grassy goodness, with about 170m of climb. Thats your descent to look forward to later on/

The main climb in the 2nd half of the race from the Ford on the Wicklow way 2.6k with aprox 10% climb and 260m of climb. Most of that climb is on the offroad section.

Sounds like fun right?
Pól Ó MurchúApr 11 2022, 6:21pmResults are back up for this now. Thanks Conor. There are a couple of results missing. If yours is one of them please let me know.