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Maurice Mullins Ultra

Johnny McKinleyJan 11 2022, 5:39pmHi

I've tried to find the answer before posted so apologies if this has been covered in other threads.

When will entries open and will there be a limit on numbers?

Thank you

Richard NunanJan 11 2022, 7:32pmAll going well we will open on the 1st of February. Limit will be decided on at that time. This is subject to permits etc.


Johnny McKinleyJan 11 2022, 10:53pmThank you Richard.
Aideen BurkeJan 14 2022, 9:49amHi Richard

I’m probably getting way ahead of myself here but do you know yet whether the route and distance will be the same as last year (as scheduled), or might it revert to the old, pre-COVID route and distance?


Richard NunanJan 14 2022, 10:27amThe route will be the same.direction as last year. But the plan is to run it as a 50km race. So there will be an additional bit of fun added in around some familiar ground in Ballinastoe to make up the distance.
Aideen BurkeJan 14 2022, 10:52amThanks Richard, that sounds great.... at least, it does now - those added kms of "fun" might not feel that way on the day!
Alan AylingJan 15 2022, 6:58pmHope the extra bit of "fun" is some of the wild crazy $h1t that features in the Ballinastoe summer route... now that would be good craic!