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Johnny McKinleyJan 11 2022, 5:39pmHi

I've tried to find the answer before posted so apologies if this has been covered in other threads.

When will entries open and will there be a limit on numbers?

Thank you

Richard NunanJan 11 2022, 7:32pmAll going well we will open on the 1st of February. Limit will be decided on at that time. This is subject to permits etc.


Johnny McKinleyJan 11 2022, 10:53pmThank you Richard.
Aideen BurkeJan 14 2022, 9:49amHi Richard

I’m probably getting way ahead of myself here but do you know yet whether the route and distance will be the same as last year (as scheduled), or might it revert to the old, pre-COVID route and distance?


Richard NunanJan 14 2022, 10:27amThe route will be the same.direction as last year. But the plan is to run it as a 50km race. So there will be an additional bit of fun added in around some familiar ground in Ballinastoe to make up the distance.
Aideen BurkeJan 14 2022, 10:52amThanks Richard, that sounds great.... at least, it does now - those added kms of "fun" might not feel that way on the day!
Alan AylingJan 15 2022, 6:58pmHope the extra bit of "fun" is some of the wild crazy $h1t that features in the Ballinastoe summer route... now that would be good craic!
paddy foxJan 19 2022, 4:26pmHey there,just wondering when will entries open for maurice ultra,new to this group,live in donegal,
Pól Ó MurchúJan 19 2022, 4:44pmI think Paddy you’ll find if you read the forum your question is answered above… ;-)
paddy foxJan 19 2022, 6:35pmOh sorry,thank pol,I'll keep a look out,another?where wd be best place to stay,for 2 nights Fri to Sunday,if I were to get an entry
Laura FlynnJan 20 2022, 2:10pmPaddy, anywhere south Dublin, Bray, near N11-or maybe Roundwood area should be fine. Depends on your budget etc. if you’re looking at something and what to email me for info you’ll get me at
Dillon McEvoyJan 27 2022, 9:25amHi guys - will this race be the Irish Champs for 2022?
Richard NunanJan 27 2022, 11:20amIt will be in the Irish Ultra Champs this year. thanks
Ross ReillyJan 27 2022, 12:51pmDoes this mean it will be the trial race for the european trail running championships ? thanks
Colm O'GormanFeb 1 2022, 2:22pmHi guys, will there be an updated course map?
Richard NunanFeb 1 2022, 7:38pmHi Colm,

I will add the new route on March 1st. Have 3 options I want to look at for the additional 6km.

But the other 44km will remain the same - the route from the Car Park across from the Pier Gates heading along the wicklow way to the Bridge that crosses the Glencullen river and back - 44km is the distance approximately
Richard NunanFeb 1 2022, 7:39pm@Ross

This is not the trials race for the European trail running championships


Colm O'GormanFeb 2 2022, 9:53amGreat, thanks a mil Richard
Eric KellyFeb 3 2022, 6:34pmHi, I just have a few questions before I sign up. Not knowing the area, and as I'll be without a car, I can make it as far as Kiltiernan, but is there local bus or taxi from there to Glencullen? Trying to have all logistics sorted

Also, is there a cut off time? I've a rough idea of time frame for myself and just want to ensure I'd be on track to finish well within the limits.

Pól Ó MurchúFeb 3 2022, 6:44pmHi Eric, The race doesn’t start in Glencullen. It starts and finished close to Lough Tay/Lugalla area of the Wicklow Waydown near Roundwood/Ballinastoe direction. This should show the start car park: Wicklow Way Car park at Luggala
I’d say should be easy enough to get a lift from someone depending where you are coming from as there will be a lot travelling for it but not sure too many be heading through Glencullen.
Johnny McKinleyFeb 4 2022, 10:32amThank you Pól & Eric, like a dope I would have been heading to Johnnie Fox's. Are the mugs still given out, loved my last one but it met with an accident? I'm looking forward to seeing Wicklow again.
Thomas BarrettFeb 12 2022, 4:01pmHello,
I wouldn’t be too familiar with the route so wondering would there be some sort of GPS map put up here before hand so I can give a bit of a recce a few weeks before it? I understand it starts at the “Pier gates” but not being from the area I have no idea where that is. Once I knew where to start and to turn I’d be confident following the Wicklow way signs from there on.

Also since it’s 50k, is there crew stops aloud on the route and where would be good place to allow easy access for a crew if so?

Thanks in advance.
Richard NunanFeb 12 2022, 4:13pmHi Tomas,

Will publish a new map route on 1st March.

Pier gates are here. Follow the wicklow way (Yellow man) in a northerly direction.
Dara O'BrienFeb 12 2022, 5:39pmHi Thomas,

If you're looking to recce some of the route before 1st March when Richard puts up the full route, there is a gpx of a previous one on plotaroute from 2 years back.

Caveat is that it may well change I guess but if you go to plotaroute and search for Maurice Mullins then you should find it handy enough.
Thomas BarrettFeb 13 2022, 10:16pmCheers thanks a million lads.

Also regarding crew stops, are they aloud in IMRA races? I assume they are as it is an Ultra but just want to make sure.

Thanks again
Richard NunanFeb 14 2022, 11:54amHi Folks,

Updates added to the events page. Please check there before additional questions.

There are No crews at this event .

Self sufficient event. 1 Drop bag for the turn around point at Glencullen Bridge on Boranaraltry lane approx 22km into the race.

Water station on the way back at Crone woods approx 16km from Finish
David MageeFeb 27 2022, 12:28amHi just wondering if anyone has advice regarding navigation for this route? Is it a difficult one to navigate? Quite unfamiliar with this area. Thanks for any information.
Mick HanneyFeb 27 2022, 12:04pmHi,
It is very straightforward. All waymarked on the wicklow way, with the exception of the out and back bit towards the end to bring the distance up towards 50k, but that stretch will have some marking and/or marshals I expect.
Richard NunanFeb 27 2022, 6:43pmHi David - rough outline for the route this year :

The route will leave the Car Park across from the Pier Gates heading along the wicklow way to the Bridge that crosses the Glencullen river - Glencullen Bridge on Boranaraltry lane.

The race will start from the Car Park in the far left corner where the wicklow way enters the Car ParK (last years start). We will follow the wicklow way north bound for approx 1.5km where you will see a Marshall where you will be pointed south in the direction of the Ballinastoe Car park.

You will meet another Marshall here who will record your number. You will then head backup for 2.5km and you will rejoin the wicklow way heading north in the direction of Djouce.

You will stay on the Boardwalk following the wicklow way (do not climb Djouce) and carry on following the yellow main in the Direction of Crone Wood car park. Leaving Crone wood car park you will head left. After 400 Meters you will turn right again following the wicklow way. The next junction when you leave trail you will tune right and follow the road. Again you will turn right and follow the route for approx 750 m of road. You will then head up curtlestown and go follow the trail for around 6km until you see a marshall at Glencullen Bridge on Boranaraltry lane.

You then will turn and head back to the finish. This time you will follow the wicklow way route back to the Car Park. On the way back you will not be dropping to Ballinastoe.
David MageeFeb 28 2022, 11:30amThank-you, appreciate the information.
Sean ForsythMar 1 2022, 7:46pmHi All,

I'm heading up to Crone woods on Sunday 6th to recce from there to the turnaround point and then back to the shoulder of djouce, possiblity up to the board walk, if anyone else is interested.

Johnny McKinleyMar 1 2022, 10:16pmWill there be mugs (and not us runners who are mugs)?

Thank you

Sean Sheridan-O'GormanMar 4 2022, 4:01pmHi Sean,

Could be free for the recce at Crone. Early doors start?

(also) Sean :)
Sean ForsythMar 4 2022, 5:59pmHi Sean,

Good stuff, I'm not sure how early early doors is but I was thinking about 9 - 9.30?

Sean Sheridan-O'GormanMar 5 2022, 10:05amHi Seán,

Plans are shot - kids unwell so I’d best not join you! Enjoy the gallop, apologies.

Sean ForsythMar 5 2022, 2:59pmNo worries Sean,

Hope the kids feel better soon man.
Roelie SmitMar 11 2022, 8:42amJust a heads up, Maurice Mullins Ultra entries close midnight 12/03/2022. Beat the cut off.
Ciaran McAleenanMar 11 2022, 3:13pmGood afternoon everyone,
Is there a map of the route anywhere to be seen?
Graham K. BusheMar 11 2022, 3:45pmHi Ciaran,
there may not be an exact map available yet?
Last year saw a new route introduced, running from the carpark beside the Pier Gates (Luggala), then following the Wicklow Way as far as Boranaraltry Bridge and back (44km). This year, the start, turn around and finish are the same, however there is an additional out and back spur added shortly after the start to bring the distance back up to 50km.
Ciaran McAleenanMar 15 2022, 12:03pmThank you Graham.
Harold PerezMar 15 2022, 12:22pmWhat does a drop bag entails?
What is the process? (give bag to someone to carry?)
What's in the bag?
Is it for us during the race (food/water) or for after (change of clothes)?

Sorry for the questions but not familiar with the drop bag thing
Sarah BradyMar 15 2022, 12:35pmHi Harold. You'll drop off the bag in the morning at registration and it will be transported to the half way point. It's just for you to put in any snacks or drinks or spare clothes you might like to access at half way. :) And I doubt it's mandatory. :D
Richard NunanMar 15 2022, 12:39pmThanks Sarah - and a minor point to add is that the bag will not be brought back to the start at the end of the race. So perishable items only.

We would like people to be self sufficient, but the drop bag is for those who dont want to carry extra. Its a long way to 27km to the turn around so you need to be prepared.

What is mandatory is to carry a Waterproof Jacket ! Thanks

Richard (RD)
jennifer CostaMar 15 2022, 1:01pmHi,
Do you have an eir code for the start line?? (Ish)

Mick HanneyMar 15 2022, 1:12pm

Pin for Bru Coffee who set up in the car park.
Richard NunanMar 15 2022, 1:19pmThanks Mick, also in the "Getting there" section on the MMU events page.

Any difficulties let us know.


Caroline MoranMar 15 2022, 6:56pmHi Richard,

Quick one - will there be an early start for this one?
Richard NunanMar 15 2022, 7:54pmNo problem. Details as follows

Registration for early Start at 8:00am

Early start will be at 8:30am

Registration for Race at 8:30am



Chip will not be required.
Caroline MoranMar 15 2022, 8:02pmThat’s great Richard - thanks for the info
Sergi PifarreMar 19 2022, 2:56pmHi.

If anyone has a spare seat and can give me a lift from Dublin it would be much appreciated.

Carmen RiehleMar 20 2022, 11:34pmIs there race day registration or is the race full.
Richard NunanMar 21 2022, 8:06amMorning,

The event is full and there isnt any on the day registration. Thanks
James HeggieMar 21 2022, 8:16amHi Richard Is there water stop at the Glencullen bridge before you head back or do you need to put water in drop bag ? I know there is water at Crone thanks
Richard NunanMar 21 2022, 10:11amWe will have water at the turn around. However long range forecast is looking favourable. I would stick some in the Drop bag for sure.

Kazimierz PawelczakMar 21 2022, 11:27amhi, unfortunately I have covid 19, please remove me from the start list, thanks, Kazik
Rory O DonovanMar 21 2022, 2:17pmHey,
Does anyone have a Strava/Garmin Connect link for last years race that they could send me? New to the Wicklow Way and trying to figure out a what point in the race to expect the climbs. Also can anyone confirm whether the 5km out/back to Ballinastoe Carkpark is uphill/downhill/flat.
Elio MacukaMar 21 2022, 6:22pmHi, if somebody is able to give myself a lift from Dublin to the race start
will be much appreciated!
Kind regards , Elio
Paddy DennisMar 21 2022, 11:40pmHi Richard
Is it possible to pick my race number up on the day.
Mick HanneyMar 22 2022, 6:46amHi, if it is your first race of the year you will be given your race no. on the morning at registration.
Richard NunanMar 22 2022, 9:21amElio,

The profile is on the Maps Tab on the event details page

David HaydenMar 22 2022, 2:21pmHi Richard,

Just regarding the elevation map, at about 40k it goes up past 700m but on the way out it only hits 630m or we go up Djouce on the way back??

Mick HanneyMar 22 2022, 4:08pmElevation map doesn't look accurate. But don't worry about the little things :-)

After the start you'll descend to Ballinastoe, then back up again, to resume normal course out and back towards Glencullen.
You'll follow the same course out and back around Djouce so the elevation is the same in each direction there.
David HaydenMar 22 2022, 4:31pmThanks for the clarification Mick
Phil behanMar 23 2022, 3:51pmHi all, I'll have to bow out of this on Saturday as I'm only back to running after getting Covid a few weeks ago. Apologies and enjoy all. Phil
Richard NunanMar 24 2022, 8:37amMorning folks,

Would be good to get a few running volunteers - so i could have those people who have volunteered assigned to roles later in the day. We prefer to do volunteer shifts, rather than have people out all day.

Richard NunanMar 24 2022, 9:43pmHi Folks,

While the forecast is looking great 15 C, please don't forget you still have to carry the Mandotary Rain Jacket.

Please make sure you have sufficient water electrolytes on the day !

See you all Saturday!
Roelie SmitMar 25 2022, 8:39amI have to withdraw as a runner, so signed up as volunteer, Richard.
Matthew LemmonMar 25 2022, 3:21pmHi Richard,

My housemate has tested positive for Covid and as such I don't feel it is advisable to risk taking part and potentially spreading it so I won't be attending this weekends race. I just wanted to let you know in advance so you weren't waiting on me!

Many thanks,

Matthew Lemmon
Elio MacukaMar 25 2022, 3:43pmHi , asking again if somebody is passing thru Red Cow or Newlands Cross tomorrow for the race.
Kind regards, Elio
JP NerbunMar 25 2022, 8:38pmWhat type of bag should we use as our drop bag?

Enda CloakeMar 26 2022, 5:36pmReport added! Thanks again to one and all for making days like today happen, thoroughly enjoyed
Sean ForsythMar 26 2022, 6:41pmGreat race today..thank you fto all the volunteers, very companionable runners, turn around crew and James in Crone..what a hero, that coca cola was amazing.

Amazing day with beautiful weather and unreal views.
Ray Chambers CurtinMar 26 2022, 7:21pmAnother great race by IMRA, well done to all who took part and the volunteers. Only one complaint... it was tooooooo hot out there today :-)
Enjoy the 40th anniversary celebrations
Richard NunanMar 26 2022, 7:23pmWhat a day and what a race !

Well done to all of those who ran today ! What a great achievement on completing the Maurice Mullins Ultra.

Well done to our Women's Podium Sarah Brady (1), Becky Quinn(2) and Lean Ni Chiobhain (3)

To the lads Dylan McEvoy(1) Gavin Byrne (2) Enda Cloake (3)

Thanks to our amazing team of volunteers for giving IMRA their time today ! Brendan, Mark, Zoran, Adrian H, Niamh (all Day) Nicola, Lillian, Peter Bell, Roisin and James the coca cola Kid !
Thanks folks really appreciated !

Until next year - I think we will be keeping that course for a while :-)

Results willl be up in Morning - off to the 40th Celebrations !
Dara O'BrienMar 26 2022, 7:38pmAbsolutely loved today - my first IMRA race and definitely not my last. Thanks so much to everyone, organisers, volunteers and competitors.

What a day!
Brian FureyMar 26 2022, 8:42pmThanks Richard and crew for a fantastic race. Some weather for it. Thanks James for the water in crone wood,! That really helped. Also Peter and Nicola for the support at the turnaround. Thanks all
Johnny McKinleyMar 26 2022, 8:45pmThank you to all the team today, great event.
Alexander MuhlwaldMar 26 2022, 10:14pmBIG THANKS to everyone involved today.
Great evening!
You even got the weather right.
Mark KingMar 26 2022, 10:38pmRichard et al, Very many thanks for the hard work - great day. Thanks
Aubrey AndersonMar 27 2022, 8:10amThanks to all the team today really appreciated it, a fantastic event, day and weather !!
Adrian HennessyMar 27 2022, 8:28amThanks Richard and team for a great race yesterday. Lilian and Peter at the turnaround were super efficient!
Brian RodgersMar 27 2022, 8:56amThanks to all volunteers and crew for putting on a fantastic event,my first IMRA race but definitely not my last. Just one request for next time. Turn the temperature down a tad.
Sarah BradyMar 27 2022, 10:16amThanks so much to Richard and team for a perfect day yesterday. :) hope the heads are ok after the 40th celebrations.
Jonny SteedeMar 27 2022, 11:33amThanks to all the team for the race yesterday, the Antrim men were made very welcome and great to see a few familiar faces. It has been seven years since I last did this race and it won’t be seven years until I next do it as it will be pencilled in for next year. Thanks again!
Stephen Mc CabeMar 27 2022, 10:21pmThanks to Richard and all the guys who helped at the aid stations… the coke at crone was a life saver!!
Ciaran CumminsMar 27 2022, 11:05pmThanks Richard to and Team for a fantastic event. Just a query re results that I see are just up. Must be a mistake but I can't see my name in the results. I was about a minute behind Simon Rouse and gave my name and number crossing the line. I have the Strava record if you need verification. Thanks again.
Brian BaldwinMar 28 2022, 8:26amHi, thanks for a great race. I also don't appear to be in the results. Went out with the early start but 7:02 according to the strava. Passed my details at the finish line. Thanks, Brian
Neil DawsonMar 28 2022, 8:55amHi Guys, Great Day Thanks to all involved.
Thanks for the great finish time, can only dream of that time, Should have an extra hour, did the early start.
Richard NunanMar 28 2022, 9:29amThanks guy's, great day out. Hopefully we can bring the Sun again next year.

I will look at those result queries and will work with Conor on getting them.sorted today.
Sarah BradyMar 28 2022, 9:41amThanks for getting results up so quick, guys! Unfortunately I think me and Adrian need to be swapped as he just nipped in before me, the fecker. :)
Richard MoriartyMar 28 2022, 10:08amJust to echo everyone, thanks for all the support of the runners and crew on the course, especially at Crone and the Turnaround and of course to Richard N and all the organisers and crew at the car park. Enjoy the recovery everyone
Ciaran CumminsMar 28 2022, 10:46amHi Richard just in addition to previous query, my race number is 1576 and results show Emma Jennings coming 16th with a race number of 1575. Is is possible that there was just an error in the recording of my race number? Thanks again.
Andrew HanneyMar 28 2022, 11:59amAny result queries should go to
Eoin Mac EochaidhMar 28 2022, 12:49pmThanks to all for a well organised race. The quads were needing a good going over with the auld rolling pin on Sunday. Looking forward to more adventures over the summer.
Adrian HennessyMar 28 2022, 3:13pmVery sporting of you @Sarah Brady. You would have had me if there was one more climb.