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Annetoinette Gleeson-MillsJan 9 2022, 4:45pmGood evening,

I have registered with IMRA, but can't seem to buy membership. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Laura FlynnJan 9 2022, 5:09pmHi Antoinette, I see your name in the runners list for this year so it seems you have already bought membership. If you log in and go to the profile tab in top left hand corner you should find your details including the number you’ve been allocated for 2022. You pick up the physical number at your first race and keep for all IMRA races you do this year To enter any race you go to the shop/online entry tab and you’ll see what’s currently available to purchase.
I’m not sure if that answers your query? Post up if not or mail me directly on
Annetoinette Gleeson-MillsJan 9 2022, 5:49pmHi Laura,

Unfortunately I can't find this information or number allocated. Can I kindly request the link where you can see it. Navigation appears not to be one of my skill strengths!! Kindest regards, Annetoinette.
Samantha O CarrollJan 9 2022, 8:25pmHi
I too have registered with IMRA but am unable to pay for the membership.
Dara O'BrienJan 9 2022, 8:43pmHi there, I joined up the other day and had issues until i realised that I wasn't using the correct format for my mobile number - it needs to be in the international format and has to include the | symbol in the correct place.

You should not use autofill either as this will default back to the standard mobile number format.

Hope this helps,

Annetoinette Gleeson-MillsJan 9 2022, 9:50pmHi all,

Many thanks for the advices, did everything right just didn't like my phone! Used a different phone and no issues all processed on the first attempt.

Thanks all.
Seán FilanJan 14 2022, 10:36amHi

I recently purchased 2022 membership, While the payment eventually went through I didn't receive an e-mail conformation on it and in my IMRA account while it shows the transaction, I haven't been assigned a membership number, would you mind taking a look at this when you get a chance? Thanks Sean
Jeff SwordsJan 14 2022, 11:15amIf you go to your profile you'll see you've been assigned number 66 for 2022.
Seán FilanJan 14 2022, 11:24amThank you Jeff
patrick RoweYesterday, 8:12pmI'm having the same problem