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Annetoinette Gleeson-MillsJan 9 2022, 4:45pmGood evening,

I have registered with IMRA, but can't seem to buy membership. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Laura FlynnJan 9 2022, 5:09pmHi Antoinette, I see your name in the runners list for this year so it seems you have already bought membership. If you log in and go to the profile tab in top left hand corner you should find your details including the number you’ve been allocated for 2022. You pick up the physical number at your first race and keep for all IMRA races you do this year To enter any race you go to the shop/online entry tab and you’ll see what’s currently available to purchase.
I’m not sure if that answers your query? Post up if not or mail me directly on
Annetoinette Gleeson-MillsJan 9 2022, 5:49pmHi Laura,

Unfortunately I can't find this information or number allocated. Can I kindly request the link where you can see it. Navigation appears not to be one of my skill strengths!! Kindest regards, Annetoinette.
Samantha O CarrollJan 9 2022, 8:25pmHi
I too have registered with IMRA but am unable to pay for the membership.
Dara O'BrienJan 9 2022, 8:43pmHi there, I joined up the other day and had issues until i realised that I wasn't using the correct format for my mobile number - it needs to be in the international format and has to include the | symbol in the correct place.

You should not use autofill either as this will default back to the standard mobile number format.

Hope this helps,

Annetoinette Gleeson-MillsJan 9 2022, 9:50pmHi all,

Many thanks for the advices, did everything right just didn't like my phone! Used a different phone and no issues all processed on the first attempt.

Thanks all.
Seán FilanJan 14 2022, 10:36amHi

I recently purchased 2022 membership, While the payment eventually went through I didn't receive an e-mail conformation on it and in my IMRA account while it shows the transaction, I haven't been assigned a membership number, would you mind taking a look at this when you get a chance? Thanks Sean
Jeff SwordsJan 14 2022, 11:15amIf you go to your profile you'll see you've been assigned number 66 for 2022.
Seán FilanJan 14 2022, 11:24amThank you Jeff
patrick RoweJan 17 2022, 8:12pmI'm having the same problem
Denise MolloyJan 19 2022, 3:42pmI am having similar issue trying to buy membership and pay for Hoath this Saturday have tried several times.
Joseph BoyleJan 19 2022, 4:51pmDenise, this topic is on many forum topics. I put some links to information on how to make payments in the Howth Winter forum topic. Could you try them and if you still have a problem come back to me.
Caoimhin MacMaolainJan 28 2022, 5:12pmHi, Does anyone know whether it is possible to link a child's membership/purchase membership/entries to your own IMRA account? One of my sons ran in two IMRA events previously, but I can't remember what email address I used for him as he was too young to have his own email at the time. Or do I have to set up a new account for him with a new email address? Thanks.
Brian RodgersFeb 2 2022, 10:29pmI'm having similar issues with membership. Just won't accept payment. The phone number initially was in the correct format but even now it won't take payment.
Conor O'FarrellFeb 3 2022, 9:21am@Caoimhin. Drop me an email with his details and I will see if I can find his info. conor <dot> ofarrell <at> imra <dot> ie.

At this moment in time, we don't have a way of "linking" to another account. But there is a way to setup multiple accounts with a trick in gmail. Someone else pointed it out here previously. I cannot find it at the moment, but if I do, I will send it on to you.

Mick HanneyFeb 3 2022, 5:23pmHi,

Use a + in the email address e.g. this copy / paste from web & the emails to there will all go to main email address.:

Append a plus ("+") sign and any combination of words or numbers after your email address. For example, if your name was, you could send mail to or Insert one or several dots (".") anywhere in your email address.
Sarah JonesFeb 4 2022, 11:49amHi all, i have tried to pay a few times. Got the mobile & info format correct but doesn't pass verification. Could someone let me know if it has worked. Or i am happy to take a call to pay . (087 459 5794)
Thank you
Pól Ó MurchúFeb 4 2022, 2:37pmHi Sarah & Brian,
I’ve had a look and pretty certain your problem is with the phone number…just bear in mind if you auto fill the address it’ll also change the number…the format is 353|871234567
There are many other payments processed yesterday and today so no issues with the system that I can see and payments range across all the usual banks and card types …most likely a user error :-)
Brian RodgersFeb 4 2022, 4:24pmHi Pól. The Autofill seems to have been the issue alright as filled it out manually and payment was accepted. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
Esther O'BrienFeb 7 2022, 7:16pmHello, this is about adding a club name to membership. I've tried the club names forum. Could we please add Newport AC from Co. Tipperary AC. There are a couple of us wanting to represent out club. Thanks Esther O'Brien
Caoimhin MacMaolainFeb 9 2022, 3:21pmThanks Conor and Mick for your replies to my previous query.
Jim WhiteFeb 10 2022, 9:00pmHello, like some others here I have signed up and paid for 2022 membership but did not receive a confirmation email or race number.
The transaction is showing complete on my credit card and my purchase history is showing 2022 membership and entry to Ticknock winter, but the race number is blank.
I can see a race number from 2020 in the profile section. Is that still valid or do I have to do anything else?
Thanks, Jim
Michael McSweeneyFeb 11 2022, 10:49pmHi Jim,
I can see your 2022 race number (1686) when I click on your name.
Hope this helps.
Jim WhiteFeb 12 2022, 9:24amThanks Michael, all good now.
Mrs U W GavinFeb 15 2022, 2:17pmHello I have tried several times to register as a new member but have failed on all occasions,can you advise me please.I used 004475 for Northern Ireland,thank you una gavin
Brendan LawlorFeb 15 2022, 2:27pmUna

Try 44|75 and then your number
Mrs U W GavinFeb 15 2022, 2:33pmThank you I will Brendan
Paul SmythFeb 15 2022, 3:24pmIs the payment form using grep or something similar to parse the phone number? If it is, could we not replace it with two separate entry fields for the phone number?
Mrs U W GavinFeb 15 2022, 8:55pmI’m so disappointed with membership registration,my son tried twice for me also but unsuccessful,don’t know what’s wrong
Warren SwordsFeb 16 2022, 10:18amLink below has resolved the issue for many.

And the key piece of advice is:

353|871234567 this is the correct mobile number format

The '|' Pipe symbol is beside the z key on most keyboards

And avoid autofill, type in details instead.
Mrs U W GavinFeb 16 2022, 11:18amThank you Warren,got sorted successfully