Irish Mountain
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Nav Challenge 2

Joe LalorSep 1 2021, 3:27pmAdvance notice re maps. I am running into map boundary issues for this event. If you already have or recently purchased the recommended map East /West: Wicklow East I will supply a small add-on. If you have not purchased already buy East/West: Wicklow South East. Either map will do for the short course.
Joe LalorSep 12 2021, 10:00amI am looking for a first aid volunteer for this event.
Sean SlevinSep 14 2021, 11:46amHi, would a sheet 56 do for this event?
Joe LalorSep 14 2021, 12:58pmHi Sean, afraid not. The features you will be looking for are not on 56.
Is there a first aider out there? According to IMRA rules no event can take place without a non running first aider.
Mike LongSep 15 2021, 11:26amFolks
I am sure this is my fault. I have not done a race for a few months but not able to enter Nav Challenge 2. System rejects my bank card.
Not sure what to do next
Appreciate nay help
Joe LalorSep 15 2021, 11:30amHi Mike, Common problem these days. Don't aotofill when putting in your details. Phone number causing most problems, no 0 and must enter pike "|" symbol
Joe LalorSep 15 2021, 12:48pmWe have a first aider, Mick Hanney has stepped into the breech again. He is in danger of becoming the new Vivian O'Gorman.
This time course is much more runnable but longer to avoid some out of bounds areas. Most of course can be done on tracks with some off road options for the more adventurous. See above advice re maps and be sure to look at map correction at start before heading out.
Mike LongSep 15 2021, 4:22pmPayment went through Joe. Thanks for your help.