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Itra points ?

Donatas JociusAug 26 2021, 9:12amDo any of events this year will be reported to ITRA, as I can't see any results at itra website after Ballyhoura ultra and Glendalough Tucker trail , planning to run few more ultra with IMRA this year and wondering or it gonna be reported to ITRA . ???
Pól Ó MurchúAug 26 2021, 11:59amYes this is in progress at the moment. I put a number of races up about a week or two ago and results have been uploaded for Ballyhoura and Tucker already. I’m away this week but will follow up when I get back and see where they are at. Can take a couple of weeks to get these approved normally either way and a lot of the ITRA admin people are also involved with UTMB so I suspect they are kept busy with that this time of year. I will it up a post once all submitted and clarify points etc. there’s also a couple of races from last year which I’m hoping we can get approved retrospectively but can’t give any guarantees there.
Donatas JociusAug 26 2021, 12:51pmThanks :)
Peter BellAug 26 2021, 3:25pmWill Stone cross to lug solo be included? Or can i buy some points in the online shop? That would be my preferred choice.
Conor O'FarrellAug 27 2021, 11:35pmI’m open to correction Peter, but I’m pretty sure SCTL can’t be included as it is not on a fixed route. ITRA points are only allocated to fixed/marked route events.
Richard NunanAug 28 2021, 8:16amThat's correct Conor, same as the Wicklow.Eound. easy points to be gained on the Wicklow Way Race :-)
John MurrayAug 28 2021, 5:12pmPrevious Stone Cross to Lug races are already up on ITRA website with itra points awarded. Last one was in 2016.

Also Wicklow Glacier Lakes is another similar race which some of my current ITRA score is calculated from ie 2019 race result.

Would be good if SCTL could be submitted again unless it was rejected in the last couple of years for above reason?
Richard NunanAug 28 2021, 5:35pmIt was rejected in 2018 for that reason..

we submit them anyway incase approv.process changes.
Alan AylingAug 28 2021, 7:36pmHow many points would the Downshill Uphill Mile be worth, if Pól were to apply and get a successful response?
Harold PerezAug 31 2021, 11:02amHow about the Maurice Mullins Ultra? up until 2019 (I think) it awarded ITRA points
Richard NunanAug 31 2021, 11:30amAt 44km last year and this year, it doesn't Qualify for points.

It was 51k, and 2,400 in Elevation. One we will revisit next year.
Karl BourneAug 31 2021, 1:16pmThanks guys for creating this forum. I am just after watching all of the UTMB footage this weekend and would love to sign up for one of their entry level races in 2022 or 2023 (e.g. OCC) but I was disappointed to see that ITRA points were only currently being awarded in the UK. Will we have an idea of which upcoming races in the calendar might be awarded ITRA points? Is is essentially anything over 50K and a certain elevation, on a waymarked route which you would submit for approval? Many thanks
Kazimierz PawelczakAug 31 2021, 6:21pmI hope the WWU is scored, although I do not see this race in the ITRA calendar
Mick HanneyAug 31 2021, 8:04pmHow many enduro points? :-) runs away....
Richard NunanSep 4 2021, 8:29pmHi folks,

Just a heads up that ITRA points will be awarded for MMU (2 points)

Stone Cross to Lug (3 points)

We are working through others and will provide a further update Monday.


John MurraySep 4 2021, 10:25pmThat’s great news Richard! Thanks to all involved in making that happen!
Richard NunanSep 5 2021, 8:13amIts great news and hopefully will spur everyone on next weekend. Looks like a great turnout.

Well done to Pol for getting them all sorted
Peter BellSep 5 2021, 11:38amCrap, any chance of getting into stone cross solo? No probs if not.