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Leo MahonAug 15 2021, 6:07pmLog Na Coille will open for entries tomorrow 16/08/2021
at 1800. I’m a little short on volunteers some of the important roles still vacant please if you can volunteer
Leo MahonAug 18 2021, 8:49amThanks to all for volunteering I think we have enough for this Saturday I’m still hoping a laptop operator and first aider will come on board The weather forecast is not good so please bring rain gear
Warren SwordsAug 21 2021, 4:55pmThanks to Leo and team for a great race today. Especially the summit marshal, hopefully she got down before the biblical rain.

Really enjoyable race, lots of slop for a fun descent. Weather was pretty good for lug. Obviously no view at top but got a decent weather window for race. Shower on way down was lovely.

Very fast at front, 51 mins for the winner!
Mick HanneyAug 21 2021, 5:28pmEcho that.
Thanks Leo and team, particularly Alan and Hannah for the marking, which made it a lot easier for those unfamiliar with the route. Fair play to Hannah for summit marshalling; Lug in heavy showers is singularly exposed to the weather. Hope you stayed warm and dry.

Route offers a bit of everything and today with the extra wet and slop it was all the more fun on the downhill. The uphill, not so much :-(
James H CahillAug 21 2021, 9:08pmThank you Leo and all the volunteers for today. Especially those risking hypothermia atop Lug or marking (AKA Hannah and Alan). Great day out. Thank you all
Conor NolanAug 21 2021, 10:17pmThanks to Leo and the race team - especially the "outfield' players - for today's race. As it was my first go at this event I was very thankful for the marking off the summit! Looking forward to next year's already - especially if it's dry.
Thanks again.
Mick HanneyAug 22 2021, 9:41pmWow, fab winning time by James, one of the fastest Lug times on listed History. Double wow, Isobel was first woman home in a time that appears to have broken all records on Lug? Great running guys.

It was great to see such a well attended, and fast-paced race, ahead of the rest of us :-)
Leo MahonAug 23 2021, 8:03amIt was indeed great running by James and Isobel if the weather conditions were better we could have seen
both records go not withstanding Isobel’s fantastic win i
In the Seven Sisters still in her legs
IMRA history makes great reading Gerry Brady’s report on Lugnacoille 2004 especially the last sentence
Mick HanneyAug 23 2021, 10:11amThanks for pointing out the 2004 event Leo. The History feature on IMRA events doesn't seem to show events in the distant past.
Beth McCluskey's time of 1:00:12 that year has stood the test of time.
And John Lenihan and John Brooks both under 50 mins !
Warren SwordsAug 23 2021, 10:40amSeriously impressive time by James Kevan given the ground conditions.

2004 Race report that Leo mentioned.

Five runners under 51 minutes, 11 under 55 minutes that year
Barry McEvoyAug 23 2021, 12:35pmThat race is unbelievable. What a standard. Something to aim for big time going into winter training.
Maybe next year we can close the gap!!
Gavan DohertyAug 23 2021, 4:39pmThanks Leo & crew for holding the bad weather off & putting on a great race. A few photos added.

One of the last few races that hasn't had to change route in the last 30+ years, gives a solid marker of progress (or degeneration!).
Roelie SmitAug 23 2021, 6:57pmI have a brown long sleeve top that was left hanging on a bush after the race if anyone wants to claim it.