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Downshill Uphill Mile

Andrew HanneyAug 12 2021, 11:36amI have updated the event description for the uphill mile. Thanks to all the volunteers who have come forward so far. I would also need a laptop operator with experience of the timing mat, along with a race marker.
Niall McGuinnessAug 12 2021, 11:54amHi Andy,
I have recent laptop experience including the timing mat. I put my name down as laptop operator but happy to change that to helper if you just want someone to advise
Andrew HanneyAug 12 2021, 3:04pmThanks Niall and to Brian also, along with Connie for shadow laptop operator. We will probably have two laptops on the go for this so no harm to have a bit of extra help there. Much appreciated.
Aoife BradyAug 17 2021, 6:43pmHi Andrew,
I'm happy to help out if you need anymore helpers. It's my first year and first time volunteering for IMRA.
Andrew HanneyAug 18 2021, 9:56pmThanks Aoife for your kind offer, we have enough volunteers for now.
James H CahillAug 23 2021, 10:47amWeather forecast for Wednesday is great, 20 degrees and sunny. Perfect conditions to test your mile speed, so get signed up! There's a nice 3.7km jog to the start. and a 4km downhill jog back, so you'll still get a 10km in. Registration is outside the Grove Pub, the site of plenty of post run refreshments over the years.. Access is easy off the N11 and parking has been arranged.
Andrew HanneyAug 23 2021, 11:09amPlease see the updated race details regarding registration and parking.
Keep an eye out for marshals at the parking location.'05.9%22N+6%C2%B006'28.1%22W/@53.1183153,-6.1099927,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d53.1183153!4d-6.107804?hl=en-GB

Hope to see lots of you there to finish off a great series of Wednesday night racing.
Aubrey O'NeillAug 23 2021, 12:11pmCan't wait for this utter hell... should be great craic!
Andrew HanneyAug 23 2021, 11:36pmWhats so good about the Downshill uphill mile?

1. You start and finish at the excellent Grove pub who will have a Wicklow Wolf bar set up outside for you to enjoy the special occasion.
2. You get to warm up to the race start with your IMRA buddies having a chat.
3. You race the mile.
4. You get to warm down back to the pub with your IMRA buddies.
5. Wicklow Wolf and the craic.

Lets get some more signed up. Last Wednesday race until next year!
Coyle BillAug 24 2021, 8:48amHi, anyone else having problems registering ? keeps giving a failure at the payment section ? any ideas welcome
Gordon PlaceAug 24 2021, 9:22amHi Bill, see the Maurice Mullins half forum post for suggestions
Coyle BillAug 24 2021, 12:59pmthanks
Coyle BillAug 24 2021, 1:06pmthat worked -thanks - applying seems to be harder than the racing.
Gordon PlaceAug 24 2021, 2:12pmAs long as people follow race markings better than instructions ;)
Andrew HanneyAug 24 2021, 4:38pmImportant update. Given the numbers racing, it has been decided that there will be just one start. Everyone will start together at 7:30 pm.
Neil FuscoAug 24 2021, 6:18pmJust missed the deadline to register, feck
Andrew HanneyAug 25 2021, 9:25amLooks like some great weather for this evenings race. A reminder of registration between 6pm and 6:45pm sharp. See you all later.
Andrew HanneyAug 25 2021, 12:22pmUpdate on parking at Downshill: given the numbers we should be able to accommodate parking around the grove pub itself. We will use the field as a backup. So proceed to the Grove and you will be directed by marshals. Please do not obstruct any local access.
Alan AylingAug 25 2021, 5:03pmGiven the numbers, would you not show a little clemency and make it a nice round uphill kilometer instead of a mile?
Mick HanneyAug 25 2021, 6:26pmI love the irony of the creator of the Ayling abyss asking another RD for clemency :-)
John LangenbachAug 25 2021, 6:34pmI was entered for the race but got delayed in work. I won't get there in time to register by 6:45.
Andrew HanneyAug 25 2021, 11:36pmThanks to all the volunteers tonight and the management of the Grove pub for ensuring everything went to plan.

Wondering what the race reports will contain……
Caoimhin MacMaolainAug 26 2021, 9:48amThanks very much to Andrew and all of the volunteers for a great evening up at Downshill. So nice to be up at the Grove catching up with people afterwards.
Warren SwordsAug 26 2021, 10:39amThanks to Andrew and volunteers for a great race. Brilliant idea for a race.

I threw up a race report.
Aubrey O'NeillAug 26 2021, 12:42pmVery enjoyable read Warren!

Cheers Andy and the army of volunteers for this one. Such a great finishing spot for a race as well. Looking forward to this one becoming a tradition!