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Nav Challenge 1

Joe LalorAug 3 2021, 8:14pmAdvance notice of maps needed for the two NC Races
As last year runners will have to supply their own maps for these events.
One event will be based at Ballinagee Bridge (O038022) and map required is Eas/West Lugnaquilla & Glendalough the other based at Trooperstown (T159969) will require E/W Wicklow East. At the moment due to race director availability I cannot say which one will be NC1 or NC2. Will confirm shortly.
Regular NC runners should have these maps already and may be willing to loan them out if not using them.
Joe LalorAug 14 2021, 9:44amI can confirm that NC1 on 28th August will be based at Ballinagee Bridge O038022. Two courses will be available, one 17th km and one of 10km. The long course will be over rough ground and will require navional skill. The shorter course will be over less challenging ground and will also require ability to follow a map but easier navigation than long course. The map required (not supplied) is East/West map Lugnaquilla/Glendalough. I am looking for a first aider to volunteer for this event.
Joe LalorAug 25 2021, 8:26amStill looking for first aider and a few volunteers for this event. Don't forget your map if entering.
Joe LalorAug 26 2021, 12:30pmWe are all a little rusty at this after a two year layoff, so here is a reminder of what is involved. This event is a mass start race where runners must visit a number of sites whose location are given as a six figure grid reference at race start. There are a small number of large feature locations spread over the 17km course. Navigation should be easy in good visibility but ability to read a map required, so result should depend on picking good route choices. There is a shorter option available with easier navigation and terrain. An early start at 10.00 for those who qualify.
I could do with another volunteer.
Brian FureyAug 26 2021, 1:06pmI've put myself down as volunteer Joe
Louis MulleeAug 26 2021, 6:13pmAh flip, I just missed the entry deadline by 10 minutes, I don't suppose there is any chance of an entry cut off extension ? :(
Joe LalorAug 26 2021, 6:26pmI noticed that entries were closed. I had not expected this until Friday evening, am seeing if it can be reopened until tm.
Joe LalorAug 26 2021, 7:40pmHi Louis, entries are reopen until 6pm tomorrow
Louis MulleeAug 26 2021, 8:18pmGreat stuff, thanks Joe, Now where did I leave that map and compass from 2 years ago!....
Lorcan FarrellAug 27 2021, 7:21pmJoe, I'm just after realising my payment didnt process for the race. I thought it had gone through a few days back but its not on my purchases. Is there any way around at this late stage? I'll be along anyway tomorrow, raging with myself for not checking until now.
Joe LalorAug 27 2021, 8:13pmHi Lorcan, just back from putting out the controls, it's tough out there the bracken has taken off since I did the reci. See you tm, will work out something.
Lorcan FarrellAug 27 2021, 9:04pmI'd say it is Joe! Thats great, looking forward to it tomorrow!
Conor O'FarrellAug 28 2021, 4:53pmDo a scan for ticks after today’s event. Karen brought back two cling-ons with her after the race today.
Mick HanneyAug 28 2021, 7:14pmWell done to all participants today, particularly Mike on his first win. Seems to have been a good test in lovely summery conditions. Thanks Joe & Nora.
Joe LalorAug 28 2021, 8:43pmProvisional Results from today's race

Long course , must have punched 1,2,5,6,7 to get a result here

119 Mike Jordan 1:53:01
1162 Maeve O’Grady 2:18:31
160 Paul Smyth 2:23:43
191 John O’Donovan 2:25:48
418 Ciara Largey 2:29:59
117 Gareth Little 2:31:50
2123 Roisin McDonnell 2:34:49
2108 Ruth Lynam 2:42:45
019 Louis Mullee 3:02:35
651 Barry O’Neill 3:26:30
240 Hugh Kinsella 4:26:32
139 Niall McGuinness DNF
173 Ger Power DNF

Short Course, must have punched 1,2 ,3 ,4 to get a result here. I also gave short course credit to anyone who got 4 controls from the long course.

2115 Siobhan Delaney 1:24:12
1988 Dermot McNamara 1:29:20
291 James Curran 1:29:40
1331 Brendan Delaney 1:39:30
018 Lorcan Farrell 1:49:01
2075 Catherine Devitt 1:52:30
214 Peter Cannon 1:58:10
014 Connie Dottino 2:03:30
078 Karen Devenney 2:08:50
133 Graham Bushe 2:14:55
2106 Adam Bushe 2:14:55
011 Alice Clancey 2:17:40
193 Vivian O’Gorman 2:19:35
518 Thomas Galvin 2:19:40
1230 Philip Brennan 2:21:51
127 Caroline Reid 2:23:10
128 Sean McDonnell 2:23:13
668 Maurice McCartan 3:35:40
389 Hilary Elmes 4:25:56
Mike JordanAug 29 2021, 1:01pmThanks Joe and volunteers for a fine challenge yesterday.
I've added a report trying to capture my thinking on route choice as I was going around the course yesterday if anyone wants to grab a map and do a mental fly-by.
Barry O'NeillAug 29 2021, 1:48pmDid anyone else do all seven checkpoints?
Mick HanneyAug 29 2021, 3:39pmDid you do the Long Long course Barry? i.e. didn't read the instructions at the bottom of the page? ;-)
Barry O'NeillAug 29 2021, 4:48pmHa yes, did the Ultra!
God damn small print:)
Graham K. BusheAug 30 2021, 10:46amA big thanks to Joe and crew of volunteers. Adam and I had a great couple of hours out and about enjoying the countryside.