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Connaught Champs Weekend Camping + BBQ

Alice ClancyJul 23 2021, 3:18pmHi there All,

The Connaught Champs are coming up on the 7th and 8th of August. There's a group of IMRA-ers from the East planning to head west and to camp/stay close to Lecanvy and hold the Connaught Champs BBQ on the Sat eve. - All are welcome to join us!
please email me at clancyalice(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk to book a spot camping or at the bbq or both (see below).

- Camping: we have a great little campsite organised at the foot of Croagh Patrick for €10 per per person per night, within walking distance of the beach at Lecanvy. This is the first year this campsite is in operation, so there are toilets and a fire pit but no showers as of yet. We are hoping to organise somewhere nearby for showers tbc

- BBQ: We will hold the BBQ at the campsite, perhaps in the firepit or the (un)holy barbeque might make a return ;-). The campsite owners have asked that those not camping but attending the bbq pay a 5eu charge. There is plenty of parking for those attending the bbq only.

It's great to see the Connaught Champs weekend making a return, hopefully it'll be a good one!
Stuart ScottJul 28 2021, 11:32amThanks Alice for getting this organised. It's one of the best IMRA weekends of the year (well, it was 'the' best until Alan mentioned his recent visit to Carrauntoohil)!

With the new location this year, Alice has to gather numbers in advance so there's less scope for last minuters. If anyone else can make it please let her or I know asap! The more the merrier. We also have to know how many to cater for at the bbq which IMRA will hopefully sponsor again. The campsite backs onto Croagh Patrick so there's scope for a little warm-up run before Mweelrea and Nephin, and a pier and pub within 500m too...

And the usual request please - if anyone has any wood they can bring for the unholy bbq please let me know!
Alice ClancyJul 29 2021, 2:41pmHi there All,

I've added some photographs of the lovely campsite in Lecanvy to the Mweelrea photos page for anyone who is considering camping for the weekend and/or the bbq on the evening of the 7th: see It's just up the road from the pier/beach at Lecanvy and with a lovely view of Croagh Patrick.

The campsite owners have kindly agreed to supply us with some firewood for the bbq/fire pit (see photos), but it might be no harm to take a little more firewood if anyone has some to hand.

I've had a few enquiries if vans/camper vans can be accommodated - yes they can - the campsite owners have advised the following rates:
Camping: 10eu per person per night
Van: 15eu per van per night
Campervan: 20eu per camper per night
BBQ access only (non-camping): 5eu per person

If you could let me know by Monday 2nd Aug eve if you wish to book a spot camping and/or at the bbq it would be great - email clancyalice(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk.

Thanks to all those who have contacted me already - I will send out an email with logistics etc on Monday eve.

Looking forward to the weekend in the west!
Stuart ScottAug 6 2021, 6:11pmWe've a spare double room in the house if anyone is stuck.
Mick HanneyAug 8 2021, 6:52pmThanks to the race directors and volunteers for the great races held on Mweelrea and Nephin over the weekend. We were unlucky with the weather yesterday but the luck turned in our favour today on Nephin. So nice to actually see the mountain :-)
Laura FlynnAug 8 2021, 7:53pmI’d like to add my thanks here for what was a super weekend. I don’t generally like singling people out but Alice was definitely the driving force behind this and worked really hard to make sure ever went as smoothly as it did. I can safely say that, this year in particular, it wouldn’t have happened without her.
Thanks also to Anne-Marie for stepping into the RD role for Nephin at a relatively late hour and handling it with aplomb.
Thanks to everyone who organised the bbq and especially Dave Doherty for keeping the fire stoked through the evening despite the wind and rain.
Some fantastic talents were unearthed last night, Michael Maughan on guitar and banjo, Brian Mc Guickian on guitar, Jonny “the gambler” Steede, , Brendan Lawlor who displayed a tremendous ability to sign/read lyrics from his phone at great speed and Conor O’Farrell who knows all the lyrics of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here.
Hope everyone’s arrived home safe and sound with a lot of treasured memories.
Emer O'ConnellAug 9 2021, 9:27amJust want to say many thanks to Alice, Anne-Marie, summit marshals, laptop operators, rest of volunteers for a fantastic weekend in the mountains- woke up happy today- my first IMRA events but made very welcome by all despite me trying to stick with a few of ye so i could get up & down (Laura, Connor, Niamh & Fiona & others) -míle buiochas.
Stuart ScottAug 9 2021, 12:13pmI'd like to add my thanks to everyone involved in making the weekend yet another success. Most especially to Alice for her tireless work co-coordinating, planning and race directing - as Laura said it wouldn't have happened without her! There are too many others to mention but thanks to Anne-Marie and co. for helping out both days and directing Sunday (and her relaxed approach to the start line was very much appreciated!). The bbq couldn't have happened without Dave D who kindly brought it down (and looked after it throughout) and his never-ending supply of tools came in useful. Thanks to Justin too for discovering the campsite had re-opened and making the initial foray. It couldn't have worked out better. Also Fiona for buying the meat, Angela for looking after the grassy salady things and Eithne for going above and beyond and cooking all the food for us. And Linda who seemed to spend the entire time cleaning things! Finally thanks to everyone who came, entertained, ran, spectated and made the weekend so enjoyable. Looking forward to next year already!