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Paul SmythJul 22 2021, 12:00amAnyone know when entries will open for this.

Jacqueline Le BourhisJul 22 2021, 4:40pmHello,

Is there a map of the course for Galtymore, please.

Kind regards,
Conor MurphyJul 22 2021, 5:30pmHere you go...
Justin ReaJul 22 2021, 6:35pmGlad to see this is only a 3 on event difficulty. It used to be savage ;-) Details may need an update Patricia?
Paul SmythJul 22 2021, 11:18pmEntries are now open.
Frank CoughlanJul 22 2021, 11:28pmHi, anyone having issues purchasing this race ? I know there was an issue previously.
I tried both BOI credit card and Ulster Bank debit card, no joy..
liam lynchJul 23 2021, 8:51amHi,
No joy for me buying entry. Message saying pending.. pending...pending! Never saw this type of message before.
Paul MoloneyJul 23 2021, 10:09pmHi

I'm having the same issue paying, came up succes!! But failed in a box underneath. Never seen the box before haven't had an issue paying in the past just since new payment method. Anyone have the same issue and found a solution any suggestions will be much appreciated
Niall O'CeallaighJul 24 2021, 5:18pmYes I'm having the same problem.
Patricia RyanJul 24 2021, 10:44pmJustin, it's a 10 and always has been, it's 10 difficulty on the event page.
Rory O'TooleJul 25 2021, 10:01amAlso having a problem with purchase. Received the message below:
Your payment was not processed. Error details are shown below: undefined
Credit Card Processing Return Information:
Gp Result: 110
Gp Status: FAILURE
Gp Result Description: Transaction NOT permitted by merchant config
Robert CunninghamJul 25 2021, 12:43pm
I think if its a 110 error they need to contact their bank about updating their card
Jul 15 2021, 9:24pmHi Folks,

We still have a number of people having issues with Payments and receiving a "110" issue. You are more than likely in this case using your ipad or phone.

Can please update your mobile app. There latest update that all banks have released will enable 3D Secure 2 on your app.

I used my Revolut card last night no prob

Tried my boi card last week and it errored
Robert CunninghamJul 25 2021, 2:11pmThis worked for me.

As a temporary work-around, ensure that the 'I accept IMRA terms & conditions' box is checked, the mobile number is entered in the form 353|871234567 (and ensure that the 871234567 is replaced with your own number, the pipe symbol '|' has to be included.

[Pipe symbol is same key as back slash on laptop]
Niall O'CeallaighJul 25 2021, 3:06pmThanks Robert but I'm still having trouble. I have used 3 different cards and 2 different devices, all failed.
I will try another day.
Paul MoloneyJul 25 2021, 6:11pmSame issue here no change, tried a few cards and laptop no joy. Thanks for the suggestions will have another go tomorrow.

Richard NunanJul 25 2021, 6:41pmHi Folks,

For those having issues - 3 things to check - especially if its 110

1.) Update app on phone or iPad - (or use laptop)

2.) Clear all fields and enter from scratch - watch the phone number format

3.) Make sure the address you use is the same as on your bank statement .

With these 3 correct it will work ! Many people have had issues tried the above and then sucess !
Conor MurphyJul 25 2021, 8:41pmTried using auto complete on my debit card, didn't go through.

Figured it hates auto complete.

So erased auto complete and filled in all details, didn't go through.

Figured it hates debit cards.

So tried with wife's credit card.

Didn't go through.

Afraid I'm all out of options...
Paul O'GradyJul 25 2021, 9:06pmHi Conor. The system is not fit for purpose, but we are persisting with it for some reason.

Anyway, it finally worked for me when I deleted all of my address and then retyped my address in exactly the same font and with exactly the same punctuation as how my address is set out on my physical bank statement.

I hope that helps.
Conor MurphyJul 25 2021, 9:17pmThanks Paul.

Tried a different phone.

Didn't go through.

Tried changing phone number to add international code.

Didn't go through.

Afraid I don't have the know how to start changing font on a site where I don't get font options. And I'm one of those who never study their bank statements let alone tried to figure out what font they use and how to get my Lenovo tablet to give me font options to match.

It's a puzzler. And as my wife, who works in IT, can't figure it either, the chances of me cracking it are very slim!
Paul O'GradyJul 25 2021, 9:25pmSorry, but font I meant uppercase/lower case (ie the use of capital letters)
Niall O'CeallaighJul 25 2021, 9:32pmI have just entered.
I went to statement in banking 365 this gave me the exact address. I then made sure my number was in international format (353|86*******)with an extra symbol between the 3 and the 8. Hopefully this is helpful.
Good luck
Patricia RyanJul 25 2021, 10:23pmYes, the symbol | is important in the phone number 353|87*******
We can see that people are getting entered bit by bit. Really frustrating though when it's not going through.
Yvonne WalshJul 26 2021, 12:00amOn my 50 billionth try!! So annoying. It was so easy before!
Conor MurphyJul 26 2021, 9:44amThat symbol in the phone number did the trick!

Thanks for the help.
Richard NunanJul 26 2021, 10:08amYep - 353|87******* keeps catching everyone
Stuart ScottJul 26 2021, 12:04pmI've said it on a different thread but your address must be typed in letter for letter as it appears on your bank statement, otherwise the online payment will fail. Even a hyphen instead of a space will cause it to fail. The postcode is another common problem - if there's no Eircode on your bank statement then try typing '000' instead.

The reason for all this hassle is the EU Payments Directive which came into force recently. Before this, the address was never checked when making online payments. And now it's checked (to the letter!) but computers aren't clever enough to distinguish between common variations which are obvious to humans. This is why it has to be identical to what your bank has.

The comment about the IMRA payments system not being fit for purpose is a little unfair. The EU directive applies to all payment providers so changing provider would not make the slightest bit of difference in the long run. A quick google shows that IMRA aren't the only ones experiencing problems of late. Indeed, I've experienced the same issues with Revolut and Amazon and the likes years ago so they were clearly ahead of the game. I do agree that the pipe symbol in the phone number is a little clunky. Hopefully Jason might get a chance to split the phone number input into two separate boxes at some point but he deserves a chance to do his day job (and have a life too)!

Anyway, I've bought race entries using both AIB and Revolut on both the PC and fancy phone and every single one has been successful. So it wouldn't surprise me if the address and the pipe symbol are the cause of 99pc of everyone's issues. So don't give up - just check your bank statement (you can do this through online banking or contact your bank directly) and check your phone number and it should work!
Yvonne WalshJul 26 2021, 12:38pmHi Does anyone have a GPX file of the route to upload it on my watch?
Laura FlynnJul 26 2021, 8:28pmThanks Stuart. That’s really helpful. After a number of attempts I managed to enter Mountain Meitheal this Wednesday. The error was on my part in entering the phone number. Best done with a clear head and a bit of patience.
Robert CunninghamJul 26 2021, 10:13pmHi Yvonne,You can download the route here.
Yvonne WalshJul 28 2021, 5:00pmThank you Robert. I see it's on the event page also.

Would recommend using a laptop instead of phone for sign-up
Phones can be glitchy
Rory O'TooleJul 29 2021, 6:01pmHello Patricia. Would you please put me down for an early start. And perhaps a late finish :-). Thanks.
Patricia RyanJul 29 2021, 9:40pmEarly start at 11am Rory. Sign in between 10.30 & 10.45. Thanks
Rory O'TooleJul 30 2021, 8:28amThanks Patricia.
Patricia RyanAug 1 2021, 9:03amSign in open at 10.30am
Alan AylingAug 1 2021, 7:23pmWell that was a cracker. Always a fierce tough race and today was no different. Lovely conditions though, weatherwise and underfoot. Thanks to Tricia and all the helpers, super well organised as always!
Brian FlannellyAug 1 2021, 10:44pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Robbie WilliamsAug 2 2021, 8:43amThanks very much to Tricha and Rob for organizing this race. Thank you so much as well to all the volunteers who stayed out marshalling the route.. it sure was a windy one atop Galtymore itself !!

A brilliant race..

My son loved the short course and is still talking about it…

Thank you again
Conor O'FarrellAug 2 2021, 12:09pmThanks for a great event yesterday. That was really an eye-opener to some of our tougher races. I had forgotten our mountains had such steel climbs/descents. The stairs are not my friend today.

Mick HanneyAug 2 2021, 8:53pmThanks for the fab event.
Report up.
I daresay there are some other reports brewing out there...
Maike JürgensAug 2 2021, 9:22pmIt may have gone unnoticed but looking at the race result history there may have been a new ladies record yesterday? Maybe someone more in the know regarding older results can shed some light on whether there were faster times than listed :)
Robert CunninghamAug 3 2021, 1:34pmYes, just noticed that. Well done Lisa.
Robert CunninghamAug 3 2021, 1:42pmWell Spotted Maike.
Yes indeed Lisa Hegarty beating the previous record held by Sarah McCormack by 17 seconds. Lisa recently won Bansha Woods trail race which was her first IMRA race. She's definitely one to watch.
Well done Lisa.
Mick HanneyAug 3 2021, 2:06pmWell done Lisa, thats a fab time.
Deirdre O GormanAug 3 2021, 2:07pmPhenomenal running Lisa; well done!!
Robbie WilliamsAug 3 2021, 3:51pmLisa ran a fabulous race. 2nd IMRA event too!! Hopefully this will stir more interest in the hills from a ladies perspective. I think we could see her in green in the next few years alright.