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Jason WebbJul 1 2021, 1:15pmHi Peter, I hope your keeping well. Will there be a junior race on? Also congratulations on the round
Peter BellJul 1 2021, 1:49pmHi Jason, thanks. Im hoping to include a junior race for it. Im working on it this week and next so there will be more info/ map etc up next week.
Cheers Peter
Peter BellJul 4 2021, 7:34pmEvent details have been updated. We still need a laptop operator for the race to go ahead. There is a junior course on the day.
Karl BourneJul 7 2021, 2:10pmHi Peter - just on the Junior's course, what time will their race start and will I need to run it with him if he is 11? (would also be his first IMRA race). Cheers, Karl
Andrew HanneyJul 7 2021, 2:17pmJunior info is on the forum:
Karl BourneJul 7 2021, 2:30pmCheers Andy. Must have missed this one.
Peter BellJul 15 2021, 7:47amSorry Karl, im only seeing your message now. Hope Andy cleared it up.
Peter BellJul 15 2021, 7:56amWe still need a laptop operator for next wednesdays race for it to go ahead. If you can and are free, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Shane O'MalleyJul 15 2021, 12:45pmHave stuck my name down for the laptop there Peter. Need the rest after last nights race.
Peter BellJul 15 2021, 2:06pmBrilliant, nice one Shane.
Trevor KerleyJul 15 2021, 6:16pmFolks, I can't get a payment through with your banking/payment app. Please advise how I can enter race if issue does not resolve. Many thanks
Steven PettigrewJul 15 2021, 6:19pmSame here. Not able to pay for entry.
Peter RocheJul 15 2021, 6:23pmExperiencing same as the lads above, first box says "success" however in the box below it says "payment was not processed".
Roelie SmitJul 15 2021, 6:25pmFolks, there is a forum thread titled "New Credit Card Payment Process - Please Read" last posted on 06/07/2021. It was helpful to sort me out this evening.
I had to put the stripey thing "|" into my mobile number after a couple of failed attempts and that seemed to sort out the issue.
Peter RocheJul 15 2021, 6:30pmThat worked, thanks for the advice Roelie
Steven PettigrewJul 15 2021, 6:47pmThat took me ages but I got it sorted.

After entering your address copy and paste this into the number field


And just replace the numbers with your own number. Make sure there are no spaces.
Brian FarrenJul 15 2021, 6:47pmHi. Even though the Glen of the Downs is showing in my payment history, there seem to be a couple of different things with this new payment system, 1) the race still shows as "Purchase Event Entry" instead of "You are entered" (when logged on) and 2) you don't seem to get a payment acknowledgement by email, which I did for everything previous.
Niall HeffernanJul 15 2021, 7:16pmHi guys,
FYI, I found that Chrome didn't wirk for me but IE did... FYI.

But on junior race, will this open soon? thanks
Niall HeffernanJul 15 2021, 7:16pmHi guys,
FYI, I found that Chrome didn't work for me but IE did... FYI.

But on junior race, will this open soon? thanks
Caitlin BentJul 15 2021, 8:46pmTrying for the last hour to purchase my entry for Glen of the downs but doesn't work! Copying & pasting hasn't worked either. Help please:((
Paul O'GradyJul 15 2021, 9:18pmI can’t purchase either, but I was able to purchase last week?

Did IMRA change our payment service provider?
Richard NunanJul 15 2021, 10:13pmSorry as per other form post - we have changed the payment gateway to enable 3D Secure 2.0, thsi is mandatory for all online transactions

if you are using a mobile app - update it !

Try using latop - but more importantly dont use your autofil fields
You need to use the format as outlined.

the Phone number seems to be an issue as its a different format


Its different to last week as per other posts
Richard NunanJul 15 2021, 10:21pmJust purchased an entry myself.

My autofil did try and swap out my mobile - be careful with that one.


Jimmy CahillJul 17 2021, 10:37pmI've been given a new race number this year and I've lost my chip/tag from last year. Can I collect a number and chip at registration?
Thanks, Jimmy Cahill
ciara largeyJul 18 2021, 5:29pmhas this event sold out already? I get an error message when clicking on 'purchase event entry'. it's listed as a sold out product but there are 150 entered and limit is 220?
David BoydJul 18 2021, 9:00pmHey guys.. It won't let me purchase an entry through the link, is there any other way to do it? Thanks!
John ShielsJul 18 2021, 9:28pmThere seems to be an issue with the cart for this race. I keep getting a php error when i try to purchase an entery. I have take a note of the Stack trace and Request Parameters if you need them.
Brenda MalleyJul 18 2021, 9:32pmUnfortunately I’ve had to un-volunteer for this race due to a family commitment. My apologies. Hope it won’t cause inconvenience
Pól Ó MurchúJul 18 2021, 10:06pmThat should be working now...still entries available.
Gordon PlaceJul 18 2021, 10:47pmWorked OK for me there, even on the phone

You get your new number for the year at your first race, but need to buy a replacement chip in the online shop to collect there too
John ShielsJul 19 2021, 8:49ampurchase option wrking now this morning for me :)
Olivier LacroixJul 19 2021, 9:44amI get an error message too. I paid with my card for the 3 previous races but since Friday, it doesn't seem to work?

Your payment was not processed. Error details are shown below: undefined
"Credit Card Processing Return Information:
Gp Result: 110
Gp Status: FAILURE
Gp Result Description: Transaction NOT permitted by merchant config.
Gp Transaction Id:"
Olivier LacroixJul 19 2021, 9:54amUpdate: It just worked now, same debit card but I haven't used my autofil fields for address. My phone number was already in the required format but it seemed to be my address which was pulled from the autofill feature that was causing the issue.

All good now!
Brian FarrenJul 19 2021, 10:01amHi Peter, i paid for this event, it’s showing in my purchase history but it is still showing in the shop also. I didn’t get a confirmation email. Can you just confirm you have me on the entry list please. Much appreciated.
Davy DunneJul 19 2021, 11:17amHi Peter, I am entered for this race but cant make it now. Can you give my place to someone who didnt make it in.
Brendan LawlorJul 19 2021, 4:21pmIs there an Early Start ? Asking for a friend...
Kate ConnollyJul 19 2021, 10:32pmHi ya, I tried loads of times to enter. with and without autofill and on different computers and still get the same message (below). Is there any other solution?
Your payment was not processed. Error details are shown below: undefined

Credit Card Processing Return Information:
Gp Result: 110
Gp Status: FAILURE
Gp Result Description: Transaction NOT permitted by merchant config.
Gp Transaction Id:
Richard NunanJul 19 2021, 10:43pm@Kate,

Which bank do you use. Have you updated your application. The 110 issue is a bank rather than an IMRA related issue.


Kate ConnollyJul 20 2021, 4:29pm@Richard,
Thank you for the reply. I put the "|" in between the phone number and it worked.
Thanks again,
Peter BellJul 20 2021, 6:53pmSorry for the late reply Brendan, with it being a short race i think we can all go together on this one. Itll make it alot easier for results. Your friend im sure will fly around this one. Best of luck.
Peter BellJul 20 2021, 6:54pmNo problem Brenda
Peter BellJul 20 2021, 6:56pmJimmy you can purchase a new chip in the online shop.
Peter BellJul 20 2021, 7:08pmKarl, juniors will start just after the main group has left. Best of luck
Peter BellJul 20 2021, 7:11pmA quick reminder not to leave any valuables in you cars.
Brendan LawlorJul 21 2021, 9:47amThanks Peter.. we have another hot one ahead of us !
Will Martin-SmithJul 21 2021, 1:01pmHi, I entered the race and bought 2021 membership last week. Today I couldn't find my chip and tried to buy a replacement. I used the "|" symbol for my phone number and have tried a couple of different browsers without success. Is there any known outstanding issue with the payment system?

Is it possible to pay for the chip in cash or with a card at the event?
Will Martin-SmithJul 21 2021, 1:17pmProblem solved. There was a space pre-populated into the phone number between the 87 and the 1234567. Sneaky! See you in GOTD.
Gavin FinlayJul 21 2021, 1:47pmHi lads,
Just joined amd entered GOTD. I raced a few times many years ago so I believe I still have the same bib number. I assume I need that and a chip tonight? Or can I get those there tonight?
Thank you!
Mick HanneyJul 21 2021, 2:59pm@Gavin, if this is your first race of 2021, you will receive a new no. This can be picked up along with your Chip, at registration.
Neil FuscoJul 21 2021, 6:28pmHi

Had signed up for this as my first IMRA race but no longer be able to make it, apologies for wasting the spot.
Will I still be able to collect my race number at the next race which is sign up for?


Laura FlynnJul 21 2021, 7:10pmThat’s correct Neil, you can collect your number at the next race you sign up for this year and your chip if you didn’t have previously. If you did, please bring the old chip.
Caoimhin MacMaolainJul 21 2021, 8:57pmThanks very much to Peter and the volunteers for a great race this evening. Brilliantly organised. Loved the new start through the woods.
Richard NunanJul 21 2021, 10:55pmThanks to Peter and all the volunteers for tonight - nice of ye to give us a course in the shade.

Great running everyone and great to see Sarah Mulligan back out racing on the hills !
Andrew HanneyJul 21 2021, 11:33pmwell done Peter and crew on a great race.... and a hot contender for pre-race instruction of the year...."everyone over here...go" or words to that effect :)
Brendan LawlorJul 22 2021, 7:47amThanks Peter and crew for another great race.

Welcome back to Mick Bolger after a 13 year retirement ! Great to see Ger Power back in action again too
Peter BellJul 22 2021, 8:14amWell done to all racing last night and to the winners

Junior F
1st Sophie Heffernan
2nd Nichole Webb

Junior M
1st Finn Morrissey
2nd Ewan Jackson
3rd Elvis Bourne

1st Sarah Mulligan
2nd Caoimhe Daniels
3rd Maeve o Grady

1st karol Cronin
2nd Enda Cloake
3rd Brian Mac Mahon
Peter BellJul 22 2021, 8:18amThanks to all my volunteers last night, who made my job alot easier and to Shane and Connor for getting results up so fast. Hope everyone enjoyed it.
Roll on next Wednesday!
Dave DochertyJul 22 2021, 9:27amThanks to the RD and crew for last nights race. Really enjoyed it apart from the heat. Lets hope next week is cooler.
Steven PettigrewJul 22 2021, 9:27amGreat event, folks. Very well organised.
Alice ClancyJul 23 2021, 3:20pmSome photos added now, well done all on running in such hot conditions...!
Roelie SmitJul 23 2021, 3:32pmA belated thanks to Peter and all the Volunteers on Wednesday. Lovely event.
Trevor LloydJul 24 2021, 6:18pmI am new to IMRA. Having tagged a photo. Is there any way I can download it onto my laptop please
Brendan LawlorJul 24 2021, 8:05pmTrevor, if you right click on the photo you should be able to save it or copy it to your desktop or laptop
Trevor LloydJul 25 2021, 2:32pmThanks Brendan. Yes, that worked.