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World masters in Austria

Tom BlackburnJun 24 2021, 12:28amHi Lads, The world masters is going to be held in Austria in September. If you are interested in going please join the chat add your name and category. The sooner we get teams together the better. If any of you have researched flights and accommodation that information would be appreciated. Some of the lads in NIMRA may be interested in signing up with us to make up teams so if you have contact with some of the lads it would be great to let them know what we are looking to do. THANKS.
Seán ManningJun 24 2021, 3:14amSean Manning 045
Anne SandfordJun 24 2021, 8:37amHi please add me in Anne Sandford FV55
Eugene McCannJun 24 2021, 11:16pmHi Tom, I'm planning on going to the masters, V60, and hopefully see you all at some of the imra races, between now and then.
Ian ConroyJun 25 2021, 12:54pmMe four. Ian Conroy V40
Laura FlynnJun 25 2021, 8:46pmWhat are the dates Tom?
Laura FlynnJun 25 2021, 8:50pmJust see its 3-5th September. I’m interested. Over 55 , same as Anne Sanford. Great if we can get a team.. 3 to count I think?
Is Trish running?
Anne SandfordJun 25 2021, 10:04pmMary Mackin is going FV65
Eugene Mccann MV60
Hazel Mclaughlin F45
Anne SandfordJun 25 2021, 10:34pmPeter Bell MV65
Emer O'ConnellJun 27 2021, 9:06pmEmer O'Connell FV50

Thank you
Elizabeth WheelerJun 29 2021, 10:44amElizabeth Wheeler FV45
Robert MalseedJun 30 2021, 3:05pmI am actually far too young and pretty to go, but will be in attendance as my good looks and charm is in much needed demand.
Robert Malseed M45
Michael McSweeneyJul 3 2021, 9:01pmHi Tom.
Micheal Mc Sweeney M45.
I'm hoping to combine this with a trip to Germany with Marion.
Patricia BlackburnJul 4 2021, 10:49pmHi Laura, Yes I'm going to give it a go, O55
That makes one ladies team anyhow, which is great,
Don't let it put any other 055 off though ,first three to count but we can have more than 3 on the team.
Hope we get a few more for the other categories too.
Lorraine FennellyJul 5 2021, 9:07amHi, Is there still time to put my name down for World Masters:
Lorraine Fennelly F40
Tricia TwohigJul 5 2021, 10:59pmHi guys, I’ll give it a go too please, Tricia Twohig F40 thanks
Brendan RyanJul 8 2021, 2:06amHi i would be interested to go can you tell me what isthe criteria to travel, B.ryan v60
Leo MahonJul 9 2021, 2:44pmI’m expressing my interest in World Masters
Leo Mahon V75
Laura FlynnJul 31 2021, 5:58pmI’ve just entered. Anyone figured out the best airport to fly to?
Laura FlynnJul 31 2021, 9:18pmI’ve just booked flight to Munich with Aer lingus.
Out Friday, back Wednesday.
Train is 2.5 hours from there.
Leo MahonJul 31 2021, 10:45pmI’ve just entered m75 I’m flying to Vienna on Thursday 2nd September returning Sunday 5th September 5 hour train journey Vienna to Inisbruck
Tom BlackburnAug 9 2021, 10:27pmHi Lads I have been off the radar for a while, there are a few teams that are filled out and I have spoken to people who said theyb are going but have not put their information up here. So what we have is;! Male 0/40 2Female/40, 3men 0/45 2 females 0/45,1 female0/50,3females 0/55,1 male 0/55,2male/60,1male0/65,1female0/65, amd 1male 0/65.

I also have some irish gear, I would like to give this to people who havent got an Irish singlet before. I only have medium mens and wemons gear.
Please replky if you need a singlet and i will try to get it to you before you fly.
We are flying into Vienna on the same flight as Leo and will have space in a car for one mor if someone needs a lift.
Ian ConroyAug 10 2021, 8:56amI'm flying in and out with Ryanair, arriving on the Thursday and back on the Tuesday via Vienna then getting the train to and from Innsbruck, maybe a local bus or a taxi from there to Telfes. Brian Furey is also running, but going via Munich. I think Sean Quirke is also going, so that would be a M40 team.
Ian ConroyAug 10 2021, 9:03amJust checked there, we're all entered.
Seán ManningAug 10 2021, 9:32amHi Folks. I put my name in for 045s but wont make it now due to an injury. I look forward to running some international races in 2022 all going well.
Brian FureyAug 10 2021, 12:24pmI'm going. Flying via Munich on the Friday morning. Back on the Monday morning with Lufthansa. I have a singlet.
Anne SandfordAug 10 2021, 9:21pmHazel McLaughlin needs a vest and shorts so please keep this for her
Michael McSweeneyAug 11 2021, 10:58pmRace entered and flights booked. :-)
Emer O'ConnellAug 12 2021, 4:33pmHi Tom, I need a vest & shorts please. thank you Emer O'Connell F50
Laura FlynnAug 17 2021, 7:33pmA few of us have booked into the Hotel Eschenhof in Telfes if any of you want to join us.
Emer O'ConnellAug 18 2021, 8:13amHi,
any recommendations please re type of "runners" for this?
Anyone using poles?
all tips re event welcome.
go raibh maith agaibh
Trevor CorcoranAug 21 2021, 9:28amHi,

Is it too late to sign up for the o35 category?

Do i need to go through someone in IMRA or just sign up on event page?
Brian FureyAug 22 2021, 1:46pmYou can just signup in the events page. Enter the correct category.,across%20nine%20age%20groups%20each.

We could do with one more M40 for team of 3. Possibly just myself and Sean now.

Emer O'ConnellAug 22 2021, 5:04pmAny F50s free to run? need 2 more for a team
Trevor CorcoranAug 23 2021, 7:42amThanks Brian, appreciate your response.

Im going to sign up for the Male 035 category.

Can anyone advise how/where i can get singlet? I see Tom Blackburn has singlets but not sure how i can get in touch with him?

Tom BlackburnAug 24 2021, 10:05pmHi lads, if you want singlets text me on 0876994976. If I have your size I will see that you get it.
I will set up a what's app group if you send on your numbers.
We are short a few people to make up teams, if you know of anyone who might travel!
Leo MahonAug 30 2021, 9:26pmLeo’s phone number for what’s app 0868135994
Tom BlackburnAug 31 2021, 10:21pmHi lads, I cannot add you to the what's app group if I don't have your number. I will be bringing some Irish gear with me but only for those who have asked me, if anyone else wants some ring or text me as we are leaving here tomorrow for the airport.
Graham K. BusheSep 4 2021, 7:28amBest of luck to all the runners.
Hazel stapletonSep 4 2021, 7:59amBest of luck today
Lindie NaughtonSep 5 2021, 12:15pmAnyone got a link to results?
Dariusz GazdowiczSep 5 2021, 5:35pmI found something like that.
Lindie NaughtonSep 5 2021, 8:55pmThank you - and well done on finding it. Best result - Gerard Maloney of SBR AC 2nd M60. Good runs also Leo Mahon 7th M75, Anne Sandford 14th W55, Laura Flynn 15th W55, Patricia Blackburn 23rd W55 (yes - a team!), JP Quirke 21st M40 and Trevor Corcoran 8th M35.
Brendan LawlorSep 6 2021, 11:30amWell done to all our Masters Athletes with fine performances all round

The clock starts ticking now to Ireland's hosting of the 2022 event.. it should be great !
Gerard MaloneySep 6 2021, 12:38pmProud to be an Irish mountain runner ,even prouder to be Irish and from Wexford. 2nd in the world in M60 category and silver medalist. Thanks to imra for all the races
Seán ManningSep 6 2021, 12:40pmWell done to our masters representatives in Austria. Mighty performances. Will next years event in Clonmel be in September
Robert MalseedSep 6 2021, 12:59pmGot back home safely. The drive back to Munich Sunday morning was delayed by a major accident near Munich. Had a fantastic time, a beautiful wonderful place, but didn't enjoy the trauma of such a tough run up a steep mountain. I didn't even get to sample the poití singing was awful as well. Emer i found your gaelforce bandana in the car. I washed it and get it to you ASAP. Well done everyone who went
Robert MalseedSep 6 2021, 1:01pmIf anyone got any photos, from your own cameras or off the websites, then please get them posted on to here.
Conor NolanSep 6 2021, 5:30pmCongrats to all, but in particular to Ger Maloney for the Silver in his first World's as M60. His performances show that age is just a number.
Mick HanneySep 11 2021, 7:22pmCongrats to all especially to Ger - great achievement.

@Tom - any chance at the odd run out of the proposed route to be used next year in Ireland? We should try to link in with interested candidates. The recent event there clashed with a local hill race we were hosting. Thanks.
Lillian DeeganSep 11 2021, 10:03pmThere is a plan in the pot for November Mick. It’s hoped that the AGM can be had down Munster way this year. A run about the race route for next year is being looked at by the local organising crew.

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