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Circuit of Glenmacnass

Robert CostelloJun 21 2021, 12:14pmLooking forward to this one. Here's a link to the route for anyone wondering although there may be a few shortcuts to Mick's 21kms!
Mick HanneyJun 21 2021, 1:46pmA great route. Race event from the past said distance was 19k, so that would need very efficient lines. In other words, best not follow me.
John MurrayJun 21 2021, 4:43pmThis looks like a fun race! :)

Are the mandatory points just Tonelagee summit, Glenmacnass Car Park and Scarr summit with free route choice between these points?
Mick HanneyJun 21 2021, 7:59pmCopying from forum from previous iteration of race:

There are 3 required summits:
- Brockagh West, Tonelegee, Scarr.
- Glenmacnass Waterfall Carpark is also obligatory
John MurrayJun 22 2021, 7:01amCheers Mick!
Lillian DeeganJun 25 2021, 5:45pmHi everyone,

I’m on to see might we source an RD and race team for this one? We’ve a short turn about time to get a little plan together for race day - anyone willing to slip in to RD?

Thanks - Lillian
Brian McGuckinJun 26 2021, 9:05amHi
I need a full list of volunteers for this race,
sign up early and get a free hat!

hat may not exist.
Alan AylingJun 26 2021, 9:45amRight Brian, I'm in. This would want to be a nice hat, even if it's a virtual one
Brian McGuckinJun 26 2021, 10:34amgreat stuff Alan,

there's also other free gifts!

Gifts may include the gift of thanks
or the gift of prayer..
one gift per person.
Brian McGuckinJul 1 2021, 6:15pmThis race will now start at 10am,
In order to enter this race you need to fulfil one of the following criteria: a) Have completed a full recce of the route b) Have previously competed in this race c) Be a proven competent navigator d) Run with a buddy who fulfils one of the above criteria. This needs to be agreed with the other person and you must stick together.
Paul DuffyJul 2 2021, 9:09pmHi Brian, I’m available for non running volunteer
Paul SmythJul 2 2021, 11:25pmHi Brian,

Is this being run on the same basis as previously, i.e., you must visit Brockagh west, Tonelagee, Glenmacnass waterfall, Scarr & Paddock Hill, but otherwise the route choice is free?

Brian McGuckinJul 3 2021, 8:21amThere are 3 required summits:
- Brockagh West, Tonelegee, Scarr.
- Glenmacnass Waterfall Carpark is also obligatory
I have updated details regarding parking and reg
Paul DuffyJul 5 2021, 10:25amHi Brian, could you PM me when you get a chance regarding what you need Sunday ( Thanks
Robert CostelloJul 5 2021, 12:50pmHi Brian,
Does my Wicklow Round qualify me as a 'a proven competent navigator'? Please disregard the first leg for the purpose of this assessment!
Brian McGuckinJul 5 2021, 1:14pmyes Rob, I'm sure you'll be fine.
Barry O'NeillJul 5 2021, 6:16pmAnyone else having trouble entering?
Roelie SmitJul 5 2021, 6:20pmDebit cards seem to work
Emma HandJul 5 2021, 10:33pmHi, I'd like an entry, but can't purchase one with my card at the moment.
Richard NunanJul 5 2021, 10:47pmEntries will be back open in the morning.

Watch out for the post!
Gerry McGuinnessJul 6 2021, 12:44pmIs this race still unavailable . Just hoping it's not just on my end and will miss entry
Conor O'FarrellJul 6 2021, 1:41pmThere will be plenty of time for getting entry. We are working on the problem. Our webmaster also has a day-job, so has little time to spend on this until later. We will all owe him a bunch of pints once this is sorted.

Please bear with us, we should have it fixed by this evening.
Graeme WarrenJul 6 2021, 5:22pmFirst race back - just to check, I can pick up number/chip at registration? Looking forward to it!
Brian McGuckinJul 6 2021, 5:26pmHi Graeme,
yes you can pick these up at registration
Laura FlynnJul 6 2021, 8:00pmThis event is open for purchase again. Thanks for your patience and to Jason for his efforts in resolving the issues we were experiencing with our payments’ system.
Laura FlynnJul 6 2021, 8:03pmIf you have any issues paying still please read Jason’s post from yesterday as you may find the answer there.
Graeme WarrenJul 6 2021, 9:27pmThanks for confirmation!
Gordon PlaceJul 6 2021, 10:13pmIs GPS supposed to be allowed in this race as a LC race? Says so on event details, Ballybraid also says GPS allowed but not Lug or Mt Leinster. Assume it is a mistake.

LC states 'No electronic navigational assistance may be used for championship races'
Mick HanneyJul 7 2021, 8:17amAFAIK there is no championship per se but the same rules should apply, no GPS assistance. So those taking part should be prepared to use map & compass if required.
Gordon PlaceJul 7 2021, 9:02amThanks Mick, with talk of the Munster Champs at the weekend, and the the LC & CC races listed as champs races and in the leagues for 2021, it looked like there was.
Paul MoloneyJul 7 2021, 4:18pmHi All,

I'm wondering is there anyone running this race who I can team up with please, I've never done this race before and new to the game but would like to take part.


Brian McGuckinJul 8 2021, 8:12amNeed more volunteers.
Emma HandJul 8 2021, 1:30pmHi guys,
I've been trying to purchase entry for this race over the past week, but can't with the credit card issues. I'm just concerned because the closing dates is tomorrow.
Richard NunanJul 8 2021, 2:26pmEmma what error are you getting ? Can you email Jason and see if he can help here

Ger PowerJul 8 2021, 2:32pmI am volunteer and I would be grateful if someone who is going early could give me a lift. I live in BlackRock and could meet on the N11. My number is O877957I46. Thanks
Pól Ó MurchúJul 8 2021, 3:05pmHi Emma, Tried calling you there. Can you give me a shout back whenever you are free and I'll try sort you out if possible.
Pierre OLIVIERJul 8 2021, 10:41pmHi Brian, planning on running but happy to volunteer before/after race if needed/both can be combined. Let me know 087 388 2268 /
Paul SmythJul 9 2021, 12:05pmThe website for the Brockagh Resource Centre says they are holding an outdoor market/car boot sale on Sunday starting at 10:00 so there may be additional congestion/traffic there on the morning of the race.
Joe LalorJul 9 2021, 3:30pmHi Brian, have you anyone to do water station/marshall at Glenmacnass crossing. If not I could cover this for you.
Mikey FryJul 9 2021, 3:47pmSure joe just bring some cups and they can scoop it out of the river:))
Mick HanneyJul 9 2021, 4:48pmWorth re-stating the mandatory / optional kit for everyone taking part, particularly those who may be new to open mountain IMRA races? From the event instructions:-

Face covering (assume buff can also meet hat req.)
Gloves (optional?)
water/snack of your choice

Suggested (phone, in case of emergency)

That it?
Brian McGuckinJul 9 2021, 8:39pmHi All,
registration will open at 9:15 and close at 9:45 in the field where we park,
the race will start from Brockagh, as the weather looks cloudy all kit will be required.
that would be great Joe, I put your name down.
Stephen BrennanJul 10 2021, 11:06amAre you using chip timing or not?
Conor O'FarrellJul 10 2021, 11:52amGiven the numbers, I would hope we are using chip timing. I'm not sure if we have a laptop operator for it though. Bring your chip just in case.

Andrew HanneyJul 10 2021, 4:28pmThanks for organising, Brian. Can you clarify the start and finish points please? When you say Brockagh do you mean the start finish of the league race?
Lillian DeeganJul 10 2021, 8:58pmHey Andy :)

Yes - with entry numbers greater than expected, RD Brian and Mick H have made the call to move the race start (& finish) location back from Military Road to the forest car park at Brockagh. Same start area by the barrier as with the recent Brockagh IMRA race - yep. A nice little uphill 5-10 min leg loosener from the reg. field to the forest barrier passing the car boot sale in the resource centre.

And while I’m on - I’m sending you advance best wishes with hearty congratulations! You have your entry to the Club 100 to close out on tomorrow. A terrific milestone- #GoYou! No pressure too :) You defo have filled the volunteer quota for a shirt to be gifted. We will get your t-shirt to you next Wednesday all going well. Race your best open mountain one now ;)

Good luck to everyone racing Glenmacnass - I hope Brian and his team have a smasher of a day above.

Lillian DeeganJul 10 2021, 9:14pmps I should probably quantify RD Brian will advise of any changes or other necessary info. on race morning when giving his race brief at gun time.
Laura FlynnJul 10 2021, 9:16pmCongratulations Andrew on reaching that milestone. Enjoy tomorrow.
Donatas JociusJul 11 2021, 5:33amHi I can't make today , iam out . Texted Just in case if u need to know.
Andrew HanneyJul 11 2021, 2:54pmThanks Lillian and Laura. I wanted one to remember for the 100th race and I sure got that.
Thanks Brian and his small army of volunteers, not a great day at all to be hanging around the hills so big kudos to you all. We will have to go back next year to see all the lovely views we missed out on today.
Mick HanneyJul 11 2021, 3:08pmThanks Brian and your volunteer team for a fantastic event today. The circuit is always a good challenge and the weather added to it. Looking forward to seeing the strava playback of this one to see the shortcuts earned by the recce-heads and alternate route options that might not have been so wise.

Anticlockwise next time ;-)
Louis MulleeJul 11 2021, 3:18pmThanks again to all the volunteers and to Conor who pointed out to me that Lough Ouler should be on our left! You know it's going to be an interesting race when 3 groups run of in opposite directions at the start line, leaving a 4th group unsure which group to follow! :)
Brian FureyJul 11 2021, 3:28pmThank you Brian and volunteers for putting on a great race. Thanks Joe for the water at Glenmacnass
Conor NolanJul 11 2021, 6:35pmThanks Brian and crew. Was the first of that type of race for me and enjoyed it thoroughly. I have a lot to learn about canny navigating. I'm looking at you Liam Vines :)
Robert CostelloJul 11 2021, 6:40pmWell that was a cracker of a race. Well done to Brian and all of the crew for a fantastic job today. Special mention to Brian Kitson making a return to the hills after his recent neck break, to Liam Vines for Nav of the day and to Warren Swords for a spectacular pint fuelled DNF reminiscent of his 2020 beer mile!
Laurence BriodyJul 11 2021, 6:56pmA massive thanks to Brian and crew of helpers. A rather wet one to be out in the mountains... Loved every bit of it...
Paul MahonJul 11 2021, 7:24pmGreat "Auld Fashioned Fun" race on the open hills :-)
I loved the simplicity of it all with just the few points to hit and the murky weather and navigating which made for some interesting results.
Many thanks to Brian, Ger, Alan, Joe and rest of the team for giving up their Sunday to make it happen for the rest of us.
Conor O'FarrellJul 11 2021, 7:30pmThanks to Brian and his hardy crew for giving up their Sunday on a miserable day to help us have fun in the hills. I have to say it was great fun, it I was happy to be finished.

Results are up. Please send any queries on to
Liam VinesJul 11 2021, 8:23pmConor Nolan I am sure I shouted “This way” must have been the wind!!!!
Thanks to Brian and crew.. Was a great morning out..
Good to see such good numbers for an unmarked route race..
Roelie SmitJul 12 2021, 8:20amThanks to Brian and his crew for a great morning in the hills. Spending your mornings in the rain in the hills is much appreciated.
Mick HanneyJul 12 2021, 10:30amIts Monday morning. We need race reports to read :-)
Stuart ScottJul 12 2021, 3:39pmThanks Brian and everyone else who helped out yesterday. It's great to see this race back on the calendar and the 'summery' conditions were most enjoyable! Thanks for giving up your day so the rest of us could get some exercise.
Barry McEvoyJul 12 2021, 5:05pmRace Report up, especially for yourself Mick :)
Gareth LittleJul 12 2021, 7:43pmThanks a lot Brian and co. What a classic race!

Report up, Mick ;)
Warren SwordsJul 13 2021, 9:59amThanks Brian and team for a great race. Well the first half anyway.

The no man's land area between Brockagh and Tonlegee is a hell of a place to discover you are hungover.

To quote the great George Oscar Bluth II, "I've made a huge mistake."