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Deirdre GalvinJun 16 2021, 9:21pmHi,
This is a "far into the future" type question!!
The current course details on Maurice Mullins Ultra state it is 44km. Were these the 2020 details, with it reverting back to the longer route this year; assuming all other variables are back to normal?
Thank you! Deirdre
Richard NunanJun 16 2021, 9:38pmPlan is to run the same course as last year - but largely dependent on securing the Car Park
Brendan GuineyJun 16 2021, 10:39pmWill entries for the ultra only open a few weeks before hand?
Richard NunanJun 17 2021, 8:15amYes. We have a while to go yet in terms of understanding restrictions.

But we will open for Entries on the Monday 2nd of August.

We will confirm the pre- Entered list also before this date.

Not sure of the weather yet :-)
Brendan GuineyJun 17 2021, 9:29amHow do you get on the pre-entered list? Lol :)
Deirdre GalvinJun 17 2021, 9:49amThank you for coming back so quickly.
Pól Ó MurchúJun 19 2021, 7:59amAn email has gone out this morning to anyone with a deferred entry to this race. Please check your spam/junk or whatever other folders you may have to check if you have received. I have had 3 bounced mails so can you also check you have correct email address in your IMRA profile. If you still haven’t received can you pop me an email and I will forward on again. Email address is on committee page at the bottom here.
Conor LuceyAug 5 2021, 6:02pmAre there any tickets left for sale for this, or has it sold out?
Richard NunanAug 5 2021, 7:13pmWork in progress - we will have an update over the weekend with a plan to open for a number of places on Monday
Richard NunanAug 9 2021, 8:41amMorning -

Additional places will be opened for the MMU race at 9:00am

If you have an entry that was deferred from last year it will be available for view in your payment history..


Ciaran CumminsAug 9 2021, 9:16amHi I have been trying to purchase Wicklow Way half since 9am. I have tried three different cards BOI, AIB and Revolout with no success. The BOI card worked to purchase Howth just last week.
Paul BurchmoreAug 9 2021, 9:16amI tried to enter the event at 9am today but had trouble with the payments process. I tried several different bank cards but received error messages on all of them. Is there an issue with the payments system or is just me !? Thanks
Gordon PlaceAug 9 2021, 9:29amHi Lads, it seems all issues are down to the information inputted as people eventually get it to work. There loads of instructions on the forum but triple check that autofill hasn't changed anything even after you've manually inputting it as it can right at the end, Make sure your address matches the bank statement exactly down to UPPER & lower case, punctuation and Mr. or Miss. Even if there are mistakes on the statement, copy them.
Make sure the phone number is as required including the pipe symbol and not spaces, dashes or anything esle. This is the pipe symbol, vertical slash.... |
Gordon PlaceAug 9 2021, 9:31am353|871234567. the "|" character after the "353", is not a number or letter, but the "pipe" symbol. It is normally found to the left of the "Z" key, while holding down shift, on a regular keyboard
Paul BurchmoreAug 9 2021, 9:40amThanks Gordon - it was the 'pipe' symbol causing my problem, all sorted now - thanks for your help :)
Ray Chambers CurtinAug 9 2021, 9:40amHey there,

I just purchased my entry for the MMU, no issues with the site or making payment.

Rgds, Ray.
Stephen Mc CabeAug 9 2021, 10:04amHi, if the MMU is not available in my “purchase events” page does that mean my purchase from last year has been deferred? I haven’t received any email to confirm this and I’ve been waiting since 9am but MMU hasn’t appeared yet?
Richard NunanAug 9 2021, 10:12amStephen - i have you entered.

Let me double check why its not appearing with the team.
Joseph BoyleAug 9 2021, 10:16amRichard,
Is that the original entry from 2020 or will it be updated in the purchase history to 2021?
Joseph BoyleAug 9 2021, 10:24amRichard, Forget the last question the status has updated to "You are entered"
Samuel FoxAug 9 2021, 10:52amHi Richard. Apologies if I am not getting this. I have the entry appear for 2020 - but no indication this has been deferred to 2021. Am I on the entry list? Thanks
Stephen Mc CabeAug 9 2021, 11:02amThanks Richard
Gordon PlaceAug 9 2021, 11:12amHi Samuel, open the event page itself and on the top right it should say on blue tab 'You are Entered'
Richard NunanAug 9 2021, 11:40amThanks Gordon,

@ Stephen - Your entry is based on your 2020, purchase history.

As Gordon ha said, click on the event page itself and on the top right it should say on blue tab 'You are Entered'
Samuel FoxAug 9 2021, 12:13pmThank you! All clear now. Looking forward to it.
Pól Ó MurchúAug 9 2021, 12:19pmJust to clear up a few queries on this. If you didn't request a refund or indicate that you didn't wish to run the event this year and had a deferred entry from last year you are in. There was no mail confirming entries sent as the original mail asked you to confirm you wanted an entry or not. Assuming you followed the instructions then you have an fact even if you didn't complete the form the default option was a deferred entry as indicated when race entries were rescheduled/ deferred last year. I didn't feel this needed confirming but...

You will know you are entered in a number of ways when you are logged in as it won't be available to purchase either on the event page or in the shop and on the real giveaway here is on the event page it will say "You are entered"...

This won't appear in your purchase history as only the original payment will show, this being confirmation of your payment/purchase. You haven't "purchased" an entry at this time so you will not have a record of a second payment, just the original payment.

Hope that answers the majority of queries coming through here and via email...refunds where requested as instructed in mail sent to all previous entrants will be processed shortly.

Please note the deadline for requesting refunds has passed at this stage and the event is now treated as any IMRA event, so if you unable to run for whatever reason unfortunately there will be no refund/transfers allowed, unless you opted for a refund within the given time frame as previously advised.
Pól Ó MurchúAug 9 2021, 12:51pmSorry forgot one more very important thing regarding the deferred entries. You will require 2021 Membership to run. You can purchase this in the normal way - "Membership/Shop/Online Entries". It is a requirement of all IMRA races that you are a current member to run an event and a requirement for our insurance, permits etc.
Damian KellyAug 10 2021, 1:32pmHi Pol,

i entered the Ultra and included the membership fee too. It came up with the word sucess under my contact details. But no money seems to come out of my card or the entry is not in my purchase history. Proabaly going over old ground here but will i try again as i was not sure if to with the word sucess.

Kind Regards

Damian Kelly
Barry O SullivanAug 24 2021, 7:22pmHi there. I just entered (43310) but I see the entry still says pending and is in my cart but the money has left my account. Just checking my entry was successful. Thanks, Barry
Jason DowlingAug 24 2021, 8:05pmHi Barry,

Just checked the entry list and your name is there.

Hope that helps,
Barry O SullivanAug 25 2021, 9:23amThanks a mill Jason.
Eoin Mac EochaidhAug 25 2021, 5:58pmQuick question re. the turnaround point. Is it going toi be the forestry gate at the glencullen river?
daniela lubiscakovaAug 26 2021, 10:46amHello there,

As Deirdre has asked earlier in this chat (16th of June) about the course. If you don't mind me asking again to clarify as it depended on securing he car park. Is this going to revert back to its original route (pre covid - 51km) or is it staying as Covid one from last year (44km)?

Thank you in advance,
Daniela L.
Lillian DeeganAug 26 2021, 12:22pmThe MMU will be raced from Pier Gates car park - same as 2020 Daniela.
Martin StevensonAug 28 2021, 9:15pmHi can’t make race as I’m doing Metalman triathlon on same day. Do I need to inform race director? If so how do I go about that.
Many thanks.9
Richard NunanAug 28 2021, 11:12pmThanks Martin
I shall take you off the Entry list.


christian headleyAug 29 2021, 10:17amHello, will there be water available at the checkpoints? Thanks, Christian
Richard NunanAug 29 2021, 11:32amHi Folks,

We wouod recommend that you run with a view to being as self sufficent as possible. We will have water at the half way and Crone woods. But it should be used fir emergency purposes.

Richard NunanAug 29 2021, 4:30pmHi Folks,

Hope you are all looking forward to the Maurice Mullins Ultra next Saturday, now that the trails are dry and fast.

This route wlll be the same as last year - from the Car Park across from the Pier Gates heading along the wicklow way to the Bridge that crosses the Glencullen river - 44km is the distance approximately.

At the Bridge there will be a Marshall with some water available and to turn you around. As mentioned last year, its a fast route out and make sure you keep all your energy for those climbs on the way back.

I could do with a few volunteers on the day. We will have different volunteers for Start, Finish, Crone and Glencullen Bridge - so I only require 2-3 hours of your time. Not the whole day.

Thank you to those who have volunteered already and to Mick Hanney who has most of the ground work done, with today's successful race !

REMEMBER : You Cannot race next Saturday unless you are an IMRA member. Over 50 runners who were deferred from last year have still not paid their Annual IMRA membership !
Ronan O'DonnellAug 29 2021, 7:20pmHi, is the start line just down from ballinstoe woods? Just want to make sure I get to the start line on time. Thanks
Mick HanneyAug 29 2021, 8:18pmHi,

Start is car park adjacent to Pier Gates, which is beside the realligned new section of Wicklow way.

This is for the coffee van in the car park, which serves lovely coffee.


Richard NunanAug 29 2021, 8:42pmHi Ronan,

Once you past the lough Taylor car park, it's 759 meters down the hill on the left. It's where there are trucks from the recording of the vikings are. We will have it sign posted on the morning.


Mick HanneyAug 29 2021, 10:16pmSuggestion from Wicklow Way Half race experience :-
1. At the sign-on desk, please indicate if you want to avail of Early start, or Not.
2. At the 'register chip' desk, ditto (indicate if you are early start or not).
3. At the finish line, say Early starter if you were so.

This will allow for accurate and consistent results as soon as possible, thanks.
Richard NunanAug 29 2021, 10:54pmThanks Mick, like last year we have a Short course sign in Desk and Normal course sign in desk.

We do a role call at the early start briefing to confirm.. Lessons from previous years.


Peter DoyleAug 29 2021, 10:58pmIn case I missed it can you confirm early start time.
Richard NunanAug 29 2021, 11:02pmThis year we will allow an early start at 8:30am the race start time is changed to 9:30 am and Cutoffs will be moved back similar to last year.
Matthew BranchAug 30 2021, 8:33amI had a quick look but there doesnt seem to be a map or link for the new route. Any chance someone could direct me to a strava or gpx? Thanks in advance.
Avril ChallonerAug 30 2021, 9:56amHi Richard, I had previously deferred my 2020 entry and am pretty sure that I saw the email asking if we wanted a refund/2021 entry and forgot to actually respond on the link (I wasn't sure if I could make the date). I don't know if I said to keep me on the start list or you automatically did as I never responded but my IMRA profile is saying i'm entered. It's no bother if I'm not on the list but wanted to check as it would be a pity to waste the place if its there.
Richard NunanAug 30 2021, 10:07amHi Avril,

You deferred it and therefore you are on the entry list.


Avril ChallonerAug 30 2021, 10:20amGreat, looks like I have a plan for Sat morning so!
David MurphyAug 30 2021, 10:23amHi Richard,

Good morning. I cannot make the Maurice Mullins this Saturday. Best of luck to all the runners and a big thank you to you & the team of volunteers for organising.


Dave Murphy
Richard NunanAug 30 2021, 10:35amThanks Dave, and see you Saturday Avril :-)
alan ritchieAug 30 2021, 7:16pmHas anyone got the elevation profile from last years race? Trying to work out pacing as I’ve read the second half i tougher. Too used to the fast finish from the longer route.

Clare KeeleyAug 30 2021, 8:50pmHi Alan,

I have the route on strava from last year, I can send it to you or take a pic of the profile, what ever you want. 0 eight seven 2, three, 7, 2 four, 3, six. Once you hit the board walk after the shoulder of Djouce on the way back, its a great down hill finish!
Matthew BranchAug 31 2021, 7:36amthanks Dierdre, i think I mapped out out myself along the WW as per the race description. Im ok.
Matthew BranchAug 31 2021, 7:36amI mean Clare ;)
Graham ColmerAug 31 2021, 3:15pmHere is a GPX of the route stolen from Clare's Strava ;-). Hope it helps -
Grace EganAug 31 2021, 8:17pmHi Richard, I went over on the ankle last week, not going to risk the distance on Saturday, best of luck to all taking part.
Brendan LawlorSep 1 2021, 9:36amHi all

A few more volunteers for Saturday would be helpful.. even one or two running volunteers to assist with parking at the start

Ronan O'GradySep 1 2021, 9:47amHi I can help with car park beforehand if u like. What time would you like me there at?
Brendan LawlorSep 1 2021, 9:56amCheers Ronan, 7.45 if possible

Early start is 8.30
Main start 9.30

Also quick reminder to any new IMRA runners that you do need
- jacket (can be carried in a bumbag or wrapped around your waist)
-mask (for registration and first 100m of race)
-water and food

You should not
- wear headphones (they are unsafe on narrow trails)
-drop any litter (gel wrappers, masks etc) on the route please
Avril ChallonerSep 1 2021, 9:59amHi Brendan, also happy to volunteer and help with Parking/anything else as a running volunteer.
Ronan O'GradySep 1 2021, 10:14amOK brendan, will be there for 7.45 and do car park as running volunteer. Not running til 9.30 anyhow
Brendan LawlorSep 1 2021, 10:17amSuper, thanks Avril and Ronan.. that should do us
Caroline O SullivanSep 1 2021, 8:39pmHi just wondering how many bag stops is there for Saturday please and where? Thanks
Richard NunanSep 1 2021, 10:05pmHi Folks,

Just again a reminder that this year - there are no Drop bags, runners should be self sufficent and we will have water at the half way point and at Crone Woods on the way back. There is a coffee truck at crone also if you feel you need an extra boost to get back up out of Crone and over Djouce !

The cut-off times will be imposed at each of the following points along the route.

These are:
The Glencullen Bridge (Halfway, 22km) 13:00
Crone Woods Gate(33km return): 14:45

Rain jacket must be carried - this will be checked on the start line and Masks are to be worn for the first 100 meters,

Thanks to all those who have volunteered so far, both running and non-running

John FitzgeraldSep 1 2021, 11:01pmHi Richard. I can volunteer at Crone Or at the finish. John.
Henry MicksSep 2 2021, 10:17amHi, apologies but unfortunately I will not be able to make it on Saturday. Good luck to everyone. Thanks, Henry
Petr JemelikSep 2 2021, 3:19pmHi there. First time for me to join MMU!
Could I choose and pick up early or late start?
Petr JemelikSep 2 2021, 3:40pm

try this to see profile...wind , weather etc for saturday
Richard NunanSep 2 2021, 3:56pmThanks for the Map Petr, 44.6km :-) But you have the route generally correct a few meters shorter at the start perhaps - but the turning point is correct.

If you think you will run 22km in 3.5 hours you should do the normal start. If you will take longer take the early start.

We would prefer that people on the early start do not hit the turn around before the first runner in the normal race. We expect our front runners to hit the turn at about 11:30am


Brendan LawlorSep 2 2021, 3:59pmHi Petr

The early start is at 8.30 am and is for slower runners (over 160% of race winning time)
Conor LuceySep 3 2021, 12:12pmIs there a run route for tomorrow?
Richard NunanSep 3 2021, 12:26pmSure is - scroll up two Forum posts and its there.
Mark McInerneySep 3 2021, 3:12pmI bought replacement chip in 2019 but wasn't available. Can I pick up a new one before race?
Mick HanneySep 3 2021, 3:28pmWe won't have chip timing tomorrow Mark, so can't assist this time around.
Mark McInerneySep 3 2021, 3:44pmNo worries Mick. Lovely work.
Richard NunanSep 3 2021, 5:15pm@John Fitzgerald - incase you haven't checked your email - you are stationed at Crone :-)

Thanks again to all the volunteers - weather looks good for tomorrow, but please dont forget to carry the mandatory Jacket and be as self sufficient as you can be, a lovely mug and a smile awaits you at the finish ! (From Jarlath)

Look forward to seeing you all in the morning for a day in the hills :-)
Mark CanavanSep 3 2021, 6:27pmIs there any way to get a late registration for Maurice Mullins ultra tomorrow? Apologies I completely forgot to register.
John FitzgeraldSep 3 2021, 7:01pmRichard. I will be at Crone at 12 o clock. If required earlier
let me know.
Richard NunanSep 3 2021, 7:30pm12:30 would be great John. Thanks again!
Michelle HayesSep 4 2021, 9:03amEarly start dropped pair of brown ray bans just before long stretch of sleepers ..if you see them please leave with a volunteer THANKS
Mick HanneySep 4 2021, 2:17pmSunglasses were found. In race director kit boxes.
Richard NunanSep 4 2021, 6:22pmSunglasses were returned !

Well done to everyone who ran today and crossed the finish line to get their mug. Hard Earned !!

Thanks to the great team of volunteers - Mick, Brendan L, Avril, Ronan, John F, Liam Vines, Aideen and Flora =. Thanks to all for giving up your time today!

Congrats to our Podium Winners

Ladies :

Becky Quinn - 1st (I have your prize)
Patricia McLoughlin - 2nd
Daniela Lubiscakova - 3rd


Barry Minnock
Rory Burke
Rory Campbell

Results in the morning - time for a Beer !

See you all at the end of March 2022 !
Justin KellySep 4 2021, 6:27pmThank you to all the race organisers and volunteers, great job by everyone
Michelle HayesSep 4 2021, 6:56pmThanks Mick for finding my sunglasses and to Richard best race director today
1st MMU great day out thanks to all volunteers
Samuel FoxSep 4 2021, 8:51pmWell home and feet up now. Many thanks to whoever (Conor I think but I was a little delirious) helped me out on that last climb and walked with me. I think it was dehydration that had me in that state. Without your help I could have got in a bad way. Bit of a lesson for me today. Really appreciated your help. Thanks to race organisers too.
Michael FoleySep 4 2021, 9:07pmThanks to all the volunteers involved today, tough but very enjoyable event, well done.
Jarlath HynesSep 4 2021, 9:47pmWell done Michael,
I hope you & your co-pilot made it home okay :)
Michael FoleySep 4 2021, 10:31pmWe did thanks, and thanks to all who gave assistance,
Jim WalshSep 5 2021, 8:17amThat was class. Many thanks!
Richard FoxSep 5 2021, 8:27amThanks to Richard and the team of volunteers for providing such a brilliant event. Many thanks indeed.
Aidan BuckleySep 5 2021, 8:38amThanks to Richard, all the volunteers and fellow runners for yesterday's race. Always appreciate people taking time to make these races happen.
Eoin Mac EochaidhSep 5 2021, 12:19pmA great day out on the hills. Many thanks to all the organizers and the very encouraging support at half way and crone.
Dermot shielsSep 5 2021, 12:34pmThanks for a great day out. Great support from volunteers and fellow runners. Brilliant atmosphere
Barry BreslinSep 5 2021, 1:02pmThanks to everyone for great day on hills.
Patricia McLoughlinSep 5 2021, 2:32pmThanks Richard and all the volunteers for another fabulous day in the hills.
Simon RouseSep 5 2021, 3:42pmThanks to Richard andeveryone involved in making this happen! The support was great.
My first time with IMRA looking forward to the next time.
Maeve HegartySep 5 2021, 3:57pmThanks Richard and all the volunteers for a fantastic event yesterday. I met so many lovely people en route and that camaraderie definitely helped me finish my first Maurice Mullins Ultra, a very special race and one I've been wanting to do for many years. Thanks to the guy who gave me the Snickers after Crone, so kind and much appreciated. My Dad would be very proud that his name is associated with such a fantastic event.
Mark WindrossSep 5 2021, 6:29pmThank you to all the people who helped me at the finish line yesterday, was not in a good place for a good while there. Thanks again it was a good day and nice run.
Richard NunanSep 5 2021, 6:37pmGlad that your feeling OK again Mark, thanks to Avril, Clare and Jarlath and your Cheafeur Michael !
Gavin DunneSep 6 2021, 6:04amThanks to all the volunteers. It was a great day and great race. It was lovely meeting so many nice people on route.
No problem Maeve. It was nice meeting you.
Simon RouseSep 6 2021, 5:00pmHi Richard,
Not sure if it's possible to amend after publishing bit I had an hour added on to my run time (4:56 not 5:56). I was in the first group away.
No worries if not

Richard NunanSep 6 2021, 5:58pmSorry Simon, (first man home) I over compensated as I already had added an hour. Will get it sorted. Apologies.
Ronan O'GradySep 6 2021, 8:35pmHi Richard, my name was not recorded in the results for the MM on Saturday. Ronan O'Grady no. 180.
Lisa Quirke CashmanSep 6 2021, 9:42pmHi Richard,
Are those lovely buffs u had on Saturday available to purchase? Great race...Still sore!
Jarlath HynesSep 7 2021, 8:21amAny social anthropologists or statisticians out there comment on the AGE category breakdown of MMU finishers?

Approx 100 finishers overall, of that

M45 25 finishers
F45 11 finishers (of 14 F finishers, incl Liz #2140)

What are they running from? to?
Richard MoriartySep 7 2021, 2:22pmJarlath, as an M45 I'm running for 5 hours of peace and quiet without the kids asking "Can I have......"
Clare KeeleySep 7 2021, 5:27pmJarleth, when I looked at the female results I instantly noticed the age breakdown! F45 is the new F :D
Roelie SmitSep 9 2021, 12:39pmBetter late than never - a quick thanks to Richard and all the crew who took time out last Saturday to make that run a success.
Thanks to all the participants for the great camaraderie along the way.
Richard NunanSep 9 2021, 3:07pmThanks for taking the time to post Roelie - always appreciated.