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Mikey FryJun 14 2021, 8:27pmHey everyone hope you all well and out running them mountains Brockagh is coming in a few weeks so we need more help to get this run in action so feel free to jump in and help out please:))

Thanks mick for first aid:))
Mikey FryJun 21 2021, 7:34pmOk nearly a week too go to race still need lap top operator and lots more helpers please:)))
Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusJun 21 2021, 9:15pmHey, is there much point to sign up as a volunteer if I can't make it till circa 18:40???
Mikey FryJun 21 2021, 9:50pmI’ll find you something to do thanks:))
Conor O NeillJun 21 2021, 11:26pmHi Mikey, volunteered as a ‘helper’ but last time I checked I reckon I can operate a laptop. Let me know what you need
Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusJun 22 2021, 12:44pmOK. No problem Mikey.
Conor O NeillJun 23 2021, 9:18amHi Mikey,
Just looking at Conor O'Farrell's post about laptop operators and clearly more to it than I imagined. I should probably demote myself back to 'Helper' for the event.
Stuart ScottJun 24 2021, 11:56amHi Mikey. I can give a dig out with the laptop and timing system but I'd like to run too. If someone else wanted to learn how the laptop worked (Conor ON?!) we might muddle through between us?
Miriam MaherJun 24 2021, 12:25pmConor/Stuart - if you were free on Sunday to shadow me on the laptop at Sorrell, then you could maybe take on the laptop for Brockagh? I hope to be racing brockagh myself so could be around to help with set up?
Mikey FryJun 24 2021, 2:20pmThanks Stu and Mim would be great if you guys could organise the lap top timing chip system let me know how it goes and if there’s anyone out there how could do it on the night with Stu would be brilliant race is coming up fast…and don’t forget race opens tonight at 6pm so if you want to race get on it fast people
Mikey FryJun 24 2021, 2:26pmMore helpers too even some running ones too please..
Jeff SwordsJun 24 2021, 4:07pmI can dig out with the laptop, my only issue is that I can't be guaranteed to arrive in time to set up before entrants start to arrive. So Stuart and Miriam can have it up and running and able to race once I arrive anyway.
Mikey FryJun 24 2021, 4:32pmThanks Jeff tired putting you down as laptop operator didn’t work:)
Jeff SwordsJun 24 2021, 5:10pmI just sorted it there, should be good now.
Sandra PegmanJun 24 2021, 6:11pmHi Mikey. I have an entry to run Brockagh but can be there early to help out with registration or anything else if you need a hand
Gerry McGuinnessJun 24 2021, 6:18pmJeff,
Iam registered to run but can help out before and afterwards
Gerry McGuinness 272.
You can email me @ with any details and times.
Regards Gerry
Gary Mason81Jun 24 2021, 6:19pmIm running but can also help out before or after. Ive added myself to volunteer list
Mikey FryJun 24 2021, 6:32pmThanks Sandra have added you as running helper:)
Gerry McGuinnessJun 24 2021, 7:10pmMickey,
Sorry my reply should have been to you not Jeff.
Regards Gerry
Barry O'NeillJun 24 2021, 8:22pmTrying to purchase.
Says there is one spot left but getting an error when attempting to purchase.
Is it sold out?
Sandra PegmanJun 24 2021, 9:41pmGreat stuff Mikey
Gerry McGuinnessJun 24 2021, 9:57pmMikey,
Sorry to be a pain. Just seen iam down as a no running helper. I have registered to run and was hoping to help pre and post run.
Regards Gerry
Mikey FryJun 24 2021, 10:18pmGerry your on the running helper list dude:)
Mikey FryJun 25 2021, 1:59pmHave envugh volunteers thanks:)
Mikey FryJun 26 2021, 7:59pmOk Mike you can help but please no more thanks to everyone who has put names down I’ve plenty now to play a American football game:)
Alan McDevittJun 27 2021, 2:25pmAny naked warrior dance if someone pulls out? I missed the online entry.
Alan McDevittJun 27 2021, 2:29pmAny naked warrior dance if someone pulls out? I missed the online entry
Alan McDevittJun 27 2021, 2:40pmNo idea what's happening there?! Delete those messages please!
Brendan LawlorJun 27 2021, 3:06pm@Alan , you just know when you’ve been ‘Tangoed’

There is no opportunity to participate once you miss entry unfortunately. Just jump onto the next race and hope your naked warrior dance succeeds !
Alan McDevittJun 27 2021, 3:48pmWell played sir!
Derek HayJun 28 2021, 7:24pmI've missed the online entry too, I noticed before the last race at Scarr there was an early start option. Is there an early start available at Brockagh? and if so, is it only the 150 race competitor's that can avail of it?

This is my first year with IMRA so not sure how the early start run works.
Richard NunanJun 28 2021, 7:40pmHi Derek,

Early start is the first wave of the 150 normally. Once the races fill up they are closed.

There are on average 2 races per week, so just move on to the next one when it opens.

grace o rourkeJun 29 2021, 3:06pmHi Mike
I am available to volunteer if you need more helpers?
grace o rourkeJun 29 2021, 3:08pmsorry just seen you have enough volunteers!
Debbie McCarthyJun 29 2021, 8:35pmHi. Just checking is the junior start time same as adult race? Thanks
Mikey FryJun 29 2021, 9:13pmJunior race will be just after senior race:)
Mikey FryJun 29 2021, 9:13pmSorry grace have so many volunteers try need race:)
Mikey FryJun 29 2021, 9:18pmSo I hope everyone is ready for race tomorrow night if it’s as hot as tonight holy moly sun cream midget spray water and the rest…don’t forget your jacket and buffs ..
Emma HandJun 29 2021, 10:12pmSorry Mikey, I put my name down on the volunteer list, but I see you've said you have enough. Will I come and if so when?
Mikey FryJun 29 2021, 10:37pmWe’re all ok Emma thanks try for next race if you can :)
Karl BourneJun 30 2021, 5:50pmHi guys. Just checking if possible to collect my race number before tonight’s race. I stupidly forgot to hold on to it last time thinking that we got a new one each race. Many thanks, Karl
Lillian DeeganJun 30 2021, 6:26pmHi Karl,
The reg. desk will give you a blank race No. above this evening to get you sorted. Tomorrow, will you go on the website and make a purchase to cover the replacement No. given this evening. The cost of a replacement No. €5.

Thanks - Lillian
Dave DochertyJun 30 2021, 10:55pmGreat craic there tonight. Big thanks to Mikey and crew. ...Oh and if anyone finds a blue packed Patagonia jacket in the field/carpark its mine.
Mikey FryJun 30 2021, 11:32pmThanks so much everyone for helping out tonight you all were amazing making my job so easy hope you all enjoyed:) thanks
Brian FarrenJun 30 2021, 11:42pmThanks Mikey and crew for a great race and for waiting for me while I hobbled back!!!
Sandra PegmanJul 1 2021, 12:04amThanks Mikey and all the helpers. Brilliant race. Really enjoyed this evening.
James H CahillJul 1 2021, 6:52amGreat evening on the Brockagh, thank you Mikey and all of the volunteers
Brendan LawlorJul 1 2021, 7:40amMany thanks to the unflappable Mikey and his crew of volunteers for a great race last night.

We often talk about the challenge of hillrunning in poor weather but the hot conditions yesterday were equally testing.. well done to all who ran!
Ben WardJul 1 2021, 7:47amThanks to all the organisers, first IMRA run, great event, very well run.
Eoin TaaffeJul 1 2021, 8:07amThanks a million for a great race, a great route and wonderful views (saw none!) Well done to everyone organising the event- as always a supper success
Sean ForsythJul 1 2021, 8:13amThanks Mikey and everyone for the race last night, it was unreal. 1st time on an open mountain side and it was some experience. Great route
Peter BellJul 1 2021, 9:04amDave i found a small black pouch in the car parking area, think its urs. Its in with the race kit.
Peter BellJul 1 2021, 9:06amWell done and thanks Mikey on another great race. Was a great night to be on the hills.
Karl BourneJul 1 2021, 9:36amThanks Lillian - I will indeed purchase a replacement number. Thanks to all for organising a great race last night. Was definitely warm trailing up that never ending ascent!
Sarah BradyJul 1 2021, 9:47amThanks Mikey and team! That was a lovely, well-organised event and worth the few midge bites! :)
Henny BrandsmaJul 1 2021, 9:56amHi, small little black pouce is probably mine, will pick it up at next Wednesdays run.
Conor O'FarrellJul 1 2021, 11:18amGreat evening for a run last night. Well done to everyone involved, and the dedicated team of helpers too.

Results are now up. Please send any queries to
Mick HanneyJul 1 2021, 4:28pmWasn't Karol 2nd?
Jeff SwordsJul 1 2021, 5:07pmHe was indeed Mick, transposition error had me put in the wrong number but it's noted that he was second. I'm sure Conor will sort it when he gets a chance.
Conor O'FarrellJul 1 2021, 5:25pmSorted! Thanks Jeff/Mick, I missed that in the race notes.
Paul DuffyJul 1 2021, 6:33pmGreat evening yesterday - thanks for organising. Not sure what went wrong with my timing/placement but I crossed the line 18th or 19th maybe. I'm down as 116th in the results. Thanks
Jeff SwordsJul 1 2021, 10:48pmHi Paul,

I had noted that your time was to be adjusted as your tag either wasn't read from your runner, or there was another issue with it, so your finish wasn't recorded automatically. At your next race it will flag any issues with it when you sign in and can be corrected.
Because of this I didn't have your finish time to manually adjust so mail the results secretary with your details.
Paul DuffyJul 2 2021, 4:04pmThat’s great - thanks for the help!