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Wicklow Round - 7th June 2:30am

Ivana KolaricJun 6 2021, 11:35amHi all,

I left unfinished business last year in the Wicklow mountains and with all the excitement of dot watching at present I've decided to go again and try get it done this time round!

Starting at 2:30am tonight...(Monday morning)
Linda O'ConnorJun 6 2021, 1:00pmGreat stuff Ivana, wishing you the very best of luck.
Graham K. BusheJun 6 2021, 1:44pmGreat stuff Ivana. Wishing you the best of luck.
Alice ClancyJun 6 2021, 2:13pmGood stuff Ivana!! You can do it!! Hope you have a lovely round!
Robert CostelloJun 6 2021, 2:20pmBest of luck Ivana
Richard NunanJun 6 2021, 2:49pmDelighted to see you going out again, very best of Luck Ivana ! Wishing you success !
Thomas RocheJun 6 2021, 3:20pmI'll have a front row seat for this one. Good luck Ivana
Peter BellJun 6 2021, 5:49pmBest of luck with it Ivana, looking forward to following your progress. Enjoy it!
Brian KitsonJun 6 2021, 6:01pmClass.
Miriam MaherJun 6 2021, 6:08pmBrilliant. Best of luck Ivana - will be dot watching and willing you on all the way!
Laura FlynnJun 6 2021, 6:44pmFair play Ivana giving it another go.
Best of luck to you!!!
Ciaran CrokeJun 6 2021, 7:13pmGood luck Ivana!
Lillian DeeganJun 6 2021, 10:38pmGood woman Ivana. Happy out seeing your post pop up. More power to yeah! Wishing you all the best.
Jp ByrneJun 7 2021, 8:51amDa very best of luck lvana iv no doubt u will smash it this time. Enjoy.
Robert CostelloJun 7 2021, 11:56pmWow. What a Round. Congratulations Ivana.
Conor NolanJun 7 2021, 11:57pmJust Wow! That was some response after last year's disappointment. Congrats on your Round.
Lillian DeeganJun 8 2021, 12:05amWhoop whoop Ivana you little beauty. 2nd times a charm ;)
Rachel CinnsealachJun 8 2021, 6:48amWell done Ivana, Delighted for you.
Barry BreslinJun 8 2021, 7:12amBrilliant run and great fun watching. Congrats Ivana
Miriam MaherJun 8 2021, 7:16amAmazing record setting achievement Ivana, was glued to the tracker last night. Well done!!!
Peter BellJun 8 2021, 7:40amWell done Ivana! Brilliant.
Laura FlynnJun 8 2021, 7:53amGreat news to wake up to. Congratulations to you Ivana.
John CostiganJun 8 2021, 8:05amWell done Ivana!
Robert CarneyJun 8 2021, 8:41amWell Done Ivana.
Fair play, enjoy the rest.
Joseph BoyleJun 8 2021, 9:04amBrilliant stuff Ivana, it was really interesting watching the dots yesterday, congrats on the record and enjoy your rest.
Brendan LawlorJun 8 2021, 9:41amGreat extended weekend of Wicklow Round activity, topped off with a new Womens record.. well done Ivana !

And congratulations to all this weekends Rounders !
Graham K. BusheJun 8 2021, 9:47amFantastic Ivana. I'm delighted for you. What a way to come back at it. You smashed it, you were moving that dot so quickly, I had to re-check your start time. All your hard work has paid off. I hope you enjoy your recovery.
Conor KeaneJun 8 2021, 10:03amClass round! Well done really enjoyed following the dot around.
Gareth LittleJun 8 2021, 10:06amSuper achievement. Well done Ivana!
Andrew HanneyJun 8 2021, 10:12amWell that was amazing and so exciting to watch. You certainly were on a mission. Congratulations Ivana.
Elizabeth WheelerJun 8 2021, 10:18amFantasitc Ivana...gripping watching you smash those peaks all day! Hats off, what run!
Mick HanneyJun 8 2021, 10:34amBrilliant. Great attitude to get back out there and get it done after the first attempt.
Luke RaffertyJun 8 2021, 1:04pmCongratulations Ivana, what a super time. You made it look so easy which shows all your hard work paid off.
Alice ClancyJun 8 2021, 1:49pmCongratulations Ivana!!! Brilliant running and perseverance!!
Brian KitsonJun 8 2021, 2:06pmCongratulations Ivana. I can only imagine how satisfying it must feel to come back and nail the Round in such emphatic fashion.
John BellJun 8 2021, 2:21pmCongrats Ivana. It was great to see you come back and complete it, and to set a new record was brilliant.
Ivana KolaricJun 8 2021, 8:23pmThank you to everyone. I'm so overwhelmed with all those messages, you are all so kind. :)

It was the perfect day and my best run ever. Good weather played a big role especially during the night making navigation less of an issue so I was able to stay good on my planned lines. As the summits passed without issue I was able to keep the positivity up and stay focussed which made me push as hard as I could till the end. I need to admit it's a very nice feeling to break Korina's record especially after I didn't finished last year. :)

A big thank you to John Murray, Tom Roche and Frank McIntyre for keeping me in good spirit and full belly all day long.

Well done to all the other recent completions and the very best of luck to those lining up!

For anyone thinking about giving it a it! The attempt day is just one small part of the experience. The months and months of recce's and planning are by far the most enjoyable running you'll get. It takes you to places you never frequent, improves your ability to survive in the hills alone and puts a smile on your face. I'd encourage more people, especially women to step up to the gate and enjoy the experience.

Thanks again everyone! :)
Stephen BrennanJun 8 2021, 10:14pmWell said Ivana. I'm so pleased for you that you came back from last year's disappointment to set a new ladies record this time. Superb!
Robert CostelloJun 8 2021, 11:59pmWell said Ivana. Congratulations again. The Wicklow Mountains are a special place and training for the Round is one of the best ways to experience them.
Deirdre O'NeillJun 9 2021, 6:21amCongratulations so well deserved all the hard work paid off. Class running, you well and truly smashed it, delighted for you!
Gavin ByrneJun 9 2021, 12:34pmGreat run Ivana, congratulations
Charles BurgessJun 9 2021, 1:19pmThat was some going! congratulations