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Hannah GibneyJun 5 2021, 3:54pmHi guys,
I was just wondering how does one go about getting involved to assist with race directing? Would love to give it a go!

Laura FlynnJun 5 2021, 4:19pmHi Hannah, it’s great that you’re interested in race directing. I see from your runner profile that your relatively new to Imra but you’ve already got a commendable volunteering record relatively speaking.
Your best approach is to sign up as a deputy RD for Scarr. You can do this by clicking on the volunteer tab on that event page. When a Race Director has been assigned to Scarr they can then accept you.
You should also read the duties of Race Director which are detailed in the Volunteer section on the home page.
Let me know if any questions.
You can email me directly on
Hannah GibneyJun 5 2021, 11:01pmHi Laura,
That’s great thank you so much for the info and help, I’ll sign up now! Excited to see racing back again now!
Javaid GaynorJun 18 2021, 11:00amHi just wondering when the online entry for this race will open up?

Lillian DeeganJun 18 2021, 11:12amHi Javaid, committee are looking at this presently. We’ll get an update posted on here in the next day or so. Will you keep an eye out for same.

Laura FlynnJun 19 2021, 1:25pmThis event will be available to purchase from 6pm Monday
Mick HanneyJun 20 2021, 7:56pmHi, is this a new route? Maps appear to be old routes? Just wondering re: the instructions for car parking / start. Thanks.
Andreas KuschJun 20 2021, 9:29pmHi all. As Laura said, online entries open on Monday at 18.00.
There will be a new route for Scarr 2021. We will start in Oldbridge. It's going to be fantastic,( I hope).
The route involves a steep uphill to the cairn on top of Scarr and then it's a very long beautiful, soft downhill via Kanturk Mountain, The Bracken Rocks and The Crap to the finish (new map uploaded). There will be a junior race and an early start at 7pm.
Most parking places will be at Wicklow Way Lodge. It's about 800m from there to registration. Registration will open at 18.00 and closes at 19.15.
Roelie SmitJun 21 2021, 7:31amI can volunteer for Scarr on Wednesday if needed.
Andreas KuschJun 21 2021, 11:03amThanks, Roeli. Please sign up on the page.
seamus allenJun 21 2021, 5:53pmHi,
I have U18 / U16 wanting to do this race.
What junior categories are there for this race?
Miriam MaherJun 21 2021, 6:08pmHi Seamus,

Based on our distance rules for juniors racing:

Your U16 can do the short course, your U18 can do the full course.

Hope they each have a fantastic time!

All the best

seamus allenJun 21 2021, 6:36pmHi miriam,
Can I register them on my account or do they need an imra membership and account themselves each?
Miriam MaherJun 21 2021, 6:46pmHi Seamus
They need their own separate account/membership. There is a way of using gmail to creat alias accounts which is one way around that. Or if they have their own email addresses - they could use them. In any case, each runner needs their own IMRA membership.
Lilly JonesJun 21 2021, 7:10pmIs it sold out already? Getting error codes trying to purchase event.
Allen JackJun 21 2021, 7:29pmHi,
I am getting an error for race entry also.
Sarah BradyJun 21 2021, 7:39pmSame here, it says it’s not sold out, but haven’t been able to enter :(
Robert CostelloJun 21 2021, 7:44pmLooks like it was closed at 7.15 according to the race description. Can entries be put back online if there are any left please? Thanks
Andreas KuschJun 21 2021, 8:01pmI'm afraid it is sold out already.
Robert CostelloJun 21 2021, 8:01pmHi Andreas,
if there are two spots left (as the race description says) can they be sold to Lilly and Jack as the first two on the forum who tried to purchase but couldn't?
Graeme RennieJun 21 2021, 8:06pmIs there a naked warrior dance? I also get an error when trying to signup at the moment.
Graeme RennieJun 21 2021, 8:08pm*naked warrior dance.
Wow. That's a new low for autocorrect.
Graeme RennieJun 21 2021, 8:10pmA list on which people wait....
Sarah BradyJun 21 2021, 8:21pmThanks Andreas, I’d best set a reminder for next one. :)
Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusJun 22 2021, 12:56pmAny chance someone has a link to a GPX Route? I tried to replicate it from the map, but I am missing a KM there somewhere :(

Here's my one >>
Alan AylingJun 22 2021, 1:32pmSo Andreas is the last 900 m on the road part of the race? I suppose having a bike stashed would be frowned upon? :-)
Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusJun 22 2021, 2:08pmUse an E-Scooter, they are easier to hide :D
Paul SmythJun 22 2021, 2:46pmLike you Alan, I'm really hoping the road section isn't part of the race, especially not if at the end.
Andreas KuschJun 22 2021, 10:21pmRe route: I don't want to finish on the narrow path (agreed access route), you don't want the long road. Let's have a little bit of road (100m ish) to allow for good sprint finish battles.
Re remaining 2 places. It's disappointing, but I have no way of getting them onto the system and I don't think it's fair to ask the over-stretched online entry volunteer to do even more extra work.

Registration closes at 19.15. Don't forget your face mark/buff. It has to be worn at registration and for the first part of the race (200m) and after the race. A windbreaker/rain jacket is also mandatory.
Pól Ó MurchúJun 22 2021, 10:36pmLooking forward to the race tomorrow - looks like it’ll be a savage uphill start! Sure to get the heart rate up early on!

Just on the entries there were actually150 entries sold when the shop closed automatically yesterday evening. There was an error writing 2 entries to the entry list but payment had been made successfully for both of these and upon investigation today I located these entries and have corrected the list of entries. So it was in fact full - the system worked as it should in the sense of closing entries at 150 but just wasn’t displaying the correct number as a result of the error.
Alan AylingJun 22 2021, 11:07pmSounds like a good compromise Andreas! There isn't room to operate the finish safely and effectively on the narrow lane, so a bit of road makes good sense.
Looking forward to the race now!
Roelie SmitYesterday, 7:36amWhat time should helpers be there this evening?
David A ButlerYesterday, 9:10amDon't forget loads of midge spray, they have been swarming down here in the last few days & at the Scouts is particularly bad......
Andy KeelingYesterday, 2:02pmLooking out at the weather now I'm very much looking forward to running through "the Crap"
Warren SwordsYesterday, 3:20pmFor an extra challenge, I'll create a strava segment for The Crap.

So hopefully by this evening, we can declare who are the Kings and Queens of The Crap.
Sandra PegmanYesterday, 10:08pmThank you so much to all involved for a wonderful race this evening. It was fantastic & such beautiful route.
Alan AylingYesterday, 10:40pmWell said Sandra. Cracking route, really well marked, beautiful dry underfoot conditions... so good to be back out at this madness! Thanks to all the team behind it.
Midges weren't even too bad... though that may have had something to do with liberal application of Smidge beforehand - brilliant stuff!
Peter BellYesterday, 11:04pmMassive thanks to Andreas and his crew, very well organised race and the new route was great. The marking was spot on too, very easy to follow.
Laura FlynnYesterday, 11:16pmFantastic new route, loads of lovely downhill once you got the slog up to Scarr done. Well done to Niamh on the marking, impossible to go wrong. Huge thanks to Andreas for his efficiency and good humour. Thanks to all the volunteers tonight, not easy having to contend with the midges.
Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusYesterday, 11:35pmThanks for organising :)
John McCannToday, 12:00amThank you, Andreas and team, for a fantastic evening on the hills. That route is definitely a keeper! Thanks Niamh for the flawless marking which added yet more enjoyment.
Caroline ReidToday, 8:08amThanks to Andreas for a wonderful route and to all the team, particularly Niamh for the great marking which meant you could enjoy the route even more!!! What a cracker....a new favourite!!! Great to be back in the mountains! Thanks IMRA!!
Conor O'FarrellToday, 9:14amResults are up. There may be a few early starters in the wrong position and I am looking to get these resolves ASAP.

Please send any queries to

Warren SwordsToday, 10:25amThanks to Andreas and team of volunteers. Fantastic evening out on the hills. The race marking was exceptional and the course was superb. The start was a shock to the system!

I know you're all eagerly awaiting to see who is The King and Queen of The Crap, literally the crappest Strava segment in Ireland.

As per Eastwest mapping,, "The Crap" is the eastern spur just before the last steep descent to the road.

Without further ado,
The 2021 King of The Crap is Peter Roche in 2.41. He also took the consolation prize of winning the entire race.

The 2021 Queen of The Crap is Tricia McLoughlin in 3.29.

I have been in touch with the committee about arranging an appropriate turd trophy for next year's race.
James H CahillToday, 12:00pmThank you Andreas and all of your team of volunteers for a great evening out. Super new route.