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Belmont - Little Sugar Loaf

Mick HanneyJun 4 2021, 8:28pmSneak previous of Belmont on RTE's tracks and trails this evening. Should be on the player thereafter.

Also the Ballycumber loop around Tinahely.
Lilly JonesJun 6 2021, 11:36amWill there be a junior short course?
Angela FlynnJun 6 2021, 3:44pmYes, there is a juniors short course -same as last year, Thanks
Phil behanJun 6 2021, 10:55pmBrilliant to be back and delighted there is a junior course for this. My daughter ran her first one last year and is now very keen to get back into the mountains. Well done to the committee too for all your hard work to get us back into the hills.
Laura FlynnJun 8 2021, 1:45pmRegistration for this race will open this Friday the 11th of June at 6pm. There will be a parking charge of €3 payable to the venue on exiting, payable by card.

Registration is ONLINE ONLY.

NO SPECTATORS can attend this event and participants should not attend if feeling unwell.

FACE-COVERINGS must be worn in the start and finish areas and for the first 200m of the race.

Numbers will be LIMITED in compliance with current restrictions.

Please read and be aware of our Social Distancing Protocols.

Looking forward to seeing you all.
Eamonn HodgeJun 11 2021, 6:12pm110 sold in 10 minutes!
Fergus BradyJun 12 2021, 11:51amHi,

Is there a naked warrior dance for this event.


Angela FlynnJun 12 2021, 2:24pmReplacement chips are available to purchase online for those of you who have misplaced their previous one/ones...
This race will be a busy event for the organisers and runners are asked to follow the marshalls instructions re: parking/gathering/face covering and registration. Please allow plenty of time to get to the race. register and sort out chip. After the event please do not gather and exit the estate in a prompt manner. Belmont have been very accommodating of us and we appreciate the use of their facility.
Angela FlynnJun 12 2021, 2:33pmDetails
Registration will open at close at 7pm. There is an early start of 7pm for this race.
Bibs and chip timing are available for collection for those of you who have not run this year
Replacement bibs and chips are available to purchase online
These is no sign in sheet but you should be familiar with the new protocols regarding social distancing- follow directions from the volunteers
Face covering -to be worn in the registration area/ start line and 200m of the race route
Emergency phone no- no on reverse of bib. Save this no.
Kit -mandatory kit required.
There is a technical section along the top of Little Sugarloaf- please be careful especially if you have not run much this year. The routes for both juniors and seniors are on the events page.

Prizes- vouchers will be passed on a the finish line- no raffle -sorry.
A big thank you to all the volunteers who have signed up so willingly for this first race back.
Good luck and enjoy.
Angela FlynnJun 12 2021, 2:42pmvolunteers -thank you to all who have volunteered for this event. We have enough now for this event (as this is part of our quota of participants). There will be more opportunities to volunteer as the season develops and it is a great way to get to know people in the association.
Karl BourneJun 12 2021, 2:51pmDear all, myself and another fellow IMRA newbie ran this route today as a reccie. Be careful when descending the north side of the Little Sugar Loaf as there was a low hanging wire fence just after the broken wall on which you could easily snag your foot if coming off at pace. Best of luck to all on Wednesday
Angela FlynnJun 12 2021, 3:23pmthanks Karl -appreciate the info-
Lilly JonesJun 12 2021, 7:44pmLilly Jones unable to race, how do you free up a spot?
Miriam MaherJun 12 2021, 8:46pmPutting my separate forum post here too for Belmont coming up.

As we look forward to the first of the races for 2021, a quick reminder about the different age categories and applicable racing distances for Juniors in IMRA.

1. Minimum age* to take part in an IMRA race: 6

2. Juniors under the age of 10 must be accompanied on the race
route by a guardian or parent

3. Age classes/race distances:

• Under 10 [6-9] – accompanied on the course by
parent/guardian – distances up to 5k

• Under 14 – [10-13] – distances up to 5k

• Under 16 – [14-15] – distances up to 7k

• Under 18 – [16-17] – distances up to 10k

*Age – the age the runner is by the 31st December of the relevant year is the applicable age for races during that year


Results and Prizes

here will be a M/F Junior prize available to Juniors who come first in the short courses of any race. Juniors racing the full race distances of any IMRA race will not be eligible for an age category prize unless there were no juniors racing the short course of that race event.


Laura FlynnJun 12 2021, 9:36pmSorry to hear you can’t make it Lily. Unfortunately we don’t operate any freed-up slots system.
Hope to see you at another race soon.
Laura FlynnJun 12 2021, 9:40pmAnd in reply to your query Fergus, we don’t have any system whereby you can secure an entry for an event once it has been sold out.
Nora LalorJun 12 2021, 11:35pmWell done Laura, good answer & no dancing love it
Killian NolanJun 14 2021, 9:57amHi folks - looking forward to my first IMRA race on Wednesday. Is the race start 7 or 7.30? The event page states 7.30 but the post above from Angela says 7pm. Could someone please clarify what the mandatory kit requirement is for this race also?

Many thanks!
Justin ReaJun 14 2021, 12:41pm@Killian The 7PM start is for early starters who usually take in excess of 160% of the winners time to finish the race. This is voluntary and everyone can start at normal time if they wish.

The start for everyone else is 7:30
Mick HanneyJun 14 2021, 1:20pm@Killian - it is mandatory for everyone to have a jacket. A light windbreaker type jacket that packs down into a pocket suffices.
Brendan LawlorJun 14 2021, 1:39pm@Killian a Facemask or buff face covering is also mandatory for registration and the first 200m of the race route
Killian NolanJun 14 2021, 2:41pmThanks all - that's clearer now. I looked through the Beginners FAQ but it only mentions needing kit for Navigational Challenge races. I'll bring a packable jacket & buff. See you on Wednesday!
Dave WalshJun 14 2021, 3:17pmHi all total IMRA newbie here, is there a naked warrior dance I can join for races like (Belmont – LSL)I wanted to do my first IMRA race and see that Belmont is sold out, just wondering if there are transfers or on the night entry if people don’t turn up ?
Many thanks
Cheers Dave
Dave WalshJun 14 2021, 3:19pmSorry dont know what happened on my phone :-( - naked warrior dance is what that should have said.......sorry
Dave WalshJun 14 2021, 3:22pmnaked warrior dance = w a i t i n g L i s t
Laura FlynnJun 14 2021, 4:13pmThis is probably a good place to highlight to all those new to Imra and to remind members in general how we operate and our reliance on volunteers.
Imra is run entirely by volunteers and this is the main reason we can keep costs so low.
There is an expectation that those who compete regularly in out events also volunteer regularly.
The Volunteer tab on the home page explains this in more detail. If you enjoy our races please consider signing up as a volunteer. It’s a great way to get involved in the organisation and see it from another perspective.
Gavan DuffyJun 15 2021, 9:51pmHi is there a height restriction on the entrance to Belmont. I presume we are going in the same gate as last year, down through the wood.

Laura FlynnJun 16 2021, 7:52amHi Gavan, you might be best giving Belmont a call yourself to check that. Yes it’s same entrance as last year.
Brian EastwoodJun 16 2021, 9:25amJust rang Belmont and there is no height restriction for parking.
See ye all later
Pól Ó MurchúJun 16 2021, 10:13amExcept maybe really small people who can’t see over the steering wheel…they probably shouldn’t be allowed park the cars…
Wayne LeeJun 16 2021, 10:19amHey Pól O Murchu I'm one of those that can't see over the steering wheel and I'm well able to park admittedly I have to use a big booster seat but I can still park just as well as any giant person
Conor O'FarrellJun 16 2021, 11:03amWhat if I just have REALLY big steering wheel?
Stuart ScottJun 16 2021, 11:28amThere's no need to boast, Conor.
Raghnall O'DonoghueJun 16 2021, 12:16pmThe penny has just dropped on the naked warrior dance. This is hilarious :D
Gavan DuffyJun 16 2021, 12:47pmThanks Brian!!

Haha, I don’t have that problem with seeing over the steering wheel. It’s more my head poking out of the sunroof.
Steven PettigrewJun 16 2021, 2:12pmHi folks
Does the race chip come with the annual membership or does it need to be paid for separately?
Angela FlynnJun 16 2021, 4:19pmRace chip is included if you never got one before.
Andrew HanneyJun 16 2021, 4:19pmThe first race chip is included in membership. Any replacements have to be bought.
Mikey FryJun 16 2021, 4:26pmAnd if your dog ate it hard luck;((
Karl BourneJun 16 2021, 4:48pmHi all, how much time would you allow for registration and collection of Bib/Chip. Would 6.30 be early enough? Thanks
Lillian DeeganJun 16 2021, 4:50pmGood luck to RD Ange and her trusty helper crew for this eve. It's gonna be super busy being the 1st of the Leinster season and equally great to be back to biz of a Wednesday evening too.

All the best Ange. Have a fabulous one ;)
Aubrey O'NeillJun 16 2021, 9:38pmWell done to everyone who raced this evening and a HUGE thank you to all who made it happen.

Was absolutely class to see it back up and running again.
Phil behanJun 16 2021, 9:46pmWell done all. Excellent organisation and a brilliant race. The juniors course was fantastic. A huge credit to all involved getting us back into the hills. Well done to all who raced too.
Stephen Mc CabeJun 16 2021, 9:59pmThanks to all the organisers and helpers for a fantastic evening on the hills. It’s great to be back at it again.
Ciaran AylwardJun 16 2021, 10:01pmThanks to all the volunteers. Great to be back racing!
Warren SwordsJun 16 2021, 10:01pmThat was a fantastic evening. Thanks to all volunteers.

I think that was the smoothest registration I've ever seen. So quick and and that was even with it being first race of year.

Great to see everyone back at it.
Brendan LawlorJun 16 2021, 10:11pmWell done and thank you to Angela, Laura and all the volunteers for a great return to IMRA racing. Great to see many of our new Wicklow Round heroes in attendance too.

It’s good to be back !
Eoin Mac EochaidhJun 16 2021, 10:42pmThanks for organising a great race. Beautiful day and course and a great introduction to imra racing. Great craic flying down the field after the technical stuff up top.
Gary Mason81Jun 16 2021, 11:26pmGREAT TO BE BACK, perfect evening, race organisers/volunteers did a great job. Excellent course. Thanks
Roelie SmitJun 17 2021, 7:26amThanks to Angela and everyone who helped at registrations and marshal along the route. Great evening.
Paul MoloneyJun 17 2021, 7:28amThanks to all involved in making this brilliant race happen. It was an amazing introduction to IMRA, really enjoyed the experience and course.
Wayne LeeJun 17 2021, 10:39amBig thank you to all the volunteers brilliant race and top class organisation well worth the drive up from Waterford
Tim MurphyJun 17 2021, 11:33amSuper smooth registration..! Well done to all involved.
Sean ForsythJun 17 2021, 12:40pmThanks to all the organisers and volunteers, I really enjoyed my 1st IMRA race, even after taking 2 wrong turns.

It was a great and friendly atmosphere, very welcoming, can't wait for my next race.
Karl BourneJun 17 2021, 1:12pmMany thanks to all the volunteers for making this a fun and smoothly organised event. Looking forward to the next outing
Martin BagnallJun 17 2021, 3:16pmThanks Angela and all the other volunteers. Great race and really well organised. I really enjoyed it even if my legs claim otherwise!
Fiona SmythJun 17 2021, 4:01pmThanks to all for a really great race last night! So efficiently ran! We might have all been vaccinated by now if the IMRA crew had been put in charge :)
Andrew HanneyJun 17 2021, 4:07pmPhotos from the summit are up!
Conor O'FarrellJun 17 2021, 5:11pmThanks Andy "Belmont Photo Service" Hanney!
Michael PeirceJun 17 2021, 6:46pmBrilliant race and location at Belmont! Many thanks to all the volunteers and especially the first aid operator at the finish who very kindly bandaged me back together after an initiation tumble.
Sandra PegmanJun 17 2021, 8:57pmHuge thank you to Angela and all the other volunteers for the race last night. Really appreciate all your efforts. It was a wonderful evening. Marvellous to be back on the hills.
Michael PeirceJun 18 2021, 3:57pmHi, my race result time is incorrectly recorded as 1:38:05, instead of 1:05:27. It seems I may have been recorded as an early starter, but I started with the main group at 7:30pm. I finished right behind the runner with race number 14.

Any chance that could be fixed? Thanks again for a great first event!