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Maurice Mullins Half

Patricia FlynnJun 1 2021, 2:52pmMentions sold out already. Checking this is the case?
Mick HanneyJun 1 2021, 4:13pmThe calendar is just published. The default position is probably 'sold out' until they are opened up for 2021 entries. Announcements will follow, probably on an event by event basis.
Alice ClancyJun 1 2021, 4:42pmHi there Patricia,
No entry details have been published for any of the races yet - keep an eye on the event page and the online shop for these. At the moment, if you click on the event page, the tab on the top rhs says 'no entry details yet'. If you scroll down to 'Entry Details', you'll see a note saying: "No entry details have been entered for this event yet. Entries for league events usually open a couple of weeks before the event".

As with last year, the event page will be updated closer to the race date - first it will first be updated with the date entries open in the tab on the top rhs of the event page, then on that date, the event status will change to 'Entries Open', and the 'Entry details' will be updated with link to shop. Once entries are open, you will be able to see the event in the online shop too. If all entries are purchased, the event status will then change to 'Sold out' on the event page.
I hope this clarifies things, it's exciting that races are back, just keep an eye on the event pages, and hopefully you'll be able to enter all the races you want to!
Patricia FlynnJun 1 2021, 5:03pmBrilliant thanks!
Jenny Uí ShéJun 2 2021, 3:57pmHI there , wondering is it possible to go on a naked warrior dance for this run? If not no problem!

Jenny Uí ShéJun 2 2021, 3:58pmthats weird !! I wrote on a naked warrior dance and naked warrior dance came up-
Jenny Uí ShéJun 2 2021, 3:59pmtheres obviously a glitsch in the system!
Kevin O'RiordanJun 2 2021, 4:16pmHi Jenny, if you read Alice's post above, you'll see that entries for the event won't open until closer to the event.
Mark WilloughbyJun 15 2021, 9:40amHey, i was registered for last years Maurice Mullin half and due to restrictions wasn't able to race. I received a email that my entry would be carried forward to this years race, just checking that this will still be the case
Mick HanneyJun 15 2021, 9:50amNo carry forwards from last year. Refunds were offered.
Mick HanneyJun 15 2021, 9:52amThis event is not open for 'sale' yet. Details will be put online when we have them.
Mark WilloughbyJun 15 2021, 9:58amMick, that not what the email i received on 22nd October from Pol OMurchu says, it says my entry is automatically carried forward to this year
Gordon PlaceJun 15 2021, 10:00amHi Mick, I seem to recall an email saying that refunds were by request only and you did not need to reregister for missed races if you didn't take that offer. Maybe there was a later post or email changing that.
Mark WilloughbyJun 15 2021, 10:01amI think it's safe to say that we have been through a fairly turbulent year of racing (and not racing) over the last 10 months. Unfortunately as per Richard's message earlier this week, we regretfully have decided to call it a day on trying to deliver on any more race events for the remainder of the year. We are holding out hopes for the remembrance run at Christmas time, but as with everything else these days, that will be wholly dependent on the restrictions levels in place at that time.

In any case, we are looking forward with high hopes and crossed fingers for a better year next year! We will certainly be aiming to put on a good show in 2021 to have you all back up and racing again!

For any runners that:

1. Could not attend races they were registered for due to Covid 19 restrictions in place at the time of the race


2. Were registered for a race that was either cancelled or rescheduled due to Covid 19 restrictions at the time of the event

you will automatically be entered into the same event in 2021.
Mark WilloughbyJun 15 2021, 10:01amextract from email received
Pól Ó MurchúJun 15 2021, 10:05amHi Mark (& Mick),
Registrations for last year who were unable to run due to restrictions that were in place were offered the choice of a refund or deferred entry. Those who did not avail of a refund will again be offered the choice of a refund or to automatically carry the entry over to this event. There are also a handful who requested refunds that have still not been processed as some people didn't come back to me with bank or card details to process the refund, these will also be contacted again and offered to either retain their place or get the refund processed.

I hope to get this organised in the coming week but it may be late next week before I get a mail out to all. I will post up here once the mail goes out asking those impacted to check their junk/spam folders as I think sometimes the talk of refunds and asking people to contact me with their bank details may in some cases be causing the mail to go into one of these folders.
Hope this helps.
Mark WilloughbyJun 15 2021, 10:08amThanks, i went for the deferral option that’s why I was checking with my first post
Mick HanneyJun 15 2021, 10:29amHi, sorry for the confusion. Thanks for clarifying Pol. Regards,
Christopher MurnaneJun 15 2021, 9:20pmThanks to all the organisers, it's not easy been easy and we appreciate all the time and effort you put in.
Colette MatthewsJun 16 2021, 6:22pmHi Mick & Pól, sorry to bother you again but just to clarify....I did not respond to last year's email as it said entry would automatically transfer. Will we be contacted with offer of carry over before entries open?
Huge thanks for getting things moving again.
Pól Ó MurchúJun 17 2021, 9:27amHi Collette,
I think this has been answered in the above post… “Those who did not avail of a refund will again be offered the choice of a refund or to automatically carry the entry over to this event. ” and “I hope to get this organised in the coming week but it may be late next week before I get a mail out to all.” so If you didn’t get a refund you either didn’t avail of the refund or are one of the few who I was unable to contact about the refund…hope that clarifies it. :-)
Gerry McGuinnessJun 17 2021, 10:43amGood morning,
First I would like to thank everyone for the great start to the season with the Belmont run.
In relation to transfer from last years Galtee half. I was restricted in participating due to Government Covid restrictions and sent a post to this regard. I was hoping that this would automatically enter me into this years event. Looking at the list of events it appears it's not happening. Can I be transferred to the Maurice Mullin half or full.
If this is over complicating things, just absorbed my Glatee fee into the general funds.
Thanks Gerry.
Pól Ó MurchúJun 19 2021, 7:59amAn email has gone out this morning to anyone with a deferred entry to this race. Please check your spam/junk or whatever other folders you may have to check if you have received. I have had 3 bounced mails so can you also check you have correct email address in your IMRA profile. If you still haven’t received can you pop me an email and I will forward on again. Email address is on committee page at the bottom here.