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And we are Back !

Richard NunanMay 31 2021, 8:19pmHi Folks,

Just wanted to let you know that we will be back racing from the 16th of June starting with "Belmont and little sugar Loaf", (the same race as 22nd of July last year.) We will have the Calendar and further details online by the end of the week.

In the mean time we would ask everyone to do a review or refresh themselves with our Covid protocols as we will be racing under the same protocols as last year.

See you soon on the hills

The Committee
Mick HanneyMay 31 2021, 8:54pmA big thank you to the hard working committee. Looking forward to getting back.
sarah halfordMay 31 2021, 9:25pmWhat fantastic news! Cannot wait for the first IMRA event of 2021 :)
Kevin O'RiordanMay 31 2021, 10:07pmGreat stuff :)
John Murphy74May 31 2021, 10:15pmBrilliant news.
John CostiganJun 1 2021, 7:35amGreat news!
Stephen BrennanJun 1 2021, 7:41amThe calendar is up! What a great set of races to look forward to!
Robert CostelloJun 1 2021, 8:13amWell done everyone in getting a comprehensive race list together. It’s a beautiful day.
Peter BellJun 1 2021, 8:26amThats a great calander, Nice one for all the hard work.
Ross ReillyJun 1 2021, 9:10amGreat to see the calendar up just a question will any of the trial races be going ahead for the mountain and trail running world championships thanks
Anne-Marie FlahertyJun 1 2021, 9:27amFantastic news!

Thanks everyone who's been part of putting this together.

(Better start training)
Andrew HanneyJun 1 2021, 9:44amThings are looking up! That's a great calendar of events in store for us. Thank you for all the hard work.
Ronan HickeyJun 1 2021, 9:53amAmazing stuff guys. Thanks to the committee for all the hard work!

In terms of the mandatory kit requirements, and given recent developments in South County Dublin, would a DryRobe meet the standard for a rainjacket? Asking for a friend....

Barry O'NeillJun 1 2021, 10:01amI'm going to enter all of them, ha!
Alan AylingJun 1 2021, 10:21amRonan... does your DryRobe have a hood and taped seams?
Conor O'FarrellJun 1 2021, 11:26amHere is a link to a Google Calendar of this years' races. I will do my utmost to keep this updated, but the calendar on the website is gospel (typos included. :-P). Enjoy!
Anthony GillespieJun 1 2021, 1:03pmHow is it that both Maurice Mullins events are already sold out?
Brian WynneJun 1 2021, 1:21pmGreat news - thanks to all those involved in getting it organised!
Katherine ReddanJun 1 2021, 1:23pmFantastic to see. If you were in fir a race last year will it carry over ? I was in for Nagles 1/2. Thanks Kat
Brendan LawlorJun 1 2021, 1:27pm@Anthony none of the events have been opened for sale yet.. keep an eye out
Pól Ó MurchúJun 1 2021, 2:14pmWell actually…there are a number of events that were postponed or cancelled or limited to certain counties last year that already have a significant number of entries and these may have very limited entries available when they open. I’ll be looking at these in the next couple of weeks. At the time we had advised people they could hold their place for this year pending publication of the calendar or get a refund and lose the entry. I’m also aware there are a handful still to be refunded here also and will look at these at the same time. Any taking refund will be refunded and then we can transfer over entries from last year and see where we are with numbers.
Alice ClancyJun 1 2021, 4:59pmHi all,

There were some queries about race entries and when they would open. No races are open yet and none are listed as sold out (although as Pól outlines above, there may be some with very limited entry due to postponement/cancellation/restrictions last year - this will be clarified in the next few weeks).

Those wondering about an event and when it will open, keep an eye on the event page and the online shop.

At the moment, if you click on each event page (incl MM and MM half), the tab on the top rhs says 'no entry details yet'. If you scroll down to 'Entry Details', you'll see a note saying: "No entry details have been entered for this event yet. Entries for league events usually open a couple of weeks before the event".

As with last year, each event page will be updated closer to the race date - first it will first be updated with the date entries open in the tab on the top rhs, then on that date, the event status will change to 'Entries Open', and the 'Entry details' will be updated with link to shop. Once entries are open, the event will be visible in the online shop too. If all entries are purchased, the event status will then change to 'Sold out' on the event page, and no entries will be available to buy in the online shop.

I hope that clarifies things, a huge well done to those involved in organizing and publishing the calendar....we've a busy summer of running off the Covid stone(s) ahead of us!!
Alice ClancyJun 1 2021, 5:07pmPS - in the 'organiser's instructions' part of each event page, there are notes that were copied over from these events last year - this may be what is causing confusion over races being sold out....the 'organisers instructions' notes are due to be updated as each race gets a race director etc.
The thing to keep an eye on is the event status tab in the top right hand corner of each event page and the 'entry details' section as outlined above.
Dave McCabeJun 2 2021, 9:05amThanks so much to everyone involved getting the show back on the road. Looking forward to the return! Cheers
Roelie SmitJun 11 2021, 6:06pmHi There, you suggest "everyone to do a review or refresh themselves with our Covid protocols as we will be racing under the same protocols as last year".
New here, so where can I find these? Apologies if they've been posted and I've missed them somewhere.
Michael BligheJun 11 2021, 6:18pmHi all, could I also ask if a chip is needed to race? I spotted an option to purchase a replacement chip for 2021 in the online shop, so just wondering as a new member. Thanks!
Laura FlynnJun 11 2021, 7:09pmRoelie, the Social Distancing Protocols can be found in the Downloads section on the bottom rhs of the home page.
Conor O'FarrellJun 11 2021, 7:16pmIf you are new to IMRA, and have never previously had a chip, one will be provided free of charge.

If you have previously had a chip, you should bring it along with you to use this year. If you have lost your chip, you should purchase a replacement chip. Please do this 24hours in advance of the race.
Brian EastwoodJun 11 2021, 7:51pmHi Conor.
I only got to do one race last year at killbrannish and got a bib but not sure if I got a chip.
No hassle if I need to buy one.