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Wicklow Round Attempt - Sat 29th

Andrew TraffordMay 24 2021, 9:55pmI'll be attempting the Round this Saturday (29th) leaving at 4pm.
John MollohanMay 24 2021, 11:02pmHup ya boya Andy! You'll be right at home up there in the bog :-)
The very best of luck chief and have fun!!
Jp ByrneMay 24 2021, 11:02pmAndy da very best off luck and hopefully all ur hard work will pay off and smash it, wish u clear skies and hopefully have dried out a little. Enjoy fella.
Andre Van BarneveldMay 24 2021, 11:52pmThe very best of luck and weather to you mate, I'll be following you from the other side of the world, you'll smash it, wish I could have been there
Stephen BrennanMay 25 2021, 7:42amAll the best. Fair dues.
Graham K. BusheMay 25 2021, 9:43amBest of luck. I hope all goes well.
Michael DowlingMay 25 2021, 10:34amThe very best of luck Andy, you're at home in those hills, so weather or bog won't disturb you.... looking forward to watching your dot move!!
See you out there along the way
Barry BreslinMay 26 2021, 7:51amBest of Luck Michael.
Barry BreslinMay 26 2021, 7:52amBest of Luck Andrew
Thomas RocheMay 26 2021, 8:40amBest of luck Andrew, its looking like you'll get the weather too
Peter BellMay 26 2021, 10:21amBest of luck Andrew.
Niamh O'CeallaighMay 26 2021, 1:15pmVery best of luck Andrew
Laura FlynnMay 26 2021, 5:32pmBest of luck from me too Andrew.
John MollohanMay 30 2021, 5:53pmWell done Andy! Steady as granite all the way. All the hard work has paid off. Enjoy your well earned rest and desset chief
Paul MahonMay 30 2021, 6:15pmWell done on your successful Round Andy -)
Graham K. BusheMay 30 2021, 6:27pmWell done Andy, great round. Enjoy your recovery.
Warren SwordsMay 30 2021, 7:49pmWell done on round. That was great to watch, some great lines taken.
Mick HanneyMay 30 2021, 7:59pmWell done Andrew, looks like a perfectly executed plan.
Richard NunanMay 30 2021, 10:16pmWell done Andy, super running in those conditions marking up the first Successful Wicklow Round of 2021! Well done @
Brian KitsonMay 31 2021, 6:22amBrilliant time in tough conditions. Congratulations, Andy.
Peter BellMay 31 2021, 8:33amWell done Andrew, that was some going. Enjoy the recovery.
Laura FlynnMay 31 2021, 8:40amCongratulations Andrew, great achievement.
Andrew TraffordMay 31 2021, 3:00pmWhat a privilege that was.
First, huge congratulations to Jim on his sheer perseverance the previous day, some effort man. What a difference a day makes.
Thanks everyone for all your support, got a real lift from everyone I met on the route. Special shout has to go to Michael and JP for a fantastic job crewing, bacon roll and cup of tea at Glenmacnass, say no more. Good luck on your round lads and everyone giving it a go in the coming weeks.
Cheers Andy
Start 16:00 0:00
Kippure 16:38 0:38
Carrigvore 17:31 0:53
Gravale 17:51 0:20
Duff Hill 18:10 0:19
East Top 18:31 0:21
Mullaghcleevaun 18:46 0:15
Moanbane 19:20 0:34
Silsean 19:35 0:15
Oakwood 20:58 1:23
Table Mountain 21:45 0:47
Camenabologue 22:01 0:16
Lugnaquilla 22:56 0:55
Corrigasegaun 23:18 0:22
Carrawaystick 23:38 0:20
Drumgoff 00:21 0:43
Mullacor 01:37 1:16
Derrybawn 02:17 0:40
Camaderry 03:55 1:38
Tonelagee 05:10 1:15
Scarr 06:28 1:18
Knocknacloghoge 07:38 1:10
Lugalla 08:22 0:44
Djouce 09:54 1:32
War Hill 10:13 0:19
Tonduff North 10:50 0:37
Prince William Seat12:35 1:45
Knocknagun 12:50 0:15
Finish 13:22 0:32
Richard NunanMay 31 2021, 3:25pmThanks for the splits Andy - and well done again. You can sit back now and enjoy the other attempts next weekend !
Robert CostelloJun 1 2021, 8:18amWell done Andy. That was a blistering start.
Jim WalshJun 1 2021, 12:43pmWell done Andy, really efficient course as well. Sorry I didn’t cross paths with you at Glenmalure. See you out in the hills!
John CostiganJun 1 2021, 5:54pmWell done Andy!
Stephen BrennanJun 2 2021, 7:19amWell done Andy. That was a master class. Great to see.
Linda O'ConnorJun 2 2021, 8:22amWell done Andy, that was a brilliant run.