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Wicklow Round - Another crack

Graham K. BusheMay 12 2021, 1:47pmHi All, so, I feel the time has come to have another go.
I know it’s early notice, but I imagine I’m not alone, and this might get the ball rolling…
I intend to make another attempt at the Wicklow Round. 27/28 May 2021.
Robert CostelloMay 12 2021, 2:15pmGood luck mate. You should set up a segment for it. ;-)
Peter BellMay 12 2021, 7:57pmGood luck with it Graham. Hope the weather is good for you. Are the dogs going too?
Stephen BrennanMay 12 2021, 9:09pmAll the best Graham. You'll smash it this time.
Thomas RocheMay 13 2021, 6:56amGood luck Graham, I hope you smash it.
Brendan LawlorMay 13 2021, 7:13amBest of luck Graham, fingers crossed for the weather
Jeff FitzsimonsMay 13 2021, 10:01amBefore the dot watching, the forecast watching! Good luck Graham.
John J BarryMay 13 2021, 11:30amVery best of luck to you Graham
Alice ClancyMay 14 2021, 5:54pmGood stuff! Best of luck Graham!!
Barry BreslinMay 15 2021, 7:17amBrilliant Graham,
Best of luck. Hopefully weather will be kinder this time.
Laura FlynnMay 15 2021, 8:39amThe very best of luck to you Graham.
Brian FureyMay 15 2021, 9:49amBest of luck with it Graham
Gordon PlaceMay 15 2021, 11:20amBest of luck Graham!
Christopher DunneMay 16 2021, 11:54amBest of luck Graham
Paddy O'LearyMay 16 2021, 7:09pmGreat stuff, Graham. May the weather gods be in your favour!
Miriam MaherMay 16 2021, 10:40pmThe very best of luck and good running weather to you Graham. Will be willing your red dot forward all the time!
Avril ChallonerMay 17 2021, 8:40amBest of luck!!
daniela lubiscakovaMay 17 2021, 2:37pmGreat. Wish you best of luck & good weather Graham! Will be dot watching!!
Karina JoninaMay 17 2021, 6:19pmBest of luck, Graham!! Hope you have clear skies and hard ground!
John CostiganMay 17 2021, 9:17pmBest of luck Graham and hope you get the weather!
Michael DowlingMay 19 2021, 2:56pmThe very best of luck Graham.
Clear skies and dry ground please
Jp ByrneMay 20 2021, 9:58amBest of luck with it graham, hopefully da weather picks up very soon.
Graham K. BusheMay 27 2021, 8:58amDespite the lovely morning, due to the current ground conditions and the weather forecast, I've decided to postpone my attempt. I will post in due course when... Graham
Mikey FryMay 27 2021, 4:26pmBig girls blouse.....:)
Stephen BrennanMay 27 2021, 8:01pmDead right - good decision
Ciaran CrokeJun 18 2021, 9:08amGood luck tonight Graham.
Brendan LawlorJun 18 2021, 9:12amFingers crossed for you tonight and tomorrow Graham.. best of luck!
Graham K. BusheJun 18 2021, 4:17pmHi everyone, thanks for all the comments. I am now ready to give this a go. So, roughly 10 hrs from now I will be starting my journey up the bog road... and beyond...
Graham K. BusheJun 18 2021, 4:21pmHi everyone, thanks for all the comments. I am now ready to give this a go. So, roughly 12 hrs from now I will be starting my journey up the bog road... and beyond...
Graham K. BusheJun 18 2021, 4:22pmYup another typo... 2:15!!!
Graham K. BusheJun 18 2021, 4:28pmI wish there was a way to delete posts...
Rachel CinnsealachJun 18 2021, 4:39pmThe very best of luck Graham.
Ivana KolaricJun 18 2021, 6:47pmBest of luck Graham. :)
Brian KitsonJun 19 2021, 10:18pmYou went though the wars in Round 1 but, boy god, did you tear it apart in Round 2. Sub 20 and a complete performance. Enjoy your success, Graham, you’ve earned it.
Peter BellJun 19 2021, 10:55pmWell done Graham, smashed it!
Richard NunanJun 19 2021, 11:47pmSuperb run Graham, well done again!
Robert CostelloJun 20 2021, 8:18amCongratulations Graham. Delighted for you on a very impressive Round.
John J BarryJun 20 2021, 8:47amSecond everything above. Pure delighted for you Graham on a successful round in a fabulous time.
John MollohanJun 20 2021, 9:05amGreat stuff Graham. Happy as larry for you....
Feet up for a few days now
Stephen BrennanJun 20 2021, 9:53amGreat comeback Graham. I knew you'd do it. Well done.
Mick HanneyJun 20 2021, 10:33amCongratulations Graham. Smashed it.
Gareth LittleJun 20 2021, 7:54pmSmashed it Graham, you da man!
Graham K. BusheJun 22 2021, 10:54amOh, how I’ve longed to write one of these posts...
But, just before I do, I must say thanks...
For all the well wishes and comments on the forum and other platforms.
To my original crew, George Coffey, who helped with reccie runs, get a plan together, revised the plan, organised time off work only for the weather forecast to push me to change date... twice!

To my hastily scrambled team (including some surprises), who all came to the rescue at very short notice.
Aidan Blake: Start, Wicklow Gap, Glenmacnass and Shepshank
Ross Thompson, Andrea Splendori and Toni Llovera: Ballinagee
Clare Murphy Keely: Glenmalure
Patrik Albersson: Cloon Woods
Liam Vines: collection at the finish (and more, unknown at the time...)

To Richard Noonan, for coming to give me my tracker, then collect it, then give it back again... and Primal Tracking of course for trusting me with it.

But you will just have to wait for my report to find out the details of the above, and of course my adventure...

In the meantime, here are my splits... :)

1 Start 02:15
2 Kippure 02:52
3 Carrigvore 03:44
4 Gravale 04:07
5 Duff Hill 04:32
6 East Top 04:54
7 Mullaghcleevaun 05:10
8 Moanbane 05:42
9 Silsean 05:57
10 Oakwod a.k.a White Hill 07:23
11 Table Mountain 08:13
12 Camenabologue 08:28
13 Lugnaquilla 09:22
14 Corrigasleggaun 09:42
15 Carrawaystick 09:57
16 DrumGoff 10:36
17 Mullacor 11:43
18 Derrybawn 12:13
19 Camederry 13:33
20 Tonelagee 14:44
21 Scarr 15:50
22 Knocknacloghoge 17:05
23 Lugalla 17:50
24 Djouce 19:14
25 War Hill 19:32
26 Tonduff North 20:05
27 Prince Williams Seat 21:30
28 Knocknagun 21:42
29 Finish 22:09

Job Done! :)
Brendan RyanJun 22 2021, 12:43pmCongratulations and best wishes to all those who were out on the Round over the weekend. Especially Graham it was great to meet you at the start and throughout the course, Davie and I felt we were playing a game of cat and mouse as we traded places in front or behind you, it was good to chat with you and we were motivated, to just keep going after you left us at Glenmalure.
We realised experience is everything, and we have learned a lot from this event. What an incredible day you had to come back out after last year and nail that time down. it was great and we for sure will revisit this challenge, hopefully with the same determination as you did.
Thanks to IMRA, all volunteers and friends on the support teams and spectating who made it so special.
Brendan and Davie