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Trail Runner in her 30s missing in the Comeragh mountains

Andrew HowardApr 19 2021, 1:34pm

Really really hope and pray this woman is found today. I have been up around there many many times, a trip or fall can be fatal.
Robbie WilliamsApr 19 2021, 8:40pmUnfortunately Mountain Rescue discovered a body at 6:30pm this evening and the search has ceased.

Our condolences to her family and friends.

A sad day indeed.
Deirdre GalvinApr 19 2021, 8:44pmVery sad indeed. May she rest in peace.
John DurradApr 19 2021, 8:48pmDreadful news. :(
Cyril FogartyApr 19 2021, 8:52pmA very sad day. May she rest in peace.
Mick HanneyApr 19 2021, 9:13pmTerrible news. RIP.
Thanks to the rescue community.
Maeve HegartyApr 19 2021, 9:28pmVery sad news, condolences to her family. May she rest in peace
Tracey MeudecApr 19 2021, 9:58pmTerribly sad news. May she R.I.P. :-(
Laura FlynnApr 19 2021, 10:17pmSuch sad news. Condolences to her family and friends and thanks to all the mountain rescue teams for their selfless efforts in searching for her. May she rest in peace.
David PowerApr 20 2021, 9:32amHer loss really hit me - we all go out on the mountains, thinking we're free as we cross over open ground, just a tiny speck on the ground in the vastness of the hills. It only takes one wrong step, or a change in conditions. It makes you realise. Treasure what we have. RIP Gillian Hayes.
Andrew HowardApr 20 2021, 9:45amI was the same yesterday in work David, was distracted all day thinking about her. For me it's the familiarity of the route, hiking it, running it, bringing family up there with me too. It's a beautiful route, but there are parts where the trail runs very close to the cliff edge at the back of the coum, which apparently is where she was found in a deep gully below. A trip or stumble at running speed can be very very dangerous. I spoke to someone in SEMRA last night just before they found her and they sounded exhausted from the search at that stage. At least they found her before night fall and she didn't spend another right out there on her own. RIP Gillian Ryan, and condolences to her family.
Brendan LawlorApr 20 2021, 1:01pmVery sad news. Condolences to Gillian's family and friends. May she Rest in Peace
Christopher DunneApr 20 2021, 2:18pmMay she RIP.
Thanks to all the Mountain Rescue Team and all the volunteers involved.
Declan GormanApr 20 2021, 3:58pmRIP.
Brian BradleyApr 20 2021, 5:25pmTragic. RIP Gillian