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Niall CorriganApr 18 2021, 4:03pmHi folks,

Is is possible that the details of previous years Nav Challenges are archived anywhere? Or do they all self destruct after ten seconds?

Laura FlynnApr 18 2021, 7:44pmHi Niall, if you click on Events on rhs you can scroll down to a year and all the events for that year will come up. If you click on the Nav Challenge event it should give up map, results and loads of other details. Hope that helps you find what you’re looking for.
Niall CorriganApr 19 2021, 8:53amThank you Laura but what I had in mind was details of the actual control points which don't appear to be contained in the details or reports, at least in the ones I checked from '18 and '19. Maybe the course setters don't want to give away their devilish secrets but I was thinking that in these days of non racing that re-hashing old Nav Challenges might be of interest to some. I could try and set my own but I'd probably cheat.
Laura FlynnApr 19 2021, 6:43pmUnderstood Niall. I’ll have to leave it to one of the race directors from the Nav Challenge to answer that but I suspect you may be correct in your own assessment.
Mick HanneyApr 19 2021, 7:56pmHi
The grid refs for the controls for 2019 Nav1, The Ow, are in one of that events forum posts.
Mick HanneyApr 19 2021, 8:11pmHi,
In 2018 the Controls were marked on maps handed out. The Wicklow South EastWest map refers. Excerpt with controls here:-
Mick HanneyApr 19 2021, 8:16pmHi,
2017, Nav challenge for Ironbridge, EastWest map for Wicklow South refers. Map except here has the control circles marked.
Mick HanneyApr 19 2021, 8:18pm2015 Nav Challenge for Annagh hill. Map used on the day.
Joe LalorApr 19 2021, 8:21pmHi Niall, I would have all the early one (first seven 7). After that Philip Brennan and then Gavan Doherty were RD. Email me at for any race(sl) GRs from the early years.
Mick HanneyApr 19 2021, 8:21pm2014 Nav Challenge on Croghan from the old Wicklow Gap (Gap pub).
Niall CorriganApr 20 2021, 8:59amGreat stuff. Thank you gentlemen.

Paul NolanApr 20 2021, 5:50pmNC3 2013

Start/finish Wicklow Gap

Cp1 O 075 001 forest corner
Cp2 O 030 015 pylon
Cp3 O 049 032 forest corner
Cp4 O 088 026 stream bend
Joe LalorApr 20 2021, 9:11pm2018.

River Junction 118050

Ride Junction 129056

Mine Shaft 137042

Standing Stone 121032

Path Junction 097028

Track End 093054

River Junction 101037

Track Bend 099048

Short Course controls 5 to 9 taken in any order

1. 086020 Pillar with Cross

2. 050000 Stone Circle

3. 071053 Lochan

4. 052013 Crag foot 3m W most

5. 056033 Summit

6. 052039 Stream Junction

7. 064016 Track/Path Junction

8. 065034 Stream Junction

9. 046020 Ruin
Niall CorriganApr 26 2021, 9:20amThank you all for your contributions. I went out and recreated Joe's 2018 Nav Challenge 3 on Thursday. It was a very worthwhile exercise. Shins are suitably shredded. I'll be having a go at a few more over the coming weeks.