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Advice needed - Waterproof Jacket

Eoin KellyJan 5 2021, 3:50pmHi All,

Just seeing if i can tap into the collective wisdom and get some recommendations on waterproof jackets for the mountains. Must meet the minimum kit requirements - taped seams etc.

I don't usually wear a waterproof layer, just windproof running jacket with a few layers under it. Usually carry a spare windproof layer but i was outside cooking pizza in the rain recently in the spare and it was utter rubbish in the rain! Way worse than i had thought it would be. Thankfully i have never had to take it out of the bag on a mountain.

Doesn't need to be super breathable, but needs to be waterproof for emergency purposes, small and light enough to pack into the running vest and ideally less than €100 or so.

Nice fit with not too much flapping material and a half decent hood, as i figure if I need it the hood will be very useful.

Looking at the decathlon waterproof trail jacket at €70 at the moment.

Thanks All,

Caitrin De BhalJan 5 2021, 6:22pmHi Eoin,
Sale currently on Solomon gear including light waterproof jackets on They have a really good selection of other brand also. Def worth a look. Iv ordered other outdoor gear on it and has always been A1
Laura FlynnJan 5 2021, 6:43pmHi Eoin, this is a regular enough topic on the forum. The last I can find was started by Ronan Mc Carthy on Jan 22nd 2020 at 3.19pm. Scroll to last year and you should find it easily enough.
There’s a lot of info here which I found very helpful as I was looking for a jacket for the Slí Ghaeltacht. I ended up getting the Omm one mentioned by Gordon. I still got soaked on the day. Not sure if I can really blame the jacket ...the weather was horrendous. The jacket itself is really comfortable and nice to run in. If I was going again I’d buy the Columbia one. I’ve been waiting to get one on sale as they are expensive. If you want a good one I think you’ll have to pay around €200 unless you get on sale. Hope that helps.
Conor MurphyJan 6 2021, 11:19amSale on the OMM site at the moment. Kamleika jackets and smock are half price. I have the race smock II and it's great for what I like, 2 or 3 hours running open mountain, doesn't get too wet inside. Now, I have no idea whether it would stand say 8 hours in teeming rain.
Eoin KellyJan 6 2021, 12:16pmThanks all,

Caitrin - I'll check out sports pursuit

Laura - don't know how I missed that particular discussion - I did scan back through the forum, clearly not well enough. Thanks for pointing it out - some great information there.

Conor - I'll check out OMM now too.

All other opinions gratefully received also.
John J BarryJan 6 2021, 2:59pmI got an OMM from for half price (132,24 €) i.e.

OMM Aether Smock Running Jacket - SS19

Used it last February on the Slí Ghaeltacht in awful conditions and found it fabulous. After 12.5 hours of the event I felt my upper body still dry and warm.

My version (SS19) may be hard to get now..
Eoin KellyJan 6 2021, 4:37pmThanks John

I checked out the OMM site and the stuff is very impressive. Unfortunately all of the sale stock is not available in medium or large. Might just spring for the Halo jacket once i have established if brexit will make any difference to the prices! Already right at the edge of my budget.

The sonic wind top looks awesome too - i'll definitely add that to my wish list for future.

Thanks all
Mick HanneyJan 6 2021, 6:39pmThis one.
€110 on a sale.
Picked up one in December. Very happy with it.
Jack KennyJan 6 2021, 7:00pmHi Mick,

That Columbia jacket looks like a great buy for hiking. Do you think it is breathable enough to use on the faster runs? Or during the summer runs with temperatures of 20 degrees when its lashing, couldn't really find a consensus in the reviews.

Thanks :).
Gordon PlaceJan 6 2021, 7:44pmI have the unlined columbia jacket and I'd say even that is for the really really cold wet or long slow run days. Great fully waterproof and windproof jacket but wouldn't use on the faster/short run days or summer. Crap hood toggles unless they've changed recently, hard to keep the hood tight and up in a gale.
The Montane Minimus is another good one. Middle of the road weight and pack size, lighter than outdry, good running shape and great hood, better waterproofing than the fast race ones like inov8. Stiffer material so doesn't stick to you when wetted out. Best all rounder i've used if I was going to have only one jacket for the year but still a bit much for the fast race/summer runs
Gordon PlaceJan 6 2021, 8:13pmWouldn't mind trying the lightweight version of the outdry. Large size and up only left though €110. I think hey are a bit looser than others anyway so probably wouldn't chance if you are usually medium ...
Dave DochertyJan 6 2021, 8:45pmMight help.
Sarah BradyJan 7 2021, 11:10amI have the Salomon Bonatti Pro and it's great, kept me more-or-less dry through nearly ten hours of rain at Slí Mhúscaraí. I had an OMM one before that but I think the Bonatti is better. They are all a bit expensive though, you'll just have to look out for sales.
Eoin KellyJan 7 2021, 12:57pmso many options - thanks all for the advice.

I'm leaning towards the decathlon one cause i mainly want it to be fully waterproof and reasonably packable so I can easily carry it in case of emergency. I usually wear a windproof jacket or gillet for all runs in the mountains so not planning long runs wearing it. Just for emergencies and occasional wear while running if the weather is truly atrocious.

That said, the columbia out dry recommended at €110 is tempting, not sure about the colour though - or columbia sizing.

One thing is for sure - there are a lot of really expensive jackets out there ;-)

Really appreciate all of the responses.
Andrew HanneyJan 7 2021, 4:53pmAfter checking the availability of the OMM jacket for a few months I realised it was never gonna be available so I bought this jacket from Montane before Christmas after seeing it highly rated. Am really happy with it too.

One of my club mates told me the decathlon jacket is crap so just passing that on. In any case if you really want a proper trail running jacket you’ll be parting with over 100 Eur.
Dave DochertyJan 7 2021, 11:35pmEbay is always worth a check. I just picked up a Columbia outdry in mint condition for 100 pound last week.
Darragh WileyJan 8 2021, 1:01amHi Eoin
Found the Salomon bontatti on runnerinn
for €113 with free shipping
Eoin KellyJan 8 2021, 10:48amGreat bargain hunting going on here- thanks all.

Right - Saloman Bonatti getting ordered - just looking for advice on sizing?

I'm 5'9 or 10, 32 waist, about 85kg. Wear a medium in a puma wind jacket, and my hiking hard shell by patagonia is M also. I have soft shell mountain hardware jacket in a L that is slightly roomy. Had a medium hardshell fleece yolk in a M that was snug.

Given all that anyone want to recommend a L or M in Saloman??
Warren SwordsJan 8 2021, 11:34amI would also recommend Bonatti, found it great for Irish hill running. It's breathable, good fit etc.

It does eventually wet out in heavy rain but keeps you comfortable. I wore it in 20km runs and in Alps for 120km.

Found sizing to be true to size, so my regular size.

Have a Colombia Outdry and it's a bit of a sweatfest. May be a case of getting baselayers right but I finished one run wetter inside the jacket than out.
Andrew MendelsonJan 8 2021, 11:38amSalomon tends to run slightly smaller than most other brands, and the Bonatti is cut quite snug, so if you're on the fence, I'd size up, especially if you want the option of layering underneath it. It also doesn't have the numerous toggles and dongles that some other jackets have to adjust, so you want sizing to be right.
Dean NooneyJan 8 2021, 12:11pmPlease check the reviews online for runnerinn .com ,very poor and a lot saying itsa scam that most have never received there order and those who have had yo wait months in some cases and no customer service
Gordon PlaceJan 8 2021, 12:59pmI've ordered a good few times from trekinn (same group) without any issue. Although you could check if the trekinn version of the site has it for the same price
Gordon PlaceJan 8 2021, 1:03pmI also had a issue with something and they came back straight away, but didn't bother pursuing with them as salomon dealt with it directly under warranty
Gordon PlaceJan 8 2021, 1:07pmokay so technically I did have an issue ..... but it was with salomon not them :)
Eoin KellyJan 8 2021, 2:35pmThanks all. I've ordered from runnerinn before with no problem so happy to do so again.

Before i do that does anyone know of any Irish B&M shops who would stock this jacket? I'll try and send the business their way first if I can.

Salomon Bonatti size Large

Also came across this site in my research -

Seems to good to be true on price - and it probably is!

Shane O'MalleyJan 8 2021, 3:19pmThe site is defiantly dodgy.

Was registered on the 4th Dec last and seems to be operating out of China .

Keep your credit card in your pocket.
Laura FlynnJan 8 2021, 3:57pmAlso, if ordering from UK watch out for any post-Brexit add-ons, I’m not an expert but I think there may be some concessions for sportswear. A friend of mine had to pay €39 duty on €100 worth of make-up she got last week. Another reason to buy Irish if we can at all. We get great support from 53 Degrees North, Great Outdoors, Basecamp and so we should keep them in mind if they stock the gear we want.
Eoin KellyJan 8 2021, 4:06pmthanks Shane - had a feeling that site was too good to be true! Had no clue how to check it out though.

I've checked with 53 degrees north and they don't have it. Nor do the guys in Bray (outdoor adventure store I think they are called), so I'll try the other three before going to runnerinn.

Laura - I think Runnerinn are EU so hopefully not an issue with duty etc.

Fantastic help here, hopefully I can return the favour some time!
Eoin KellyJan 8 2021, 4:27pmoh dear - had settled on the bonatti - can't find it in stock in Ireland - have a salewa one for €100

anyone any experience of this? It's 294 gammes, so a bit heavier.... but is shopping local!

aaaarrrrghhhhh - beginning to consider a roll of bin liners!
Pádraig KingJan 8 2021, 4:36pmHi Eoin, bonatti is a fabulous jacket def would recommend. There are diff types though a Pro is more expensive I think. Bought mine from Ultra Marathon Running Store in Uk (link below). I’m Usually a Medium but got Large and I’m glad I did it’s a tight fit. Top class jacket. I’ve bought off these before, good company never had an issue. Watch out for any extra Brexit costs though ;)
Stuart ScottJan 8 2021, 5:12pmLaura, I hope your "friend" makes the most of that make-up!
Laura FlynnJan 8 2021, 5:37pmYou don’t know me well enough Stuart....there’s no way I’d ever spend that on make-up!!
Eoin KellyFeb 15 2021, 11:38amHi All,

Just thought i would update with thanks for all the advice and the pointers. I decided in the end to take a punt on the decathlon evadict jacket for €70 and it arrived today. Advice above on it being as breathable as a plastic bag taken on board but given that I don't plan to actually run in it a lot i figured the price was sufficient for the pack size and weight for having a fully waterproof jacket for emergencies in the bag.

I'll update when i have given it a try out. First impressions are good. it's light, a good fit for me in size L and the hood stays in place and turns with your head and doesn't impede visibility.

Also grabbed a windjacket for €15 while I was at it, total bargain.

Can't wait to give them a try in some crap weather soon!

Thanks all
Eoin KellyFeb 22 2021, 1:02pmAnd a quick update on the Decathlon Evadict rain Jacket following some intensive rain running on Friday and Saturday.

1 1/2 hours on Friday - 45 minutes running south along the coast directly into the gale(ish) force winds and the driving rain and then turned around and ran home with the wind behind me driving me and the rain home!

2 1/2 hours on Saturday around local roads in constant rain varying from driving to light misty.

1 hour walking with the family (dry conditions) on Sunday.

The verdict - so far so good. I wasn't bone dry by any means on the inside of the jacket, but was very comfortable. Pretty sure a lot of the damp was sweat, but i was happy with the comfort provided. I usually wear a light wind resistant jacket in almost all conditions but the rain was so poxy i thought it would be a good test.

I was definitely more comfortable in the rain coat - warmer and not soaked through, but a little damp on the inside.

The hood was a revelation - I have never worn a hooded jacket running before so was a bit wary that it would be annoying, uncomfortable or impact on visibility. To be honest, it is brilliant, stays in place, keeps the wind and rain off and does not impede visibility at all. It moves with your head perfectly. Note that this was with a beanie under it on Friday and a peaked cap on Saturday.

The jacket itself packs down into a drawstring bag that is a bit smaller than the size of a 330 ml can. Two pockets with waterproof zips and one of the pockets has a smaller sewn in mini pocket that is useful for storing the bag. The cut is good, I find the shape comfortable, good length in the arms and not flappy in the wind.

All in all, happy with it for the price paid. Perhaps the more expensive options would breathe better, but for the money I'm delighted with this one. Bear in mind that i have not used any more premium versions of this type of taped seam waterproof jacket, so is just an uneducated review of this particular jacket from my perspective.

Thanks all for the advice and for bargain hunting for me! Hopefully the above will be of some use to someone in the future.