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Where to VK?

Aubrey O'NeillDec 18 2020, 3:06pmHi all,

Would anyone have a good idea of where we could do a VK (Vertical KM) in around the Wicklow/Dublin area? It sounds absolutely horrendous but could be a bit of craic to set up a segment and have folks to give it a lash over the next few months of no races?

'So, what is a Vertical Kilometer…? “an uphill mountain running race, which ascends approximately 1000 metres while covering a distance of no more than 5km'

All suggestions welcome!


Stuart ScottDec 18 2020, 4:09pmHi Aubrey. I'd an idea a while back of a competition to see who could make it from Crone Carpark to Maulin Summit and back in the shortest time possible. It's 407m of climb in 1.7km. You could do that two and a half times, though if you count the descent it'll get you over your 5km...
Nicholas BurrettDec 18 2020, 7:41pm,-6.301351,53.18189,-6.303577&b=2b&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km

The contours suggest this route is a 90metre climb over approx 200metres. You'd have to run up 11 times, bringing the total running distance to 4400metres.
Nicholas BurrettDec 18 2020, 7:48pm,-6.208826,53.154305,-6.213149&b=2b&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km

210metre climb over 432metres. Total run distance 4112metres
Aubrey O'NeillDec 18 2020, 10:59pmNice one, cheers Nicholas! I was thinking of something more direct (less repeats) - Up Lug > down a bit and back up again?

@Stuart - Do you have a segment created for that? I would definitely give that a lash after Christmas, something to keep us entertained!
Mick HanneyDec 19 2020, 9:13pmIt really does depend. What total distance you are prepared to run; what gradient you want - do you want it to be runnable etc.
I have a segment I have run from Ironbridge to top of Croaghanmoira which is almost exactly 5k and 500m climb. Twice gives you the 1k, but you'll cover 20k in distance. Roughly 10% gradient.
Warren SwordsDec 20 2020, 2:06pmLug via Clohernagh is fairly steep.

787 metres of climb till summit in 7km. If you go straight over the top towards Fenton's direction for a 1.2km, you should lose 200 metres of height. Turn back up, you should hit 1000 metres in 9.4km.

Outside of that, the Classic Carrauntoohill is 1007 metres of climb from Cronin's yard to summit via Zig Zags and it's 7.3km long.

Jason Kehoe is top of the Strava segment and the only one on there that did it under an hour.
Niall CorriganJan 4 2021, 2:21pmNot Dublin/Wicklow but Brandon from Brandon Creek. Sea level to 952m in 3.5k. I'm sure the extra 48m could be found along the way.
Andrew HanneyJan 7 2021, 5:38pmWe all know the vertical mile is where it’s at and there is one on Downshill for those in the area. I hope one day the IMRA race there will be an uphill mile race. Would be some craic. It’s 1mile and 100 metres of climb.
Aubrey O'NeillJan 20 2021, 9:38pmI can confirm the uphill mile is indeed where it is at... A prestigious event as well. ;)