Irish Mountain
Running Association


Mick HanneySep 27 2020, 8:21pmSome people may not be aware that IMRA races have a no headphones rule. Couldn't help but notice some runners wearing headphones yesterday and last week at the Maurice Mullins. If we weren't so busy we would have pointed this out to the individuals in question. Please bear this rule in mind for future races. The IMRA rules state:-

"It is important to be alert to other runners, race marshals, and members of the general public using the race route. Accordingly participants in an IMRA race are not allowed to wear headphones. Runners going uphill must be mindful of and give way to descending athletes. All participants should give way to walkers and other casual users of the race route."
Brian O'GradySep 30 2020, 9:35pmHi
I understand the need for situational awareness and the need to hear what's going around a runner in a race, but there have been tech advances in the form of bone conduction headphones. These transmit sound through the cheekbones while leaving your ears free to clearly hear everything in your surroundings. A runner on a long distance event can enjoy the inspiration of music while still be connected to the spirit and sounds of the event.
Here's an example:
Could these be exempt?