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Nav Challenge 3

Joe LalorAug 9 2020, 9:49pmNC Races confirmed 27th August, 12th September and 26th September.
Races will be limited to 50 runners with navigational experience. Entries online only will be available shortly.
Arrangements will be as last year. Runners will supply their own map and will be supplyed with 6 figure Grid References of control sites prior to race start for transfer to map. Long & short courses available.

NC1 29th August. Start O 034020 Map East/West Lugnaquilla/Glendalough

For those who need to get maps
NC2 Will require East/West Wicklow West
NC3 Will require East/West Wicklow East
As there were 100 sets of these maps sold last year most interested runners should be already equipped.

Details of NC2 / NC3 on their Web pages soon
Paul SmythAug 9 2020, 11:01pmThe Nav. races all say that vouchers will be accepted. I'm assuming this is incorrect and needs to be changed?

Entries for NC1 open at 09:00 the same day as the Drumgoff race. Given travel time and poor coverage in the area this will likely make it difficult for people doing the Drumgoff race to enter NC1.
Mick HanneyAug 10 2020, 9:23amre: Vouchers, yes Paul, that needs updating. Events are generally created on the calendar using a copy of the previous years instructions, so it needs the appointed Race Director to update them.

Fair point re: the entry window, although Nav events will tend to sell slower. People don't realise what they are missing!
Bernard HealyAug 19 2020, 9:39pmWould I be right in saying Nav challenge 1 being on the 27th of August is a typo? Race details say its on the 29th?
Jason DowlingAug 19 2020, 9:45pmWell according to this post Bernard,, it's not going to matter if it's on the 27th or 29th August as all events have been cancelled until September 13th.
Bernard HealyAug 19 2020, 9:57pmAh yeah that would do it to be fair. sorry about that