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Nav Challenge 1

Brian FarrenAug 8 2020, 9:45amHi. Just wondering will there be a short course available? Tks.
Gerry McGuinnessAug 24 2020, 3:33pmHi, trying to enter Bav Challenge 1. Is it available yet or is it a problem at by my end. Regards
Derek HayAug 24 2020, 4:13pmI'm also having trouble entering the Nav challenge, I think there may be issues with the site or it may not have been uploaded yet. rgds, Derek.
John BellAug 24 2020, 4:31pmUnfortunately this event and all other events until after 13th September have been cancelled. :-(
See Laura's post on this thread:
Derek HayAug 27 2020, 6:59pmThanks for the update John... Does anyone know if or where I would be able to obtain the grid locations from previous Nav challenges? Any help is greatly appreciated
Mick HanneyAug 27 2020, 8:01pmGrid refs for Navs 1 and 3 from last year are in their individual event forum threads. Look up Events, 2019, and search for each Nav and the forum chat will be associated.
Peter O'FarrellAug 29 2020, 12:11am2019 Nav 1 - Scatter ( It was a "scatter event" so runners for the long had to choose 8 out of the 9 in any order of their choice and short course had to choose 4 out of the 9 in any order of their choice.)

1. Track Junction T065 873
2. *Shooting Platform (Special Feature) T066 891
3. Track End T064 879
4. Lake/pond near river source T053 898
5. Fire road/track transition T075 880
6. The Stile (crossing point T035 905
7. Fire road/stream crossing T048 884
8. Air Crash Memorial T063 904
9. Acute Track Bend T044892

2019 Nav 2 - Scatter format with 12 controls and skip 1.

2019 Nav 3 Scatter
Start/Finish is at Annalecka Bridge 056019, about 3km NW of Wicklow Gap

Long Course controls 1 to 5 taken in any order

Short Course controls 5 to 9 taken in any order

1. 086020 Pillar with Cross

2. 050000 Stone Circle

3. 071053 Lochan

4. 052013 Crag foot 3m W most

5. 056033 Summit

6. 052039 Stream Junction

7. 064016 Track/Path Junction

8. 065034 Stream Junction

9. 046020 Ruin
Derek HaySep 2 2020, 11:28pmThats great, thanks for all the help with this guys, I'm looking forward to trying these new routes out!