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Lillian DeeganJul 23 2020, 10:52amGreat seeing Belmont raced last night with good numbers. Super job done by RD Ange and her race crew.

With us seeming to manage ok new world esk, I'm on to ask might anyone be willing to slip in and RD Drumgoff on Aug. 15th? Once we have an RD, I'll follow up with details of the few extra new bits to help you plan with your organising team.

Mick Hanney had previously offered to do this one for us. But with the revised MM Trail date, I'd like if someone else might offer to allow Mick give time to his Sept. 5th event.

Thanks all, Lillian
Mick HanneyJul 23 2020, 11:15amHappy to support someone with this, perhaps as Assistant Directory. We have a clear idea of what is involved from organising event last year.
Peter BellJul 23 2020, 11:25amI can do it. A few pointers would be great Mick.
Mick HanneyJul 23 2020, 12:30pmGreat stuff Peter. Can recce some evening if you wanted.
First advice to competitors is to not run into trees.
Peter BellJul 23 2020, 2:11pmWe need to make that a mandatory requirement.
Great stuff. I know the route from last year. Its a nice one!
I'll be in contact soon to go over it a bit. Cheers Mick.
Mick HanneyJul 24 2020, 7:14pm3 weeks to go before Drumgoff. Plenty of time for anyone who .wants to get down and get a recce in. Anyone who did the race last year will be at an advantage obviously, except perhaps Alan Ayling ;-)

Anyone who is thinking about doing the race and hasn't done a navigational type race before would definitely benefit from a recce to get some familiarity with the terrain. This is not a marked course.
Alan AylingJul 26 2020, 4:54pmHaha thanks Mick :-)

Best piece of advice I can give is RTFM (M standing for Map)
Conor O'FarrellJul 28 2020, 9:36amSo,after a bit of a recce yesterday, there is a question around route choice. Is it best to stick to the established paths or go cross-country and cut a few corners over rougher terrain? Personally, I'm not sure cross country would gain you much.

Also, the cairns at Carrickashane and Slieve Maan are not the easiest to find amongst the trees. A recce would come highly recommended.
Warren SwordsJul 28 2020, 9:56amBased on last years race reports, Alan Ayling is the man to ask about best route.
Gordon PlaceJul 28 2020, 2:31pmThere's small gains going down through the rough stuff before the end .... if you don't mind a Lone Survivor style bounce from tree stump to tree stump and the risk of skewering
John CondonJul 28 2020, 4:45pmAs we found out last Sunday. Real bushman stuff up there. ;)
Peter BellJul 28 2020, 9:12pmI hope to have a Flag on CP 3,4 and 5 to make it easier to spot. How you all get there is another story.
Mick HanneyJul 29 2020, 11:27amGood stuff Peter.

The volunteer list is looking light at the moment. This is a nice race to help out at - on a nice day we get to see the runners climbing the ridge across the road, all the while you can chat and have a cuppa while awaiting what adventures arise from the last Control Point.
Peter BellAug 3 2020, 4:15pmWere looking for a couple more volunteers, a first aider and laptop operator if anyone is free and able to help out. Cheers
Barry O'NeillAug 4 2020, 9:33amHi Peter,
I've put my name down to help out at Drumgoff.

Peter BellAug 4 2020, 10:18amCheers Barry, nice one.
Peter BellAug 8 2020, 9:06amThanks for stepping in as first aider Lillian. The race is good to go now. Online reg will open soon. This is really nice race Mick hanney designed in Drumgoff if anyone is thinking of giving it a go, i would highly recommend it.
Hilary ElmesAug 8 2020, 12:31pmHi
Is there an early start for Drumgoff

Thank you
Peter BellAug 8 2020, 12:53pmHi Hilary, yes there is an early start @10.30am.
Hilary ElmesAug 8 2020, 1:05pmThanks Peter , that's great

Mick HanneyAug 9 2020, 4:09pmRoute check this morning. A bit boggy in parts but spectacular views and lovely running to be had - when you can run :-)

If you haven't run a nav type race before, don't be put off. Make yourself known at registration and someone will be happy to give advice. The majority of the route is obvious and has natural hand-rails like a fence line etc.
Mick HanneyAug 10 2020, 9:19amUpdate to race details. Last year we used orienteering kites on a no. of the summits and control cards to record they were reached.

This year we will simply mark those summits. No control cards. We trust that runners will hit the relevant controls.
alan ritchieAug 10 2020, 5:01pmHi,

Is there anywhere close buy to buy a map for the area? Have ordered one online, but just incase it doesn't arrive.

Then from previous posts is a buff needed for the start and finish areas, and race number from Feb time?

Mick HanneyAug 10 2020, 7:17pm@Alan - I have a spare map you can borrow if your map doesn't turn up. I'll be hanging around registration.
Peter BellAug 10 2020, 8:47pmHi Alan, yes as per race details page you'll need a buff or face covering. Rules have not changed from previous races and yes your 2020 race number will be needed.
Thanks and best of luck
Peter BellAug 10 2020, 8:53pmA quick post to let people know, no chip timing will be at the race so no need to bring your chip. Race number will need to be worn clearly to allow for times and numbers to be noted properly.
Thanks and enjoy the day
Peter BellAug 11 2020, 1:22pmIf anyone has lost their race number, you must purchase a new one online before the day as no money or vouchers are allowed on the day.
Kevin O'RiordanAug 11 2020, 9:24pmWhat are the rules regarding running on the main road for this?

There a couple of places where it looks faster but less safe to run on the road : The first section half way towards CP1, and also where the Wicklow way runs parallel to the road between CP3 and CP4 (there is a piece where the road forms part of the Wicklow way and running on the road is unavoidable).
Mick HanneyAug 11 2020, 10:01pmWe didn't disallow it last year Kevin. Cutting off the road is a gamble.
Might work for runners who like rough terrain.

Runners need to be aware of car and cyclist traffic, it can be busy enough at weekends.
Mick HanneyAug 13 2020, 7:34pmI would suggest runners consider carrying some water with them particularly if this warm weather continues, as there is no stop off point around the route for water otherwise.
KEITH JOHNSTONAug 13 2020, 8:16pmHi all.
Sorry for a message so close to the race. I only noticed this race today and the only problem I am having is getting a map at this stage. I'm from Armagh and plan driving down on the morning of the race. Would anyone have a spare map as I can't seem to source one at the minute. I am printing off the one I found online (on this website) which covers the area. If it does the job that would be great. Ive rang 2 places in Belfast and none have the map I need. So any help would be great.
John BellAug 13 2020, 8:24pmHi Keith, I'll have a spare map with me on Saturday that you can use. I'll be helping with registration so you will find me there. John
KEITH JOHNSTONAug 13 2020, 8:59pmFantastic, John. Thanks a lot. See you Saturday
Linda O'ConnorAug 14 2020, 11:27amWas really looking forward to this event but apologies I wont make it now for family reasons.
Liam VinesAug 14 2020, 2:40pmPeter / Mick I will have extra miles to do after the race . I can grab a few of the kites after the race if you need.. assuming I can find them first time around:-)
See you in the morning
Mick HanneyAug 14 2020, 3:43pm@Liam - talk to you at the finish line - after you descend from Slievemaan you won't be in a great hurry to go back up there believe me :-)
Patricia McLoughlinAug 15 2020, 7:55amI signed up late to volunteer at this event, sorry. could you please let me know if you need people and i can help. If i don't hear anything then i will not attend. thanks.
Mikey FryAug 15 2020, 2:57pmWell done to everyone today at drumgoff was hard watch but amazing too see runners run along the ridge bit from the car park wanting to be up there with them...always great to have super helpers so thanks again to everyone who helped out ...big shout out to Peter bell who due to bad accident couldn’t make race on day to direct but organised everything so well as I swanned around thinking I was important:)
Mick HanneyAug 15 2020, 3:08pmThanks Mikey and team. Speedy recovery Peter.
Super event and always great to see people finishing from various directions and hearing the war stories after. But boy it was a hard race with the heat.
Laura FlynnAug 15 2020, 4:04pmThanks to everyone who helped bring this together today, Peter, Mikey and Mick Hanney and to all your helpers. Also thanks to Lillian for taking care of me after I hobbled home.
Niall McGuinnessAug 15 2020, 5:04pmThanks Mikey et el for giving up your Saturday mornings so we could torture ourselves on Mick's hilly route. It was a great morning out. Even the fog lifted just for us.
Gill McLoughlinAug 15 2020, 5:40pmThanks to all involved for a great race today. What a cracking route - loved it!
Conor O'FarrellAug 15 2020, 6:22pmThanks to Mikey and crew for another great race today.

Results are up. Please email for any queries.

John BellAug 15 2020, 7:27pmThank you Peter, Mikey and crew for putting the race on today, and who would have thought that an architect could organise a car park so well ;-)
I had forgotten how tough the route was and the heat made it even tougher. I still can't decide what is the best route down from Brown Knob and obviously today everyone had different ideas.
Warren SwordsAug 15 2020, 8:05pmThanks to Mikey, Peter and all the volunteers. Very generous to offer time given location. Great crowd today.

Fantastic race. Why they hide their summits in thick forest down there is beyond me. Madness but makes for a great race.

Tough race. Found it much harder than carrauntoohil a few weeks ago.

Well done to john and Ciara on the wins. John led from start to finish and never looked like slowing.
Mick HanneyAug 15 2020, 8:49pmFair dues to Patsy and Francis for getting around such a tough course. Great to see M75s in the results.
Alice ClancyAug 15 2020, 9:47pmThanks Peter and Mikey for some Excellent RD-ing and Peter hope you make a quick recovery. Mick that course is brilliant...a classic...I only had to recce it twice to get the hang of it ;-) Thanks to all the volunteers - it was such a lovely day out. There was even a kettle boiling at the finish line....And thanks John for the actual car parking ... as usual the engineer quietly fixes everything the architect brags about!
Clare KeeleyAug 15 2020, 10:00pmThanks a million to Mikey, Peter, Lillian and co for a great hot hot hot morning on the hills. When Mick posted earlier in the week about taking water as there was no stop off points for water along the route, he was semi-right..... I did eventually find a little muddy puddle on the climb up towards Slievemann and resorted to soaking my buff in it to cool my face, mud and all it was heaven!
John MurrayAug 15 2020, 11:25pmThanks to Peter (get well soon), Mikey and all those who gave up their time to volunteer this morning. Much appreciated!!!

And Mick Hanney for a great route. Loved having the option to take the rough over the smooth if you desired. Hated having to find those hidden trig points! :) But I'm already looking forward to next years race!

Well done everyone who made it round on such a warm day!
Peter BellAug 16 2020, 12:06pmJust wanted to say big thanks to all the guys volunteering who made mine and Mikeys work very easy and making it happen. Its sounded like a nice tough race. Well done the the winners John and Ciara but also to everyone who raced and to Laura I hope your ok, speedy recovery.
Mick HanneyAug 16 2020, 8:12pmReport added.
Any other takers?