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Wicklow Round Attempt - 11th July 2020

Ivana KolaricJul 10 2020, 1:53pmHi All,

Please take this as my formal announcement that I will be making an attempt at the Wicklow Round.

I will be starting at 1.30am on Saturday 11th July.

Tracker Link:

Wish me luck! :)

Richard NunanJul 10 2020, 2:01pmVery best of Luck out there Ivana - Always great to see the strong Women of IMRA taking on the round !
Stephen BrennanJul 10 2020, 2:14pmGo for it, Ivana!
Warren SwordsJul 10 2020, 2:28pmBest of luck!!!
Avril ChallonerJul 10 2020, 2:31pmAmazing Ivana! Best of luck, i'm sure you'll do fantastic.
Sarah BradyJul 10 2020, 2:34pmThat's class! Best of luck Ivana, have a blast out there!!
Jason DowlingJul 10 2020, 2:39pmWishing you the very best on your attempt Ivana. All that training through the lock-down will come to the fore out there. Have a great run and enjoy yourself out there..
Karina JoninaJul 10 2020, 2:42pmBest of luck! Sooo excited to see another woman! GO AND SMASH IT!!
Alicia Christofi-WalsheJul 10 2020, 2:44pmVery best of luck Ivana, fantastic to see another woman step up to the gate! Hope all goes to plan!
Gavin ByrneJul 10 2020, 2:50pmBrilliant! Best of luck
Gordon PlaceJul 10 2020, 3:00pmThe very best of luck Ivana!
Graham K. BusheJul 10 2020, 3:04pmThat's great Ivana. Very best of luck to you.
Linda RowdenJul 10 2020, 3:30pmThe very best of luck Ivana
Laura FlynnJul 10 2020, 3:57pmBest of luck Ivana, great to see another woman going for it.
Alice ClancyJul 10 2020, 6:02pmBest of luck to you Ivana!!! Enjoy It!
Thomas RocheJul 10 2020, 6:50pmBest of luck Ivana. I’m sure you will smash it ;-)
Barry BreslinJul 10 2020, 8:20pmBest of luck. Hopefully weather gods will look favourably!
Gareth LittleJul 10 2020, 8:27pmThe very best of luck out there, Ivana. You will fly it!
Christopher DunneJul 10 2020, 9:50pmBest of luck Ivana,
Pól Ó MurchúJul 10 2020, 10:13pmGood luck Ivana. No doubt you’ll smash it! Look forward to a good weekend for watching!
Lillian DeeganJul 10 2020, 11:16pmGood woman Ivana. That's great news. You go get it! Crew man - good luck to you too.
Shane LynchJul 11 2020, 1:19amGreat stuff, best of luck with it!
Deirdre O'NeillJul 11 2020, 7:09amBrilliant Ivana, smash it girl!!!!
Igor Gonzalez-GuridiJul 11 2020, 8:46amBest of luck Ivana. You will do it. Enjoy it.
daniela lubiscakovaJul 11 2020, 9:49pmI'm just tracking you online and you are heading up Djouce. Gosh fair play to you! You are doing great and you are nearly there! Great to see another female giving it a go! Bestest of luck in the last few mountains. :)
Ivana KolaricJul 12 2020, 6:31pmThank you everyone for words of encouragement. Unfortunately, my attempt didn't go like it was planned and I went short for two mountains. I'm really gutted because of that. My heart was pushing all the way through but my legs and body were saying no and a couple of navigational mistakes through the foggy night didn’t help. Wicklow Round was an amazing experience especially because I only started running just two years ago. Maybe I just need a little bit more ''running hours'' in my legs.

Big thank you too my crew John, Frank, Tom & Conor for taking care of me, they were amazing. Also thank you for the kind words from runners that I met out on the route.

Lillian DeeganJul 12 2020, 6:42pmFair dues taking on the attempt Ivana. You have it in you for sure, would be great to see you take a 2nd rattle before the year is out. Swift recovery wishes for now girl.
Miriam MaherJul 12 2020, 6:44pmIvana

Gutted for you that it didn't go according to plan. You still did amazingly well and you're an inspiration regardless. Recover well, I reckon you'll be back for another attempt:)

Richard NunanJul 12 2020, 6:52pmWell done Ivana - it was a huge undertaking given the amount of running you have done. Especially given the time of the year and the resent weather.
Most successful attempts have been from the 24th of May to the the 7th of June. When the ground is hard, the sky are clear and Growth is down. So two peaks is nothing !

Take your time, you have gained a some great lessons for next time. The mountains aren't going anywhere. Great effort !
Laura FlynnJul 12 2020, 7:02pmThat’s an unbelievable effort for someone only running two years Ivana. You should be proud of yourself. I’d say we’ll be reading about you on these pages again in the near future. Enjoy the recovery.
Mick HanneyJul 12 2020, 8:13pmWell done nonetheless Ivana. We were all willing you on and you were making great progress throughout the day. You will have learned a huge amount on the day which will stand to you for the future.
Eilis ConneryJul 13 2020, 7:36amWell done Ivana. Amazing achievement to get so far solo after two years of running. Lots more to come from you.