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Lillian DeeganJun 28 2020, 11:09pmThis event will open for purchase on Monday, June 29th. It will be capped at 100 entries.

This event will be our 1st to return with in the Leinster region. It's gonna be a bit of a learner for all of us under the new health guidelines. But with help on race day from everyone, we should manage fine.

We'll need the usual core team of volunteers for Lug. If you can help, pls pop your name in and we'll be in touch.

And as a slight aside - for the non open Mt. runners - we are working on other race routes outside Coillte & NP lands. As soon as we've bits firmed up, we'll get the detail up.
Martin CooneyJun 29 2020, 7:48amHi Lillian,
Does it look like the Irish Championships will be run currently? I am going to do the Carrauntoohil Classic on the same day but would probably change if the Irish Championships are going to be completed.
Many Thanks for any info.
Tim ChapmanJun 29 2020, 9:01amThis hasn't opened yet or did I miss it?
Paul SmythJun 29 2020, 9:05amThe message yesterday said this would be open today but the details page says that entries open on July 13th?
Lillian DeeganJun 29 2020, 9:15amHi Martin, I'm afraid with so many weeks lost to us, all champs and leagues are off the table now. We might be able to pull together some kind of mini league but your best off rocking in there and securing a C'toohil C spot while you can.

Paul & Tim - Guys, I didn't pin Lug down with an opening time. Bear with the web lads, one of them will set the detail to today and open shop as soon as they can.
Tim ChapmanJun 29 2020, 9:25amCheers Lillian. I just got caught up in the excitement.
Richard NunanJun 29 2020, 9:45amLog na Coille is OPEN !
Brendan LawlorJun 29 2020, 10:18amHi all

Well done to the committee on getting the IMRA show back on the road. Can I appeal to members old and new to work with the organising team for this race, which will be a steep learning curve for us all with the new guidelines

1) If you are not comfortable with mountain navigation then this race is NOT for you. Log is a beautiful , easy to navigate race on a bright clear day but a different proposition if the mist is down
2) Please work with us all at race registration and for race start as we try to operate our social distancing
3) Once race entry limit is reached, that will be that.. no late entries, waiting lists (waiting list requests will be "autocorrected" to "naked warrior dance" for anyone who doesn't read this), transfers etc.. so please don't enter if you are coming back from an injury and unsure you'll be right on the day. You'll just take a spot from someone else. And obviously please don't arrive if you have not entered
4) Please don't get lost or injured.. we really don't want to be bothering our Mountain Rescue pals unless we really, really have to.. we hope to have a few extra marshals on the course if we have them

Lillian will update further closer to race date
Stuart ScottJun 29 2020, 12:06pmI second Brendan's message about Lug requiring navigational skills. While everyone's itching to get back, this race typically attracts less than 70 participants. Walkers and runners regularly get lost there and a small mistake at the summit could easily end you up in the wrong valley with no phone reception. However, there's plenty of time to get out your map and compass and practice taking a few simple bearings. Once you can do that you'll be grand!
Rory O'TooleJun 29 2020, 8:29pmHello Lillian,
Hope to recce the route next weekend.
Looking at the map, is it an out-and-back course?
Richard NunanJun 29 2020, 9:11pmIt's out and back. Take your time going up and take in the features so you come back the same way.

Enjoy the scenary. !
Rory O'TooleJun 29 2020, 10:09pmThanks Richard.
I’ll be taking my time on the way back as well !
Ben ConroyJul 2 2020, 10:32pmHi I missed getting an entry , Could I put my name down on a naked warrior dance in case of cancellations please if such a thing exists.
Ben ConroyJul 2 2020, 10:34pmHmm that came out wrong gremlins in my phone.. on a naked warrior dance please .. nothing to do with naked warriors..
Brian FarrenJul 2 2020, 10:54pmMe also please, for the naked warrior dance, if it exists!!
Brian FarrenJul 2 2020, 10:56pmGremlins on my PC , don't know where naked warrior dance coming from , ....................................................................... me on naked warrior dance please
Brian FarrenJul 2 2020, 10:57pmCancellations list please aagggghhhhh
Brendan LawlorJul 3 2020, 7:42amHi Brian and Ben

There is no cancellations list, naked warrior dance or transfers for this race unfortunately.
Ben ConroyJul 3 2020, 11:02amThanks Brendan (tentatively pressing reply hoping this won't get the dodgy naked warrior treatment) ...
Francis ConroyJul 4 2020, 4:13pmHello all; I think I've volunteered as a helper for this event - though I don,t know where the LOG etc came from - it's the first time I volunteered on-line so don't know whether it worked or not - or how to check - & I suspect there are more than enough helpers already - I'll prob be there anyway as it's just down the road - cuse
Francis ConroyJul 4 2020, 4:17pmJust saw not to arrive if your not entered - just to say I'll be up and gone long b4 d race starts if i'm not a designated helper
Lillian DeeganJul 4 2020, 5:10pmHello Francis, many thanks for the offer of help. It would be great to have you. I don't see your name in on the helper list but I'll pop it in for you. And nearer race day, we'll send you a msg with times to be above.

Thanks again,
Francis KellyJul 7 2020, 10:52pmHi all,
Is there somewhere I can download the map for this race, or do I just print of the map in the "maps" section of the race?
Francis KellyJul 7 2020, 11:00pmAlso, this will be my 1st IMRA race of 2020. Do I pick up my number at the event?
Gordon PlaceJul 8 2020, 9:04amHi Francis, you will get your number at the race and then keep it.
You'd be better off getting a copy of the East West Mapping map of the area in case you go badly wrong in bad weather, as its a no GPS race, the map on the event page only shows the route and not much beyond. I'd say you still have time to get a copy delivered from them. They do a waterproof version too. It's a good one to have even for future races
Francis KellyJul 8 2020, 11:23pmThanks Gordon. Is this the one I would need.
Gordon PlaceJul 9 2020, 12:11amHi Francis, yes that's the one
Lillian DeeganJul 10 2020, 4:47pmHi all,

On with a brief msg for all 101 Lug. entrants - An email with a copy of the SD guidelines and detail outlining our new sign-in procedures has gone to everyone this afternoon. If you have not received it, you might let me know by email - - thanks.

For anyone who has a new 2020 Race No. to collect - this procedure is as before. Your bib No. can be collected on race morning. Volunteers will direct you on the day to collect.

Same score for new chip collections - The Lug. race will have the chip timing in operation. If you have already been given a chip this year - bring them shoes w/chip. If you are due to collect your 2020 chip, you will get to collect it on race morning.

If you need a replacement chip or race number - keep an eye on the shop link and get sorted before race day.

We will get the shop part for replacement No's and replacement Chips set back up again. If you need either as a replacement, please get it sorted before race days. We are no longer accepting money at events and for the moment, voucher punches are not an option to cover anything.

Thanks everyone,
Lillian DeeganJul 12 2020, 3:34pmAfternoon all,

On to note we have sufficient help in for Lug now.

Thanks to those who are giving their time next Sunday for others to get a race in. An email will go out this evening with allotted helper roles.

Lillian & Brendan
Laura FlynnJul 14 2020, 8:53pmJust a quick reminder to anyone who has misplaced their 2020 number or chip, the items are now available for purchase in the shop on the website. If you purchase they will be available for collection at the race.
Due to the NEW GUIDELINES It will NOT be possible to get a new number by using your race vouchers as was previously the case. If you haven’t pre-purchased therefore you will not be allowed to race. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Lillian DeeganJul 18 2020, 12:26pmLast few bits ahead of our Lug race tomorrow guys.

SD protocols: Guidelines should be read by now.

Contact Tracing – I have a few people in for Lug. without a phone number on their IMRA profile. Reminder - this job needs to be done ahead of race day lads. (The same msg. applies to all IMRA members. All runner profiles should have an active contact ph. No.)

Face mask/ buff – Everyone will don a face covering in the sign-in area, by the start line and up to 200m of the race route. Common sense approach thereafter while in race mode. If you come across a runner down, pop on the face covering - do what you can to assist and let us know at base of the incident if needed. Lastly, as you cross the finish line, please try and remember to keep your distance from fellow runners/ helpers.

Emergency Ph. No. – All IMRA race bibs have this No. on the reverse of the bib. Save it for ease of use in the event of an emergency.

Weather & Kit Requirements – Its looking like we’ll get a decent enough kinda day. Sunny with some clouds is what I’m seeing forecast. All runners need to arrive prep’d to run with a map, compass and whistle regardless. A rain jacket is mandatory – no jacket = no result (and I have a very keen eye).

Parking – We have two spots available. Please follow directions given by our parking marshals in the morning.

Reg/Sign-in – Desks will open at 11am and close at 12:30 sharp. The start line is circa a mile up from the reg. area. Gun time - bang on 1 O’clock. As with the July 10th email circulated, our plan is simple. Please follow direction from our volunteers for Sign-in, Chip reg. and new bib collection. NB: Do not present at our Lug race if you have not purchased a 2020 replacement race bib No. or replacement chip tag. Our IMRA webmaster is giving his day to ensure we have a smooth sign-in period which should lead to an easy result publishing task his end. Do not be the fly in the ointment here! We have our listings of all who are new 2020 runners – these ppl will get to collect their new bib and chip as usual. The same two items will need to be minded to use at any other IMRA event during 2020.

Prizes- 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed Men & Women will get a prize. Vouchers from 53 Degrees North will be passed on by the finish line. Lug won’t have the usual prizegiving raffle post race banter. Once IMRA get back full swing in this SD world, Committee are hopeful of being able to revert regular PG jazz and to the awarding Age Cat prizes for a number of events. Lug and Belmont are the Leinster SD test outings. I’m hopeful the Scalp event will see us taking another step to allowing greater numbers race and for a return to the lovely simple IMRA buzz.

We all have a part to play to ensure everything goes super well at our test return to comp. races.

And that’s it folks! Looking forward to seeing our Lug helpers and runners in the morning.

Brendan & Lillian
Martin O'DonnellJul 18 2020, 1:40pmHi Lillian,
I won't be able to make the race tomorrow as I have been caught to work last minute. I was really looking forward to the race but I will just have to wait for the next 1. Hope ye all have a great race and everything go off well.
Lillian DeeganJul 18 2020, 1:46pmThat's a bummer Martin. Not sure if it suits date wise but Galtymore is open for entry there. It's capped at 100 too. Have a look and secure a spot before it's too late I'd be saying :)
Jenny Uí ShéJul 19 2020, 5:01pmHi Brendan and Lillian
Thankyou so much for all the time
And effort you put into organising today’s event. And
Thankyou too to all the helpers.
It was great to be out running with imra again.
Thanks again
Stephen BrennanJul 19 2020, 5:06pmEverything about today's race was brilliant. It was great to be back out. Thanks to Lillian, Brendan and everyone who helped out. Go IMRA!
Andrew HanneyJul 19 2020, 5:29pmI wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle a race without sandwiches, pints and a prize draw afterwards..... but yes it was great to be back today, thanks Lillian, Brendan and all the committee for all of the work put in to get us to this point. Thanks for arranging the wonderful weather too!
Mick HanneyJul 19 2020, 6:12pmSummit places. Zac had a 5 and 1/2 min gap at the top I reckon.
Apols for any errors in race nos, couldn't read my own writing!

Order Race No. Name Watch time Category
1 2695 Zac Hanna 13:32:20
2 2611 Caitlin early start
3 833 John early start
4 1302 Vivan early start
5 2000 Luke McMullan 13:27:48
6 1241 Dave Power 13:28:50
7 1677 Brian Furey 13:29
8 2630
9 2345
10 2597
11 1319
12 1226
13 2366 John Mollahan
14 494
15 20 Patsy McCreanor early start
16 2631 1st lady
17 1392
18 2477
19 1411 Becky Quinn
20 1711
21 882
22 472
23 802
24 162
25 826
26 2649
27 634
28 991
29 1567
30 713
31 852
32 2655
33 2676
34 698
35 269
36 1739
37 1760
38 1949
39 150
40 950
41 877
42 2655
43 2120
44 1648 Andy
45 6??
46 1709
47 1606?
48 2669
49 849
50 55
51 780
52 680
53 711 John McCann
54 453
55 1019
56 601
57 2635
58 2657
59 1759
60 2621
61 1243
62 1630
63 1486
64 1395
65 2678
66 2670
67 1614
68 706
69 1417
70 247
71 1078
72 1150
73 792
74 1587 14:11
75 1584 14:17
76 2221
John BuckleyJul 19 2020, 6:18pmSavage race today. Thank you so much Lillian and team for making it a great event and executing on the new guidelines so seamlessly.
John MollohanJul 19 2020, 7:19pmGreat race today folks. The registration and general logistics were all so easy and smooth. The committee and the race team obviously put a huge amount of time and energy into orchestrating all of this, which I think really paid off.
We even got to see Lug!
Thanks all.
Lillian DeeganJul 19 2020, 7:31pmJohn, I'm here still thinking of your lovely salt n pepper wavy hair. Still want to feel have a feel :)

Will get a proper RD sign off msg up in a bit but for now with everyone doing a smashing job face cover wise, I'm giving my top end "I wouldn't know ya" prizes to David Rouse - that's some beard and head of hair Dave. Luke McMullan gets me 2nd placed best beard and head piece and 3rd man - M50 John Mollohan having the best in wave kinda hair style. #wicked!
Conor O'FarrellJul 19 2020, 7:36pmWell done everyone today. Sounds like things went well and everyone enjoyed themselves. It must be great to be out racing again. Quite disappointed in the number of no-shows for a race that’s sold out, but there’s any number of reasons why someone can’t make it I guess.

Results are now up, please email any queries to (not any other address that you may have for me, please).

Mick HanneyJul 19 2020, 7:46pmSome run by Zak today. To break 50 mins and be only 4 seconds off the John Lenihan from 2004, when it was an out and out race between a leading three in that race.

By my reckoning Zak went very wide around the cairn, thats a few seconds to win back right there!
Zak HannaJul 19 2020, 7:56pmMassive thank you to all involved in the organisation today, so good to be back racing and we'll done to all who took part. Great to be back racing in the hills as I'm sure we have all missed it over the last few months!
Gill McLoughlinJul 19 2020, 8:10pmA huge thank you to all involved in putting today's race together and to the volunteers on the day who gave up their time so we could run. So great to be back on the hills!
John CondonJul 19 2020, 9:00pmThanks to Lil , Brendan and all volunteers. Thanks to the weather gods for being kind to us. Great to be back in the hills with the IMRA family.
Brendan LawlorJul 19 2020, 9:32pmThank you to everyone who heeded our requests and worked with us to make today’s race a success.We had a few minor glitches which I’m sure the committee will now sort out.

Social distancing, mask wearing , standing back from people and giving your ‘rival’ a friendly elbow rather than a handshake ( or an out of the way elbow !) after a race are very much anathema to IMRA’s core friendly spirit, but we are where we are as the saying goes.

It was disappointing that over 20 people registered for the race and never showed up. I’m sure some were injured and others had reasonably valid reasons for not coming along, but the other no shows without valid excuses meant that several people missed out on a nice race up Lug, which was a shame. Please think on before signing up for future races and only do so if you definitely plan to race.

Thank you to all our helpers and especially our marshals out on the course.

Well done to Zak on a blistering time.. John Lenihan watch your back !!
Phil behanJul 19 2020, 9:35pmThanks to Lillian, Brendan and all who help out today. Must say it was very impressively done for our first race back under new tough regulations. Conditions in Lug could not have been better ! Brilliant race. Thanks again.
Lillian DeeganJul 19 2020, 10:09pmA whopper of a day we had for sure - well done to one and all. It was so nice to be seeing IMRA people again, strange and unrecognisable as some were mind :)

I'm hugely grateful to all our helpers and our runners - everyone did a sterling job minding their distance with covered faces where needed. Super impressed seeing the face coverings being donned just like that as ppl crossed the finish along with Maike's vid from the start line to the 200m marshal spot. Job really well done guys, thank you racers. All bodes really well going forward.

We had a powerful helper team today - plenty of belly laughing had - thanks a mil guys. Without all of you, we'd have no race. Fair play giving your Sunday to IMRA.

Zak, 4 lousy seconds - I'll be darned! A bit of me now thinks I aught not to have asked racers to take the cairn in for the return. Despite them 4secs record wise, what a race you had - savage timing. More power to your footfall! It was such a pleasure to have you join us today. Thanks very much for making the journey down. With so many hikers out and about, plenty were asking who's the young buck in the red vest. I took great pride in telling 3 couples to google Zak Hanna - he is our finest on the world stage atm. Hope to see you down plenty of dates work before year end.

For the no shows today- while I was aware of a few drops, I'll have my eye on the rest that signed up not to race for a finish. It is so disappointing to see so many places lost to others who'd gladly have committed to running Lug during a time when we have a low number of places available to runners overall. A sheer waste! I'm not impressed guys.
Lastly, we have a mixed range of events coming up, help needed for all of them. I'd appreciate if members who raced today would consider popping into any of the volunteering varied roles so everyone gets a chance to get a few races in before the year is out.
Luke McMullanJul 19 2020, 10:10pmThanks to the IMRA Committee and Lug Race Organisers / Helpers today. A smashing day for a run up a mountain! It's great to be back racing again : )

Thanks for the "prize" Lillian! Unfortunately I'm not getting such glowing compliments from the family :L
Patricia McLoughlinJul 19 2020, 11:11pmThanks to the IMRA Committee, Lillian, Helpers etc to enable the race today. what a fabulous return to racing and the sunshine too!
Alice ClancyJul 19 2020, 11:23pmA huge thank you to Lillian, Brendan and all the volunteers today, and to the committee for all the work in starting the races back up. All of the hard work is very much appreciated. The imra craic has been missed! What a lovely day to clamber up Lug!
David PowerJul 20 2020, 9:23pmMy race report, written on a camping chair in the firing range, is now up.
Lillian DeeganJul 20 2020, 10:36pmThat's a great read David, thanks for making the effort. It's lovely to see reports being run off again.

Reading it has me smiling - Nordie 1 got the inside on the immediate comp. Nordie 2 blew me away with the beard and head of hair. Didn't cog who he was at first, hand on heart. I had a bit of admin to do with Furey, so he missed the top end intel along with Conroy, the latter having swanky shoes - I got distracted a bit with the shoes.

Mind you you have just reminded me of a possible bit of definite favouritism. Conroy finished feeling a little shook. I offered a cold pack as you would, only for the Kilcole AC boyos to suggest I should be sharing the cold packs. My bad! If only we'd had them kinda cold packs with us in that sunshine. With Fentons not open for biz, you'd miss the post race crack for sure. But the day will come round again and Andy will have the gaff open to us hopefully by Stone Cross race day :)
John McCannJul 21 2020, 2:18amThanks Lillian and team for organising a fantastic first day back on the hills. Thanks also to the committee for all the hard work reconstructing the calendar. Its great to be back!
Brian FureyJul 21 2020, 8:47pmThanks to Lilian, Brendan and all for a great race! Thought we might get a limerick of Brendan but all good :) Great to out there racing in the hills again. Well done Zak on a superb run
Brendan LawlorJul 22 2020, 11:23amBrian Furey he galloped up Lug
To avoid the aul Covid bug
'Write a Limerick' say's he
'Just like Louis Mullee'
'Write your own' says I, with a shrug
Andrew HanneyJul 26 2020, 2:31pmI noticed that there were a few clubs represented in the recent Lug race and I've totaled up the club scores, for the craic.
First of all, four clubs had 3 runners (including male/female)

In first place where Rathfarmham WSAF (we will allow Luke's score despite wearing a very strange Rathfarmham vest!), in second plance on 20 pts was Raheny Shamrocks,
Le Cheile in 3rd place on 26 just edging out Kilcoole AC, who were level on points but second best in scoring order to Le Cheile.

Team Rathfarnham WSAF: Luke McMullan, David Power, Brian Furey
Team Raheny Shamrocks: Robert Frewen, Phil behan, Ian Conroy
Team Le Cheile: Colin Burns, Patricia McLoughlin, Alan Maher
Team Kilcoole AC: Mark Byrne, Aubrey O'Neill, Andrew Hanney
Ajax Orienteers, Slí Chualainn & Clane AC just missed out on the club scoring as they just had 2 runners...more motivation to get another team mate out on the mountains!

Table of results: