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Wicklow Round

Graham K. BusheJun 16 2020, 4:02pmHi all, please accept this as my formal announcement that I will be attempting the Wicklow Round.

I intend to start at 2am Saturday 20th June.

Thanks to the committee, and also to my support crew who have all been summoned at short notice.

I will post a link to the tracker in due course.

Sarah BradyJun 16 2020, 4:24pmThat's super Graham, I'm sure you'll do a smashing job of it! Best of luck. :)
Jeff SwordsJun 16 2020, 4:39pmBest of luck Graham!
Greg CLARKEJun 16 2020, 5:20pmFantastic Graham, All the very best! Hope the weather comes out alright! Good luck!
Gareth LittleJun 16 2020, 5:41pmBest of luck, Graham. No doubt you will go out and smash it!
Mick HanneyJun 16 2020, 6:28pmGood man Graham. Best wishes.
Thomas RocheJun 16 2020, 7:03pmBest of luck Graham, I hope all goes well
Conor O'FarrellJun 16 2020, 7:30pmGood luck Graham!
John CondonJun 16 2020, 9:32pmBest of luck Graham.
Kevin O'RiordanJun 16 2020, 11:05pmWoohoo, Wicklow Round excitement! Been too long :)
Robert CarneyJun 17 2020, 8:25amWill be watchin that dot, the very best of luck.
Brendan LawlorJun 17 2020, 8:43amBest of luck Graham.. you might get a wee bit wet !
Avril ChallonerJun 17 2020, 9:20amHappy legs and best of luck Graham. Hope it all goes as planned!
Andrew HanneyJun 17 2020, 10:06amGood man Graham, best of luck with it!
John McCannJun 17 2020, 10:44amWishing you the best of Luck Graham!
Alicia Christofi-WalsheJun 17 2020, 10:54amBest of luck Graham, hope all goes to plan :)
Rachel CinnsealachJun 17 2020, 11:39amNice one Graham, Enjoy the journey!
Peter BellJun 17 2020, 12:31pmGood luck Graham! I think you should throw in the sugar loaf too, just for the craic.
Mark ByrneJun 17 2020, 1:00pmBest of luck Graham. Hope it goes well for you.
Brian FennessyJun 17 2020, 2:53pmBest of luck Graham enjoy
Alistair HodgettJun 17 2020, 5:08pmGood luck and enjoy!
Elizabeth WheelerJun 17 2020, 6:26pmBest of Luck Graham!! Are you bringing the dogs?
Grace EganJun 17 2020, 6:41pmVery best of luck to you Graham.
Laura FlynnJun 17 2020, 6:46pmBest of luck to you Graham and enjoy.
Karen DevenneyJun 17 2020, 6:59pmBest of luck Graham!!
Gavin ByrneJun 17 2020, 7:07pmGood luck Graham.. might see you out there
Stephen BrennanJun 17 2020, 8:15pmGood man yourself. All the best!
Brendan NevilleJun 18 2020, 8:35amFair play Graham - best of luck out there!
Barry MurrayJun 18 2020, 11:49amout and back ??

Enjoy Graham... you'll do it justice for sure.
Barry BreslinJun 18 2020, 1:29pmBrilliant Graham. Best of luck.
Paul BurchmoreJun 18 2020, 1:50pmBest of luck to you both.
Thanks Richard for the link to the tracking, that’s my weekend viewing sorted!
Philip O'ConnellJun 18 2020, 3:52pmBest of luck lads!!
Christopher DunneJun 19 2020, 10:54amBest of luck Graham, Hope you have a great run..
Lillian DeeganJun 19 2020, 11:49amEver so happy to see the formal announcements pop up. Wishing you and Greg all the very best of everything - it's gonna be great! Roll on gun times.
Graham K. BusheJun 19 2020, 2:09pmHi All,
thank you so much for all the well wishes and comments.
I thought it was Wednesday when I posted… it’s been a long wait, but the time is speeding up a bit now!
I do hope to see Sugarloaf again, just not as part of the Round - but that depends on the visibility :] …
As for poor Ben and Max, they will be missing out on this one, having done all the hard work on our reccies – a dog’s life!

All the best,
Jeff FitzsimonsJun 20 2020, 10:14amVery best of luck, Graham. Delighted to see round season is not lost.
Graham K. BusheJun 22 2020, 10:39amA huge thanks to all who came out to support and cheer me on during my Wicklow Round attempt, yet again showing the fantastic group of people our IMRA family is. I couldn’t get over the amount of support I was getting. In fact, the worse the weather got, the more people that were out to encourage me along.

What started out as a super clear and calm night ended at the other end of the scale. It turned out to be a test of character and determination and became a right old battle against the elements. I will write my race report in due course, but for now just a quick mention of those fantastic people who got me ‘Round.

George Coffey, Brian Kitson, Caoimhín Mac Maoláin, Aidan Blake, Lillian Deegan, Brendan Lawlor, Ross Thompson, John Murray and Luke Raferty, many of whom brought family and friends with them. I know I have I missed naming a number of people. By the time I got to Cloon Woods, it was like the start of an IMRA race, and I was a wee bit distracted. And sorry for keeping you all hanging around waiting for me in that awful weather. I could probably have got better weather on a winter’s night! But that’s Wicklow for ya!

Thanks also to everyone who posted on the Forum and all the other social media platforms both before and afterwards.

See you all soon hopefully, graham