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IMRA Lockdown Challenge

Conor O'FarrellApr 24 2020, 3:06pmA training challenge designed to add some extra motivation & variety to your lockdown routine. Join our IMRA lockdown challenge for a new training-based challenge every weekday from 27 April-8 May. These challenges will be designed to fit around your pre-existing training, and all achievable within 2km of your home, whether you live somewhere hilly or flat. Our challenges will be a mix of mobility work, strength endurance training, plyometric drills and high intensity running sessions. Developed and delivered daily (Mon-Fri) to your inbox by coaches Sarah McCormack and Paul Tierney, with accompanying instructive videos.
Graham K. BusheApr 24 2020, 3:16pmThank's to Sarah and Paul for this great idea, and thanks IMRA.
Looking forward to it... I think :-o
Anne-Marie FlahertyApr 24 2020, 3:38pmLooking forward to it!

Thanks all for organising.
Ciaran O'SullivanApr 24 2020, 5:19pmA great idea. looking forward to giving it a go!
Alice ClancyApr 24 2020, 6:08pmThanks this is a great idea! looking forward to it!
Justin O'KeeffeApr 24 2020, 7:11pmGreat job all - thank you
John BellApr 24 2020, 11:03pmThanks to the Committee for organising this. After missing out on the 2k relay, I've signed up early for this. Looking forward to it.
Richard NunanApr 26 2020, 3:06pmDon'r forget Entry for this - closes at 9:30pm tonight ! (Sunday - which is today, incase all your days are one :-)
Jenny Uí ShéApr 26 2020, 8:35pmHi guys looking forward to getting this. Is it right to say
It’s starting at 9am? I like to do exercise around 630am, any way of getting it sooner? No bother if not
Dylan WhelanApr 26 2020, 9:38pmHi there

I just missed the entry this evening is there any hope of joining in? Cannot see any orginisers detail? Does anyone know who to get in touch with?

Any info would be much appreciated, thanks
Róisín O BrienApr 26 2020, 9:52pmI registered, think I was to closing time, payment was taken so assuming all is ok. Wondering when the details are emailed?
Richard NunanApr 26 2020, 10:37pmHi Folks,

Closing time was 9:30pm tonight - so email and lists being compiled at the moment.

The email will go out late tonight, so nothing to worry about for the early risers.

Thanks all and we hope you enjoy it.
Laura ODeaApr 26 2020, 10:46pmHi all. Very sorry late to catch on and just noticed online entry is closed. Is there any way to still sign up? Thanks.
Phil behanApr 27 2020, 12:43pmAnother one missed for me. I make the physical races but some how manage to miss the virtual ones ! Enjoy all.
Niamh LynchApr 27 2020, 5:57pmHi there,
Any chance of late entries to this?
Only saw it on your Instagram page today unfortunately. Would be very interested in doing your next one even.
Laura FlynnApr 27 2020, 7:05pmSorry to all those who missed the deadline. We’ll try and give bit more notice for anything else we might be organising but keep an eye on the forum and website also.
paddy CorriganApr 27 2020, 9:15pmGreat training session
Really tough, ended up doing 7 miles
Cheers for the motivation lads
Great help
Bronagh CheethamApr 27 2020, 10:20pmGreat session today...looking forward to see what tomorrow brings! Great for kids to get involved too.
John FitzgeraldApr 28 2020, 12:36amHi all my Imra running buddy's.
I'm still waiting for my email instructions.
Pól Ó MurchúApr 28 2020, 10:46amHi John, I was looking at the stats yesterday and I actually noticed you hadn't opened. There were 188 signed up and of those only 5 didn't open the email. I notice you are using gmail as were the vast majority of users so I don't think it should be a problem with spam or mail getting blocked. The email went out a 1am, my own was delivered at 1:01 so maybe have a look around that time. Sometimes it can get buried in other mails coming in during the night. Also maybe check your junk mail folder and see if it might be in there. The mail came from lockdown(dot)challenge (at) imra... so maybe try searching for mails from that address and was titled "IMRA Lockdown Challenge Day 1". I did have 3 others contact me yesterday saying they hadn't received and all located the mail in the end. Let me know if you still don't find. In the meantime I'll forward on the mail separately just incase.
Pól Ó MurchúApr 28 2020, 11:43amHi John, I've sent that again to you there along with 2 others who are appearing as unopened but I'd be satisfied that it is working ok on our end. Hopefully you will be able to locate it.

Anyone else with problems please let me know. If you can email me at lockdown(dot)challenge(at)imra(dot)ie
Mike JordanApr 28 2020, 11:59am*****************************
Day 2:
I've decided to start a support group for runners with poor hip mobility. Hipsters Anonymous is already taken so I'm open to suggestions.........

Tim ChapmanApr 28 2020, 12:01pmPol do the problems have to be specific to this thread or is it just any problems in General?
Brendan LawlorApr 28 2020, 12:05pmPól 'Lockdown ' Ó Murchú .. your new nickname has a nice ring to it there Raffles !

Well done to you and the Committee on this fine initiative, but we might all be cursing you in a few days if Day 1's lung burner is a taste of whats in store
Pádraig DoyleApr 28 2020, 12:06pmI'd like to sign up to Pól's inadvertent support group for the troubled and Mikes group for the poorly hipped.

Will these be available through the online shop?
Graham K. BusheApr 28 2020, 12:27pm@ Mike, I hope I have a place on your support group, my hips are not up to a Naked Warrior Dance after the first of today's sessions (and we're supposed to do 3 ??!!)

@ Brendan. Word of warning, don't open today's email!

Sorry, did miss something? The email said "see you tomorrow for some gentler mobility work!"

@ Pól can you divert my email!
Emer O'ConnellApr 28 2020, 8:23pmHi any chance we could get the challenge around 11pm the night before- it would help determine if one needs to get it done early before going to work. Thanks
Jenny Uí ShéApr 28 2020, 9:50pmYes that would be great if possible even 9pm for the early To bed early to risers!!
Pól Ó MurchúApr 29 2020, 5:25pmHi Jenny & Emer, Thanks for your messages. We did consider this and a number of other people had this same question but others also prefer to get it first thing in the morning so it's fresh. This was the initial idea that you get it first thing each morning and it is fresh in your mind rather than the night before and forgetting about it. Unfortunately we are never going to suit everyone and people will train at different times. Most of the challenges shouldn't take any longer than 30 minutes and even at that most of them will take considerably less time than that so you it should be easy to allocate a specific time each day whether that be in the morning or evening to facilitate this.I did speak with someone today who it didn't suit to start on Monday so they are doing the challenges one day behind. That could always be an option and it runs Monday to Friday so if you had a day you were unable to do you could still catch up at the weekend.Hope you are enjoying it either way. I think it's great to try something different and it's definitely challenging me!
Jenny Uí ShéApr 29 2020, 5:38pmHi Pól i understand completely!
it certainly is challenging this mornings one too me abit over an hour and was a good tough slog!

if they say something easier tomorrow i wont believe them!!

Pól Ó MurchúApr 29 2020, 5:40pmAgreed! I thought yesterday was supposed to be easy! :-(
Pól Ó MurchúApr 29 2020, 6:13pmBack due to popular demand!

We have had a number of requests from people who missed the registration for this event and have decided to reopen it for week two.

Last chance...

Registration is now open on a new event page ( and will close Sunday at 9:30 PM SHARP :-)
Tim ChapmanApr 29 2020, 6:27pmWill it be new challenges or week 1 repeated?
Emer O'ConnellApr 29 2020, 8:32pmHi Pól, understand and you are right nothing to stop one adjusting day etc. Enjoying the variety. thks
Richard NunanApr 30 2020, 8:22am@ Tim

Week 2 is a continuation of week 1 - so the mobility exercises (Graham and Brendans favorite) are slightly more advanced.
Graham K. BusheApr 30 2020, 8:48amOh, great!
Richard NunanApr 30 2020, 9:00amGraham, i think part of the challenge should have people to video themselves doing the Spinal Cogs for the first time and post it :-)
Gordon PlaceApr 30 2020, 9:20amThink we saw some of those moves already at the last social
Tim ChapmanApr 30 2020, 9:32amPerfect thanks Richard.
Graham K. BusheMay 8 2020, 11:53amI can't believe the 2 weeks have passed and we face our last challenge today. A HUGE THANKS to Paul and Sarah from Missing Link Coaching who set all our daily tasks.
Stephen BrennanMay 8 2020, 12:00pmI really enjoyed that. Thanks.
Brendan LawlorMay 9 2020, 10:53amThank you IMRA committee and to Paul and Sarah for this great initiative.. I'll be honest and admit that I missed more days than I participated but I plan to fit in the missing sessions in the next week or two.

I hope that the two dogs are getting their cut of the video image rights money.. You Tube stars in the making there !!
Jenny Uí ShéMay 10 2020, 9:42amThankyou to the committee for organising this challenge it was great! Really enjoyed it.
Dylan WhelanMay 10 2020, 7:07pmOnly got signed up for week 2 in the end but really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for making it happen. I have taken a couple of things from it that shall change the way I train going forward.
Thanks again
Jenny Uí ShéJun 19 2021, 4:49pmHI there- I am signed up and am trying to register my son Aaron O Se with no success. I think I had him signed up under a yahoo email whose password I have forgotten but when I press forgot password it doesnt work for me.
I dont have another email address to sign him up with and as I say he was registered last year.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thankyou for your help
Jenny Ui She
Jason DowlingJun 21 2021, 4:47pmHi Jenny,

No yahoo address was used. You may need to ask who created the original account what email address was supplied.

Kind regards,
Conor O'FarrellJun 21 2021, 5:47pmHi Jenny

I just dropped you an email just now. Hopefully that will sort you out.