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Joseph BoyleFeb 24 2020, 1:21pmAll, A shout out for a laptop operator for the upcoming Howth race. Also due to the nature of the new route, we need a couple of additional volunteers to cover the marshalling positions. A general note, this year we have a new route and if the current weather remains for the next week there are some very slippery conditions on the trails above Deer Park. I look forward to seeing you all for the race and I'd remind people to look on the race page and forum for answers to questions that arise before every race.
Joseph BoyleFeb 27 2020, 5:32pmWe have enough volunteers now for the race with the exception of a laptop operator.
Shane O'MalleyFeb 27 2020, 5:43pmHi Joseph,

If i make it through this weekend without blowing up the laptop in Ticknock i will put my name down for Howth.


Joseph BoyleFeb 27 2020, 5:46pmThanks, Shane
Joseph BoyleMar 2 2020, 12:50pmShane, if you're available for laptop can you let me know.
Joseph BoyleMar 2 2020, 12:56pmJust a quick reminder that Howth is on next Saturday over a totally new route and there's no excuse for not giving it a go as the Rugby match has been called off. Just a word of note I saw a sign on Saturday that roadworks would be taking place on the Scenic Route from the 3rd March. I don't know what the disruption will be like, but maybe give yourself some extra time or come up through the village instead.
Shane O'MalleyMar 2 2020, 1:12pmHi Joseph,

You got there just ahead of me. Just signed up for it.


Joseph BoyleMar 5 2020, 10:58amWe've had a few volunteer dropouts, so if we could get one or two more non-running, even, that would be great.
Joseph BoyleMar 5 2020, 11:01amSorry, I meant running.
Annette JohanssonMar 5 2020, 12:49pmHi Joseph,

As i have come down with a mild hamstring injury I am happy to volunteer for Howth as a non-runner. Just let me know where you need me.
Linda RowdenMar 5 2020, 1:00pmHi Jody,
I’m around this weekend after all so can volunteer as a non-runner.
Joseph BoyleMar 5 2020, 2:34pmThanks Annette and Linda, that's brilliant. Annette could you volunteer on the website so I can accept you.
Annette JohanssonMar 5 2020, 7:33pmHi
There is no room for me to add my name on the volunteer list for Howth Winter, do you still need me?
Joseph BoyleMar 5 2020, 8:35pmAnnette, I've added you now, thanks for the help, see you on Saturday morning, I'll send you out a copy of the instructions tomorrow.
Annette JohanssonMar 5 2020, 9:57pmThanks, see you Saturday
NEIL O'RIORDANMar 6 2020, 8:42pmHi guys, just checking - is the seniors race a 10.30 or 11am start tomorrow?
Annette JohanssonMar 6 2020, 8:43pmHi Joseph,

What time do you need us to arrive tomorrow? I take it we are meeting at the Summit in pub, as registration is there.

Joseph BoyleMar 6 2020, 10:35pmNeil, as the race is over 8K there's an early start at 10:30 for runners who have times recorded over 160% of the winning time in previous races. The main start is at 11:00.
NEIL O'RIORDANMar 6 2020, 11:42pmHi Joseph, thanks for that...makes sense now. See you tomorrow!
Joseph BoyleMar 7 2020, 4:54pmA big thank you to the great team at Howth this morning. It was very challenging with a new course but everyone worked really hard and made it very enjoyable for the majority of the runners.
Shane O'MalleyMar 7 2020, 5:28pmJust a quick note that someone left a turquoise top in my car before the race.

If they want it back let me know.
Garrett AhernMar 7 2020, 5:33pmThanks to all the volunteers, really enjoyed the challenging and varied new course today!
Richard MoriartyMar 7 2020, 5:39pmThanks guys, the new route had something for everyone

Always spectacular views over the bay

Many thanks as always to the RD and volunteers who make it possible
Gill McLoughlinMar 7 2020, 5:43pmA big thank you to Joseph and his team of volunteers for a great race today. Loved the route, it had a bit of everything and was really well marked and marshalled.
Peter BellMar 7 2020, 5:43pmThanks to Joesph and his volunteers for the race today, also are the IMRA cakes going to be at all races from now on??
Phil behanMar 7 2020, 5:44pmWell done Joe. The Howth race was looking doubtful at one stage but you kept it alive. Hopefully we can keep it going as it’s a great course !! Well done to all other volunteers and racers !!!
Mick HanneyMar 7 2020, 6:45pmWell done Jody and team. A great new run and fun event. The Summit made for a nice post-race venue and the IMRA cakes were delish.

And very well done Kate Cronin for the overall win. Nice timing with women's day!
Róisín McDonnellMar 7 2020, 7:31pmWell done Joseph and team of volunteers for a new and interesting route. I'm just wondering about my time and place in the results being different to what happened today. Would that mean that my chip is not working and I need to get a new one? Just wondering..
Conor O'FarrellMar 7 2020, 8:48pmHi All

Results are now up. Please send any queries to

Joseph BoyleMar 7 2020, 8:56pmRoisin I'm glad you enjoyed it, see previous post from Conor regarding results.
Jim FitzharrisMar 7 2020, 9:11pmA big thank you to Joe and his team of hard-working volunteers for a great race today. Full marks for devising a new long course full of variety and interest: no mean feat for a well-known area like Howth.

I would recommend that this route be kept.

I know there were a few issues with marking but this is not unexpected on a new route such as this and these can easily be resolved.

Apologies to you Joe and the manual recorders at the finish for any confusion when stating that I had gone wrong at the end - I did in fact follow the correct route: my Garmin confirmed this and I measured the route at exactly 9.60 kms - as per the event details. I just got a bit disoriented going back and forth for a jacket, car keys, etc.


Alan AylingMar 7 2020, 11:04pmSecond what Jim said - keep this route.

Route was, in my notsohumbleopinion, very WELL marked. I can think of two spots that could have done with additional marshals. A sign or two may help, but they are prone to blowing away or being moved or taken. Howth will always present challenges for marking.

Well done Jody, Dan & team for a cracking event. Greatly enjoyed.